Twitter's new changes: activity and username tabs

Twitter adds new activity tab and @username tab for better social connect

If you have been to Twitter recently then you must have noticed a  new Activity tab and an @username tab that replaces the old Mentions tab. Twitter rolled out these changes just this Tuesday which is aimed at providing users a better social media experience on Twitter.

Twitter rolls out new activity streams and username streams

The new Activity tab on Twitter notifies you of the recent activity of your followers such as New follows, retweets and favorites. It gives you a richer perspective of your followers, what they are currently doing on Twitter and what they are engaging into. Many are talking that the new Activity stream is somewhat identical to Facebook‘s very own News Feed.

Twitter's activity stream at a glance

The @username tab, as you can see has completely replaced the two earlier tabs, Mentions and Retweets. This tab now displays your favorites, people who retweeted your tweets and people who recently followed you. This stream can be described as, more or less similar to “Facebook Notifications” on Twitter.

Twitter's username stream at a glance

Personally i think these two are great additions on Twitter. But on the downside, its also a step to evolve Twitter into some kind of social network. I think Facebook is enough for us, to get to know people and to share with our loved ones but Twitter shouldn’t turn out to be the same. I come to Twitter to tweet about things i love and on some level i like strangers and some privacy.


are your thoughts about the addition of the new Activity stream on Twitter? Do you like it or hate it, share your thoughts by a comment.

  • I think twitter makes it’s application more user friendly and trying to get more partitive feedback from users.

    • exactly…twitter is becoming more social to people and that’s what makes it so good for us! 🙂

  • Ya i agree that now it’s become more user friendly. I use regularly twitter for social media marketing so it’s good for me.