Twitter and your Blog

The secret of driving flocks of traffic from Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging website that enables normal bloggers to become mega-bloggers. If proper use of twitter is made, you can drive a million number of people to your blog. In social bookmarking sites, you will be considered spam if you submit more stories than you read. In twitter, you will be considered spam if you tweet about the same link again and again. So make it sure that you don’t tweet only your tweet but tweet other’s post too.

Twitter and your Blog
Twitter and your Blog

How do I make my tweets influencial?

Just tweet your post three times. No, that’s not all. Read on to how to tweet each time…

First time

This should be as soon as you make a post, be quick. Tweet it in an appealing way. Example:

Twitter to bid Goodbye to HTTP?

Second time

This time again tweet with an appealing text and link. What’s different in the second tweet is you must have to add an hash-tag to the tweet. Moreover, keep in mind that you have to leave at least a gap of 6 hours between the first and the second times so that your tweets reaches followers from other zones too. Example:

Road to a professional Facebook profile #Facebook #Professionalism

Third time

First set a target – For me it is 15 retweets. When I reach the target of 15 Retweets, I thank the retweeters in this format:

Thanks for the retweet! @karan7n @sdarine @webtechman @morb01 | ..

Using this simple trick I was able to gather a lot of retweets in a short span of time and also a few comments. Hope you found this tip useful, Share with us how you drive traffic to your blog/website via Twitter.

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