There are 150 Million Facebook Mobile users


Its a new high for Facebook. CEO of Facebook, Mr.Mark Zuckerberg made an official statement that the mobile version of the highly popular social networking website has finally hit the 150 million mark. This has gone up from the 100 million mark in April. This is definitely at feather in the cap for the site which already boasts of 500 million users worldwide.

So, what are the owners of facebook planning next? Upgrading the user interface of the mobile version to the standards of the PC based browser interface is definitely next in line. More innovation is also on the way which includes user ratings for a nearby coffee shop/restaurant so that you can now decide where to lunch based on them. Facebook mobile is also looking to further exploit the power and popularity of smart phones to their advantage. Good news for mobile users indeed 🙂


  • Yeah that’s true,
    Am one of the 150 Million users too 😉
    Thanks for the share !!