Top 5 Mobiles Phones of The Decade

futureTechnology evolution over past 15 years have shown the identical impact on mankind’s life style. Many new discoveries like Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Smartphones, Automobiles, Gadgets, Softwares, and many other amendments were clearly making their impact on us. But, its only few of these inventions went really well.

As we can see the drastic improvement in our Network communication opportunities, we have created huge scope for ourselves as we currently able to communicate without any physical medium which is really one of the best discoveries in the history of mankind.

The Wired-Network created us the reliable communication opportunity but which in turn was looked as costly issue for distant regions, which made us to discover the Wireless Network to communicate with distant regions. The Wireless Communication were improved further and was now compatible with our Mobile Phones as we are now enjoying Mobile Broadband amendments like Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and many other greatest discoveries which were currently applicable for other devices as well.

The emergence of Mobile Phones from black and white pieces to color pieces and from color pieces to QWERTY pieces and from QWERTY pieces to Multimedia pieces and from Multimedia to Touchscreen pieces and from Touchscreen to current Smartphones made a strong point that in future we are going to communicate without the means of an physical device.

Here’s the Top 5 Mobile Phones of the Decade

#1. Nokia 3310 – The Turning Point which Ruled the Mobile Phone Industry over 3 years

Nokia 3310

#2. Sony Ericsson K750 (Cybershot) – Laid Perfect Path for Evolution of Multimedia Mobile Phones


#3. Motorola ROKR E6 – The Mobile that which laid path for Mobile styling


#4. Nokia E90 – The first QWERTY Device. QWERTY devices are in fact the most used by businessmen and the office-going.


#5. Apple iPhone – No words required to introduce about the macho Smartphone Apple iPhone


These were considered as the styling icons at their prescribed terms. The Evolution of Flips, Sliders, Touch and QWERTY made the clear difference between the old mobiles and current mobiles. As the Mobile Phones models were entering into the market like mashrooms, so as the Mobile Phone service providers were launching great deal of Mobile Phone Plans to attract people.

Do drop your comments on which are the mobiles that, according to you, were the revolutionary ones.

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Siddhartha Thota of Gadgetcage. If you’d also like to write for Chaaps, do check out the guest posting guidelines before you send us your article.

  • Siddartha, I am amazed at how far cell phones have come. It doesn’t seem so long since I had my first one, but it has really been quite a while, and it would be considered huge by today’s standards
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  • We can see the difference between old and new technologies through your post. It is very surprising that the technologies are so changed now and it will be changing in future also. Nice job done by you.
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  • Great list of products here Siddartha. I agree that the Sony Ericsson really began the stylization of the mobile phone industry.

    – Robert
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  • I love Moto Rockr. I really don’t like apple iphone with its full touch screen.

    Excellent Post.

  • It is very surprising that the technologies are so changed now and it will be changing in future also.

    Excellent Post.