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And.. here we go – The first post of 2011!

Over the past 36-48 hours a UK political campaigning initiative (Democracy UK) has released some interesting facts on there Facebook page expressing. The interesting facts of course are the STATS of 2010 for Facebook. Facebook of course with its over 500 million users and 2.5 app developers have created alot of interesting stats. Spend a couple of minutes and peep through them, each one is big and the next one is better! 😉

Relationship Statuses in 2010:

43,869,800 changed their status to single

3,025,791 changed their status to “it’s complicated”

28,460,516 changed their status to in a relationship

5,974,574 changed their status to engaged

36,774,801 changes their status to married

What happened in a random 20 minutes on Facebook:

  • Shared Links: 1,000,000
  • Tagged Photos: 1,323,000
  • Event invites sent out: 1,484,000
  • Wall Posts: 1,587,000
  • Status Updates: 1,851,000
  • Friend Requests Accepted: 1,972,000
  • Photos Uploaded: 2,716,000
  • Comments Made: 10,208,000
  • Messages Made (Inbox/PM’s) : 4,632,000

And of course the most liked page (as of now) is Texas Hold ’em poker followed by Facebook and Michael Jackson. You can see the most liked pages here at Facebook’s directory of pages.

Let us know in the comments what do you think of these stats for 2010 – Aren’t they some jaw-dropping stats? What do you think 2011 will hold with a Renowned blog: Mashable predicting twitter to have a boring 2011?


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