Top 5 Reasons to buy Norton Internet Security 2012

A Geek who hangs out with computer 24×7 may be aware of what to click, and what not to click on a webpage, the behavior is not same for a person who has just knows to go online, type some mails, browse websites. Everyone wants to be safe, even a self-proclaimed geek. All we need is a good antivirus which makes us feel that things are secure. Of course all good things comes with a price tag.

Today we are going to review Norton Internet Security 2012 by Symantec. Its not an YET-ANOTHER-ANTIVIRUS which does the same stuff as any other antivirus. We are listing out 5 Good reasons why you might want to switch to Norton Internet Security 2012

Simple and Straight

The first impression was quite Positive as we installed Norton Internet Security for Windows XP. The simplistic and clean Interface with just three BIG buttons Scan Now,  LiveUpdate and Advanced doesn’t bore you for sure. On left top, it lists out the current system status- infected or secured. The bottom portion shows up the various live threats witnessed worldwide.

Live Update

We use USB devices, we download files now and then. Who knows we might have been infected by the Virus which was invented yesterday! Live Update could save our lives. Norton Internet Security comes with live update feature which downloads the database of latest found threats online in realtime. So, checks are made for latest possible threats and you stay safe.

Scan Facebook Wall!

We discovered Scan Facebook Wall  feature as we expanded the SCAN menu which is featured with “Quick Scan”, “Full Scan” and “Custom Scan”. As the internet is evolving with facebook like social networking site, parallelly we see an increased number of spams and scams which spreads via our facebook walls. This feature enables Norton safe browsing and auto scans all feeds/ updates for possible spammy links shared on facebook.

Startup Manager and Application ratings

There are various factors which makes your PC go slow and slow. Norton Internet Security 2012 exclusively has dedicated something for your PC performance. Which program is taking up the most memory, What program is making you slow?, What applications are safe and trusted? you get all answers here. Full System insights with CPU and memory usage are logged on daily basis specific to applications. It has also been bundled with Startup Manager where you can tick and untick startup programs. Application ratings lets you know its trust worthiness.

Hell lot of other features

These features are for explorers. You have a bottom bar which lists out

Activity map : where you catch the realtime threat updates scrolling now and then with a map view.

  • Manage: where you link all your devices running norton products to one account and manage online!
  • Mobile: Norton Mobile Security for Android phones.
  • Online Family: Parental Control features.
  • Safe Web: where all URLs are scanned automagically as you surf the web. you will be notified for suspicious websites.
  • Backup: Norton Online backup allows you to back up your data securely!

Norton Internet Security costs 1399 INR for an year long license for a single PC. You can go get it from Norton Product page.

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  • SS

    It Slows down the system..

  • hehehe…nice review bro..i really like the scan facebook wall none of the antiviruses are ready to perform such social network scans…a must buy though. thanks for the post! 🙂

  • Norton has been the best for all times..

  • Get powerful, fast protection to email, shop and bank online without worry with the all new NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2012. Now secure your personal use.

  • Thanks for your valuable time to spent on this article and sharing information with us. Its a very helpful information.

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    I’m using Norton from many years not only in my office purpose but also in commercial. It’s really compatible but at time it has been heard that it slow done the PC speed.

  • is use bullguard an its work perfekt.

  • Rosesmithrosy

    I’m also using Norton…its very gud

  • Norton Internet Security 2012 includes many advance features to remove old and new viruses. This antivirus provides easy update facility from internet. Norton also works for backup service to make data safe.

  • I have this software for my system and it is working very good to protect my system. These reasons are absolutely right to buy it.