The new “wow” from Microsoft – Windows Mobile 7


No, I’m definitely not talking about the king size disaster called Windows Vista. Nor is this post about the recent Windows 7. Surprise folks! Its Windows Mobile 7 – Microsoft’s latest offering. And yes! It looks like the folks at Microsoft finally got it right this time! If initial reports are to be believed, Windows Mobile 7 is a one of the most promising products from the software giants and it leaves its predecessor, Windows Mobile leap years behind it.

First things first. The best part of Windows Mobile 7 is its stunning user interface. This isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. The screen is packed with big, bright & colorful tiles that give a crisp appearance. Wow, this would make the iPhone’s UI look demure. So much for the UI. The next piece of information would make your jaws drop. Windows Mobile 7 support Xbox!!! yeah…you read it right!! A PHONE that has Xbox.All you gamers can jump in joy πŸ™‚ Windows Mobile 7 also supports Zune for music, videos & other multimedia. Bing & Bing maps are the default search engine & maps supported and IE is the default browser.

In short, Microsoft seems to have corrected all their previous errors in one stroke. Windows Mobile 7 seems to be the only one which can prove to be a serious competitor to Apple’s iPhone. But what are the flaws in this latest entrant to the market? Early reviews are suggesting that the phone’s support for applications is minimal but is expected to climb up before the official release.

But personally, I didn’t like one thing about the product. Its the name! πŸ˜€ C’mon folks! You pour millions of dollars into developing a world-class product, probably the only product with the potential to dethrone the iPhone and you just call it “Windows Mobile 7” ?? πŸ™

So, In conclusion, Microsoft has finally got something right, that too in a long long time. And it had just added a whole new dimension to the ongoing mobile wars.What would be their rival’s response to this??? We’ll just have to wait and watch!


  • WM 6 was plagued with memory problems. htc diamond had wm6. It has used hang so often. WM6 allows custom UI to be built on the os .so the Visual aspect can be modified i guess, Les wait and watch wat wm7 holds in store for us πŸ™‚
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  • The best part about Windows 7 phone is that they have added binng feature in it and that will make search in this user friendly and all together this phone will be a ripper.
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  • Windows Mobile has improved a lot… I’m sure the name Windows Mobile 7 was used because this is the v7 mobile from Microsoft. Nothing related to Windows 7, that’s for sure. Microsoft thought of keeping the name simple this time…
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