The Four R’s of Twitter that Can Make you A Superstar!

Twitter’s emerging and so is the confusion among the beginners. People in twitter often end up trying ultra-complicated methods to get twitter success – replies, retweets and followers, to be precise. How do we get all the success in super-simple methods?

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You might already be knowing that what you yield is what you sow – so, is the case wit the twitter crop. Do the good, expect the better.

The four R’s of twitter

  • Read: Read the tweets in your timeline, at least for a while in a day. Then react. Then the result, will come.
  • React:
    • Reply: Make an acquaintance, catch a friend, accompany them in their tough times – in twitter as well. Make them smile, they’ll make you smile too. Make sure you don’t reply with a link to an acquaintance so that they might suspect a spam bot in you.
    • Retweet: Holy tweet, this is divine! Retweeting is a great way to turn the tweeter’s eyes towards you. But make sure that you retweet only what your followers also like. Say for example someone tweets about cricket, I shouldn’t retweet it for most of my followers hate the game of cricket.
  • Result: Guess what!? If you have did all the above steps perfect, you’ll get back the same – exactly the same.

Let me know your views and do let me know what strategies you use to be a twitter superstar : Leave a comment.

  • Nice post. For using Tweeter and being super star on it, you need to understand its all features and uses deeply. Reading tweets, reacting on them and getting result is the one of the best way of using tweeter. Simple still effective.

  • Nice four rules for becoming a twitter superstar. reading reacting reply and retweeting equals superstar results.

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  • I’m not quite the twitter superstar, but seeing as you got 43 tweets on this, you are! 🙂


  • Nice rules, And there are not so tuff to be applied i guess. I’ll try to keep them in mind fro now on.

  • Great article Murugappan. I think if you follow these on twitter you can have much better success. Thanks for sharing.

    – Robert

  • Great Article Murugan. Retweet is the best way for a success.

    • Glad you liked.
      By the way, I’d like to let you know that I’m Murugappan and not Murugan, thanks! 😉

  • Twitter is very effective tool. Read twits and react them. Retweet is also helps to search result.

  • Great tips friend. I will implement them for my account.

  • I always Read, Reply and Retweet. So, I must be on the good way : p

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