Twitter Announces ‘Places’ Feature (Integration with Foursquare)


Twitter recently announced that they are rolling out the Much Expected Geo Location “Places” feature with Foursquare integration.
For Those who don’t know Foursquare, it is a location based game where users earn ‘badges’ (like mayor of the place) by Geo Tagging (checking in).

May be Twitter is very much fascinated by Foursquare and they have found the Importance of Geo Tagging..

Mashable Writes…

This feature will highlight tweets around a given location. Starting now, desktop and mobile users can tag their tweets with existing Twitter Places and add new Twitter Places, too.

Twitter Places can be explored and will reveal a list of recent, public tweets from that location. Twitter will also show you nearby locations and points of interest, including restaurants and shops.

Twitter is known for its simplicity.. Being the synonym /Inventor of Powerful Microblogging service, twitter has itself upgraded eventually by introducing features like ‘Hash Tag hyperlink’ , ‘Search Integration’, ‘New RT’ , ‘Lists’ , ‘Local Trends’ ‘Tweet ads’ and has rolled out many features and infact it has succeeded in it..

With New Features getting added one by one don’t you think twitter is doing too much and complicating itself?