Touristlink - A social network for travelers

Touristlink is a new Social Network for Travelers

Touristlink is a social network which has been launched just recently to allow you to connect with travelers across the world and explore new places. Touristlink comes very handy when you end up in a new city with your wife and don’t know where to start from.

A look inside Touristlink

The unique feature of this social network is that you can see which destinations, your friends have recommended in your place, thereby adding a personal touch to it. There’s also a rating system of Thumbs Up and Thumbs down, with the help of this you can easily identify which places are definitely worth a visit by the number of likes it has received. You can also share your favorite destinations with your friends.

According to Mashable, users can add hotel owners as their friends too and share your experiences with them. To ensure no spammers are logging in, Touristlink separately identifies the Travel experts, thereby giving you genuine reviews of places all time. If you found a place interesting you can also pass comments and suggest it to your fellow travelers.

With Touristlink you can also plan your trip completely by consulting a local tour guide which the social network recommends you. By doing so, you can make your journey systematic and give it a more pleasant ending. Apart from suggesting, the travel network also offers you the best deals. You can pick a deal that’s in your budget and start booking. Making bookings will require you to pay a nominal fee.

Touristlink is totally free. You can sign up with Facebook and log in right away. Even if you are not a Travel junkie as such, Touristlink surely does a good job in finding you beautiful places.

  • I hope after registering in the touristlink, we don’t need of guide for any new place, isn’t it?

  • This seem a cool social site.. I gonna be my friends tour guide if they want to visit my place. thanks for the link.

  • Touristlink has the potential to boost tourism in the Philippines. The Lord Jesus said that the truth will set you free. The Philippine tourism agency should do their best and the tourist themselves will tell the whole world that it is more fun in the Philippines. I welcome Touristlink!