Top 5 Greatly Obsessed Requirements In Blog Posts That Need Not Be Obsessed

Everyone including probloggers sound a li’l harsh to their guest bloggers suing them that their guest posts are not upto the mark. Here’s the top 5 features that people consider while reviewing a guest post but which actually need not be, as per my view. Read on…

  1. Length of the post: This is something every blog moderator keeps pondering about. Based on my experience of reading and writing blog posts – I’ve seen an article with just 40-60 words being a super hit and, on the other hand I’ve seen articles of 400-500 words with just one comment and three Retweets.
  2. Backlinks: I’ve seen many-a bloggers hesitate when a guest blogger has linked back to his website/blog more than once. What I’d say you is to just see if the backlink is relevant. If it sounds relevant, need not hesitate – let them play a part in your plate. However irrelevant links must be thrown away to maintain the credibility of your blog as well as your PR.
  3. Lack of Perfection: Eh, you’re not to blame this. Being a moderator, you’ve got to give it the final touch.
  4. This might be his FIRST EVER guest post: He might have been reluctant to guest post since a long time due to several reasons that kept them away from guest blogging. First timers never can be as awesome as a Problogger. Give him a second chance, help him out in betterment of his standard and in return you’ll be saluted with thanks and gratitude by him always.
  5. Copied content: This time I’m not going to say the mistake is on the moderator. Just throw this author away from your Blog directory. I reckon this is also a great mistake that blog moderators do – they just request to write originals and trash that post. Rather, sue them, throw them! [Though my suggestion is take this as an exception if the guest bloggger is a newbie.]

Those were my views. Feel free to criticise me or compliment me in the comments. 🙂

  • Great points are covered in your post. We must take care of them while writing and posting blog in website. This post is really helpful for beginners.
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  • Very valid points, Murugappan. I especially agree with the length point. It’s all about what you write and not how much. Most people today don’t have time to read long posts anyway. If a concise post can get the job done, that is what people will prefer.

  • These are some good points, I feel most times as an editor I ask myself a simple question. Does this post serve any purpose?
    If the answer is yes, then go ahead. As far as copied content goes, it is quite annoying for editors especially if they are newbies. That is when you trust them blindly and have to put in a lot of effort to look up if its copied content.

    In other words almost all blogs have posting guidelines, newbies must read them.
    .-= Aditya Kane´s last blog ..The journey of the Computer Mouse TDIS =-.

  • I agree about the length as well. I’ve seen blog posts that only contain a youtube video or a picture with a brief caption. If it’s short and sweet, sometimes it makes the point loud and clear.

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  • Some really good pints i have come across reading your article. Even i agree with the long length part but what i believe is that what more imortant is that despite content being large it should also be unique, which helps alot.

  • Thanks Murugappan, If a post goes on too long I will just loose interest and move on. Posts can’t be too short but either writing something that grabs the readers interest is a good start. Original content is a must.