The keyboard gets a makeover: Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 now in India!

Looking for the perfect companion for the tablet or PC? The wait is over! Microsoft has introduced the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 for the Indian market. Priced at an attractive Rs. 3350/-, it’s a must-buy as it has the full functionality of a keyboard, is compatible with both tablets and PCs and yet small enough to slip into a bag. Less than three-quarters of an inch thick, buying this keyboard also means getting rid of pesky wires, docks or trans-receivers.

That’s not all. The Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 works equally well with Microsoft Windows, iPad, iPad2, and many Android devices – making it one of the first multi-platform Bluetooth keyboards to be launched in India.

Slim, stylish and cool, the keyboard is very easy on the hands. It has an ergonomist- friendly Microsoft Comfort Curve design, which promotes a more natural wrist posture whether the user is typing from office, the couch or a café. It’s also compatible with a PC, making for much less clutter on the table.

Commenting on the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000, Mr Satish Parreddi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Retail Sales & Marketing, Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd said, “Consumers today want style, portability as well as comfort and our latest keyboard is the perfect companion to today’s mobile lifestyle. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile keyboard 5000 is especially designed for people on the move and as the market for mobile products such as the Tablets and Laptops increases; this is poised to become an accessory consumers would definitely want”.

Fast Facts: Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000

System : Compatible with Microsoft Windows®7,Windows Vista, iOS and Android
Price: Rs. 3350/-
Availability: April, 15, 2012
Weight: 0.4 Kgs
Ergonomic: Yes
Colour: Black
Keys: 104
Battery: Standard AAA and removable

  • This is such a nice keyboard with looks..
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  • Very glad to hear about this new technology. Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard’s compatibility is fantastic which makes usability easy for major operating system.

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  • This is quite convenient to use especially if you want to rest your arms and shoulders while typing. by which this is also a good innovation of technology that answers the call of other gadgets as well.

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  • I happen to notice that my friend has exactly this Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000. He says it was given to him as a gift from his uncle in India. It really looks so cool! He was beaming with pride when I showed this post to him. It didn’t occur to him that it was just a newly launched keyboard in India.

  • awesome design and technology we have right now. It makes our life easy like this Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard. Great equipment.

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