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Get that background music from a YouTube video

How to Find out a Song Name From a YouTube Video

Today i will give you a simple and short tutorial on how to find out a song name from a youtube video. Most of us visit Youtube a lot to watch funny videos, watch movies, etc and when we see a youtube video with a great background song in it, we will definitely want to know the name of that song, won’t we?

I stumbled upon a video today and found a great song inside it but i didn’t know how to get that song. So here are the two ways you can easily find out a youtube video’s background song without going through the trouble of recording a video and searching aimlessly of what to do next.

First Way: When a youtube video is uploaded there is this feature called AudioSwap with which users use an another youtube video’s music and play it in their video as an audio track. After using this AudioSwap feature the information about that audio file is visible in the Statistics section of the video.

Just click the Show video statistics icon which is located beside the video views and here you can find the name, album and artist of the song that has been used in the video.

How to find out a song name from a youtube video

Second Way: The second way is kinda stupid but it works nonetheless. Just listen to the track’s lyrics that is being played in the Youtube video and remember some of those lyrics. Now go to lyrster.com and type the song’s lyrics and hit the Search button. Lyrster’s audio database is pretty vast and it also uses Google’s database to power their searches and i am pretty sure you will find the song you are looking for in minutes. Of course, if the song is an instrumental it could be difficult to find it, but relax what else is the third way for?

Third Way or The Hard Way: You have to convert the Youtube video into and MP3 format and save it onto your hard disk. Keepvid.com or Savevid.com can be very helpful to convert videos for you. After saving it, play the song you had saved earlier in any media player, now go to Midomi.com and click the search button, make sure the song is still playing in your player.

Midomi.com will search its database to find that specific song and if you are lucky it will list you the exact name and artist of the song. You can also use Midomi’s sing feature to sing a song on a mic, rather than playing it on your media player.

If all else fails you can use Google’s very own Google Music Search to discover your favorite song name, it uses the whole Google’s database, and we all know how power it is ;)

Did you find this article helpful? If yes make a comment and tell us if you found out the song name from these methods!

YouTube now has a new look! Experience it!

How to turn on YouTube's new amazing look in 30 seconds


YouTube has been revamped completely from scratch. The new YouTube look is very slick and amazing. I am enjoying it very much. Here is a 30 second guide to all you guys who haven’t yet got the new YouTube look in your region.


Step 1: Fire up your Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

Step 2: Visit http://www.youtube.com

Step 3: Chrome users:

on Windows:

press Ctrl+Shift+J to open the developer tools

on MAC: press CMD+Alt+J to open the developer tools

Firefox users:

on Windows: press Ctrl+Shift+K

on MAC: press CMD+Shift+K

Step 4: After opening developer tools on your specific browser switch to the Console tab and copy this line of code where the cursor is blinking:


and now press Enter.

Step 5: Close the developer tools box and reload the page.

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[Source: The Verge]



The all new delicious. Or so they say.

Delicious is back. Yeah. You might have heard that it was acquired by youtube few weeks back. And now we see the all new delicious in action. Here’s a video you’d like to watch for a better understanding of what’s new :

Personally, I see nothing new except the design and the owner. It’s the same concept overall.

You save, stack, and share the web. That’s what they say. Will it create history? Or will it turn out to be one of those hundreds of stories that say “Once upon a time there existed a blah blah.” I predict the latter come true. Do you agree? Or do you not? Let me know. Leave a comment.

Know more about the new Delicious: official link

YouTube's new video editor is now live

New YouTube Video editor launched: Have you tried it yet?

YouTube has launched a new browser based video editor that performs quick fixes to a video after it has been uploaded. This is a built-in editor that launched on 14 Sept, 2011, unlike the cloud based YouTube video editor that we saw in 2010.

After a video gets uploaded on YouTube, you could never make changes to it, rather you had to start from Step 1 i.e. upload it again. With the addition of this editing tool, you can now make changes to the video by clicking Edit Video button.

“Until now, when you uploaded to YouTube, your video was hosted and shared, but couldn’t really be changed. Starting today, you can edit your uploaded videos right on YouTube”, said YouTube software engineer John Gregg.

While the tools are not so legendary that you see in a professional video editing software, these editing options will prove very helpful in making some small changes to your video. Some of the editing tools are:

Rotation of a video, Stabilize a shaky footage, Adjust the brightness such as Saturation levels, Color intensity and Temperature. You can also add extra effects to a video such as make it a Black and White video or effectify it with Sepia.

The exciting news is that even after editing of the video, YouTube does not swipe off all your user interactions on that video. Comments, View count, Video URL and ID, all settings are left intact. You can also undo the edit anytime in the future and still expect a positive output.

Here is a small teaser video that shows you what new features you will get in the new YouTube video editor.

So did you enjoy the new YouTube video editor. Share your experiences by a comment and let us know!

via CNET


Current Top 5 Best Kitty/Cat YouTube Videos


Cats and Kittens at their best, on YouTube, for your entertainment.

Oh, how we love our cats and kittens. So much so that we flood the worlds most populated video site, YouTube, amongst many others, with tons and tons of videos of them doing the darnedest things. Dig around a little and you will quickly take notice to the more than abundant collection of talking cats, cats tripping dogs, silly cats, cute cats, cats in costumes, cat acrobats, sleeping cats and then some.

The thing is, cats are adorable. And they, ever so easily, capture the attention and minds of the typical viewer, also known as the secretary down the hall evading her office work, or the recently-put-her-baby-to-nap mom, trying to get a glimpse of silliness before another slew of diaper changes and baby burpings. But don’t think its just a girl thing! I’ve caught many-a-guy addicted to these sweet video snippets of fur-bundled happiness. It is useless to resists the cats.

So with that said, here are my top 5 favorite cat vids. At the moment, of course.

1. Oh Long Johnson – Talking Cat


You know what I think? This cat’s really trying to talk. Ok, so, maybe not, but I really love this video! I chose this version of the video because its subtitled, making it all the funnier.

2. Baby Kitten and His Funny Meows

I’m not quite sure why it is that this kitten is being fed white paint from a paint can lid, and if you ask me, he’s not quite diggin’ it. However, look at that face. It makes you wanna go “aww!”. On a side note, they could’ve titled this video “Baby White Bat” and it would’ve worked as well. You can def tell this little ball of fluff was entirely annoyed by the “baby baby baby” overkill. Lady, you might want a job writing lyrics for Led Zeppelin.

3. Surprised Kitty (Original)

Yea, I had to go there. You can’t have a list of cat/kitten videos without this one. The dude’s baby-talk is even totally fitting! 27 million views doesn’t lie! This is of the cutest of kitty vids.

4. Surprised Kitty.. EXPLODING!!!

Dear Animal Rights Activists, no kitties were harmed in the making of this video. So, I picked this one cause it has me rolling on the floor, laughing, every time I see it! That, and it’s not as graphic as the Hamster on a Piano exploding video. Share this one with your friends.. they’ll appreciate you in a whole new light.

And finally, my NEW favorite kitty vid…

5. Punch a Kitty, Part DUH!

Warning: This video is even funnier when you watch it over and over and over (and over) again. As the kitty falls back, its screech is so perfect! Seriously, I’ve watched this one like 50 times in a row, and it just gets funnier EVERY time. The original punch a kitty video is on the tube as well, but this one is much, much better.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my cat-tastic video selections! Until next time… Meow!

Bio: Alexis Bonari is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at onlinedegrees.org, researching areas of online degree programs. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.


10 Must subscribe Youtube Channels!

Youtube has become one of the best websites that exist. This has attracted many individuals/groups to upload videos on youtube. I gathered a list of must subscribe youtube channels. I have subscribed them all as they are awesome. Lets see if you like them or not.

Most of these groups are comedy because  90% of the most subscribed and best groups are comedy :-)

1. Nigahiga : (Comedy/Asian):

This guy is one of the most subscribed in the youtube + Most viewed.  He has achieved many other things too. nigahiga has uploaded many comedy videos made by him. he is one of the most funniest guy in youtube.

2. =3 : (Comedy/Review):

This channel is my personal favourite. I never miss any video. the channel is run by a dude “Ray William Johnson”.  He reviews videos on youtube every 3 -4 days. The guy has an amazing sense of humor and I reccomend everyone to subscribe.

3. machinima: (Gaming/Mix):

Machinima.com is the premier online entertainment network showing trailers, gameplay, montages & original series created in video games. this is the no. 1 subscribed games related channel.

4. fred: (Comedy/Stupidity):

this kid really needs to be subscribed because he can make you laugh all day with his stupid talks and actions. BTW he can also make you wanna unsubscribe him because his voice sucks :-( . But still he is good :-)

5. VenetianPrincess: (Comedy/Parody):

This channel is run by a teenage girl who looks like she was trolled by every singer so she started making parodies of them. And yeah yeah for all you horny boys, yes she is beautiful. So now go subscribe her!!! BTW do watch the transformers revenge of the twitter on her channel. Its awesome.

6. Failblog: (comedy/short clips):

This channel collects some of the funny shortclips around the world mostly fails and some wins ( Rarely) .Nevermind but this group is awesome for people who like trolling everyday.

7.  Mean Kitty :(Animals/Vblog):

The channel is made by family or guy who owns this kitty. As the channel says : THE MEAN KITTY CHANNEL’S PURPOSE:
To remind us all that pets aren’t just a piece of furniture in our homes… even though they can look that way sometimes. : ). I was never a kitty fan but this is for all you who loves furballs :D

8. The Movie Vault: (Gaming/Movies):

Gaming vault is sponsered by Alienware so expect some highQuality videos made by random people around the world. The channel houses videos/movies made exclusively ingame. The channel also holds some tutorials and other random videos.

9. Google: (Tech/latest):

How about the very own Google official youtube channel which brings you some latest technology by google and how-to’s. Most of the bloggers must have already subscribed it but still its a must subscribe for all the tech freaks.

10. Windows: (tech/latest):

Don’t tell me that you were not expecting microsoft on youtube. They have a own sponsered youtube channel for Windows. Maybe its for promoting but still it is a must subscribe.


Rolling Out YouTube Video Rental Store

Expanding its beta testing effort with more content in February, Youtube finally launched its video rental store today. It has begun offering a variety of movies and TV episodes available for rental at youtube.com/store.

The site is now offering 48 hour rentals mostly between 99 cents and $3.99. Rental fees are paid through Google Check-out.

At present it has primarily of independent, anime, Bollywood, and documentary films etc. Eventhough itunes and microsoft have been availing these kind of services for more than 2 years now, lets see how Youtube make its success.

If you are outside US, it will say “This rental is currently unavailable in your country”. So, Google for “YouTube Video Rental Store” and then look at the cached version of the page, then click in it.

Screenshot of the cached version –

Youtube Video rental Store – Homepage

via Nytimes

YouTube Introduces ‘Show & Tell’, Showcasing Best of Marketing on YouTube

YouTube has introduced Show & Tell, a new branded channel showcasing the best examples of marketing on YouTube. This channel will help the marketers and teach them on how to market effectively through Youtube and make them go viral.

Show & Tell features the best marketing and advertising campaigns on Facebook, focusing on brand channels, homepages and viral video hits. Marketers can look to the channel for inspiration as well as guidance.

The channel (YTShowandTell) will serve not only as a record of the most popular marketing campaigns, but also as a valuable resource for brands looking to learn more about YouTube marketing and to strengthen their own viral video campaigns.

Watch the video below, that introduces viewers to the potential of going viral on YouTube -

The Story of YouTube Car -

The main concept of this channel is, how to build successful campaigns and use YouTube tools to increase engagement and get more views.

YouTube Channel – Show and Tell


Finally, Youtube Adds “Stop Download” Button to Stop Buffering Videos


The Only Problem Which I Always experienced with Youtube videos was to wait till the Video buffers completely until i watch the Second One (when two Videos are embedded in Same Page).

Let Me Explain You in Better Way, Suppose You have Two or More Videos Embedded in same Page and You have Started Watching The Video 1 which has a length of 5 minutes …

In Old Scenario:

At some Point of Time you get bored watching that Video 1 and need to Watch the Other. Obviously you gonna pause the Video1 and look at the Play button of Video 2.

You Click on The Play button of Video 2 and you Notice Even the Video 1 is Buffering(as it is only Paused)! which you never wanted that to happen as Video 1 is grabbing all your Download speed.. and the download speed is shared between these two Videos. It Means You need to wait till Video 1 buffers completely to watch the Video 2 in a defined way!

New Scenario:
The Solution-
Youtube added “Stop download” button when you right click on the embedded video. Now you could not only pause the videos but also stop videos from downloading(buffering). So The problem which we faced in Old Scenario can be easily tackled with this New option of “Stop download” and Now you could see any number of videos embedded in same page without the worry of unnecessary buffering of Other Videos.

Here is the Screenshot which shows up the Much Needed New “Stop Download” button while watching Two or More Videos in same Page.

Try it Yourself
Experience the effect of “Stop Download” while watching these two Videos.

Hope You Enjoyed watching the Video as well as Trying The New “Stop Download” option by youtube.

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Google is going to take over your TV !


Google Android has been quite a success for developers. Now developers can easily build apps on the Android platform. I’m sure they’re quite satisfied. But wait ! There’s more…

Google Android is going to come as a set up box to supply your TV needs.

Google Monster

You probably might be knowing about these videos:
The Google Toilet
Google – The Evil and Hungry Beast

These videos just say the same thing. Not to forget ! Our previous article on Chaaps:
Check What Google Stole From You

If you’ve seen all these, you’ll probably know one thing. Google is getting into your personal life.

Google has become a monster which wants to steal your private info, so that it can show you better ads.

The limits are boundless. The main reason for this is that, GOOGLE HAS THE MONEY. Google gets a lot of profit from its ads network. It has money to buy any and every company it pleases to buy.

Recently Google began utilizing the money it got. Google is developing its software, upgrading servers, and much more.

Now, it is rumored that Google is aiming a new strategy to enter the Television Market. The first strategy is by tying up with Dish Network where their set top boxes will run on Android. The other part of this strategy is a tie up with Sony to build Television sets with Android based format.

Google TV

Google Android on Dish Network

Google has teamed up with Dish Network, one of the most successfully running satellite TV services. Google Android powered set up box streamed into the dish network will allow easy access to content on YOUTUBE. This will make a great difference. Now you can easily make playlists and subscribe on youtube right from your TV !

Google Android on Sony TV sets

It is also rumored that Google Android will find its way into Sony TV sets. Sony is presently the TOP in giving High Definitions TV sets to customers, of course at a high cost. Sony plans to make its TV sets even more popular and more interactive by integrating the Android platform. Now, you could expect having a mini-computer right inside your television set.

More of Android

Since you’ll be finding Android in your TV set and your satellite set up box, you can also expect it to communicate with your mobile android. This might be one of the best steps which can be taken by Google. The same OS in your TV, set up box and your mobile phone. The combo will be unbeatable !

The Google GOD

As mentioned earlier, Google is now considered like GOD. It has taken everything from you. Your privacy is gone. Don’t be surprised if Google plans to track the channels you’ll be watching on TV to serve better advertisements :P