Tanishq Wedding Jewelry Ad. Arundati Nag turns her Daughter into Bride


One day, while I was aimlessly switching channels, I came across Tanishq’s latest ad showcasing their wedding jewelry collection. Unlike other ads, this seemed to be a little different. And different it was!. Finally, I found an ad that made me smile!

The ad revolves around a father urging his daughter to tie the knot with an eligible NRI groom. However, the young girl bluntly refuses.Naturally, the father is visibly frustrated but the clever mom has found a cleverer solution. She asks them to accompany her to the nearest Tanishq showroom and has a look at all the beautiful pieces of jewellery that they have.

Tanishq’s Wedding Jewelery Collection

You cant keep women and jewelery away for too long! No women can resist this temptation. The girl then starts examining the jewelery and even tries them out. And within minutes, her Mom and the saleswoman help her with wedding jewellery. And finally the “ghunghat” is draped on her head to give her the typical bride look.
And just when her parents are admiring their lovely daughter, the saleswoman poses a question, ” So..when is the wedding”?

The astute mom cleverly replies, “Is this wedding jewelry? We are not interested” and asks her daughter to give back all the jewelery. The disappointment on the girl’s face is evident as she leaves the showroom without any gold. And now, while driving back home, she inquires about the groom that her father had mentioned a few hours ago, quietly disclosing the fact that she is finally ready for marriage.

And the best part of the ad is the sms that her mother then sends across to her father. She says that even after 25 yrs, he cannot understand a woman! So, true I must say!

I loved the ad for its simplistic and realistic portrayal. Arundhati Nag is perfect as the doting mother who wants her daughter to enter into wedlock. And instead of nagging her, she chose a very novel technique to convince her. It is really tough for a woman to say no to jewels! And the makers of this ad have used this idea to market their product effectively. Generally, all jewellery ads often consist of models clad in 10 oz gold bar from head to toe and dancing to a jingle. This ad is strikingly different from the run-of-the-mill ones. This is exactly why I love this ad. Hope to see more such ads in future. Way to go Tanishq


  • Hmmm does this mean one can woo women with jewelry ? And btw i don think one has to marry in order to buy wedding jewelry….though i did like the part where the mom send an sms …. 🙂 ..
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  • Lol oh i see! Mehn women loves jewellries

  • btw..whos Arundati Nag?
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  • Thanks Nandini , will check the video
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  • cool

    wats the name of the bribe

  • rajesh

    i like the ad very much..
    bgm is very good and suits the ad.
    is there any link to get this bgm?

  • vivek

    who are the Director and Music Composer to this ad?

  • Hasanain

    I really want the Background score of this ad … truly awesome!! Anyone??

    • rajesh

      @ hasanain

      pls share with me if you get that…

  • This ad is awesome. The timing of convicing a father to his daughter for marriage to mother sending sms is just perfect. desinger jewellery always attracts girls.

  • Amar

    Who’s the bride?

  • jitu

    what is this san hojay

    • beena

      huh…. thats San Jose, a place in US… Her father pronounces it as sanjose, but it must be actually pronounced as San Hosey! So, she corrects her dad..

  • karthikeyan

    i really like this adv. and the background score, after a long period i heard very very very good music in this adv. after airtel, bru adv music this is definiltely in my collection. just hear this music with close my eyes, i feel something giv joy to my heart.

  • I always love story-telling ad like the ponds’ ad
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  • Prosenjit

    I love this girl

  • Prosenjit

    I love this girl…….anyone know her name

  • dev

    the girl name is Aditi. She acted in few telugu movies.

  • Tanishq has always been my favorite of the jewellery brands in India

  • Bava

    I like the girl in the add and i want to FUck her hard.
    Is ad mai jo ladki hai uski chut mai apna Garam lund dal k maje lu. Usko apna mota lund chuswa du .

  • Dave Dwyer

    Ha, great video and really nicely shot too. I’m filming a few Indian weddings in the coming months, always so colourful 🙂

  • Pinkee03

    Too good! Brought tears in my eyes