The all new delicious. Or so they say.

Delicious is back. Yeah. You might have heard that it was acquired by youtube few weeks back. And now we see the all new delicious in action. Here’s a video you’d like to watch for a better understanding of what’s new :

Personally, I see nothing new except the design and the owner. It’s the same concept overall.

You save, stack, and share the web. That’s what they say. Will it create history? Or will it turn out to be one of those hundreds of stories that say “Once upon a time there existed a blah blah.” I predict the latter come true. Do you agree? Or do you not? Let me know. Leave a comment.

Know more about the new Delicious: official link

  • It happens more often than I would like to admit but I agree I think it is the later.

  • Nothing new actually. It’s only the new design of the Homepage. I tried to do a bookmark of this post. Nothing happened new. But we can’t tell yet. We never know may be it will be a Digg killer.

  • Yeh it is surprising for me. It’s main feature i like most that “when you add tag then it will ask whether you want to separate it or not which i didn’t find at old delicious.”

  • i too think the same thing. they have just altered some design and introduced a new feature called stacks. i luv d design but nothing that new in it! 🙂

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  • Now its the same concept rather than just change of design.It has to deliver something new which most of these types of site can’t able to generate new ideas