To Get Indian Rupee Symbol Press Tilde ~ Symbol in Computer Keyboard


Indian Rupee SymbolA couple of days ago, an HCL spokesperson had said that the new Indian Rupee symbol will be seen on HCL keyboards within 3-4 months. But still, we, the Indians are so eager to use the Rupee Symbol. We have found a font in foradian blog to help you hit the key left to number 1 and see the symbol on your screen. Download this .ttf file and copy it to the following location:


Then press the following key to insert the symbol anywhere:

Rupee symbol key

If you don’t know about the new Indian Rupee Symbol, do read the article about the New Indian Rupee Symbol. We’ll cover many more articles on Chaaps regarding the Indian rupee in near future; To stay tuned, like Chaaps in Facebook or follow us in twitter.