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Why Yahoo sucks?


I was totally fed up of the Yahoo! Services which are helpful of course but totally annoying too. I’ll present 3  topics you might want to know “Why Yahoo! Sucks?”

Yahoo Sucks!

Yahoo Answers:

This service which is available at www.answers.yahoo.com is useful and informative too. People enjoy this service. Here is how it works, first you ask a question and publish it. People give the answers, looks pretty simple huh.

I used this service many times, but I had to make 5 accounts just to get 6 answers… LOL.

Reason: I was continuously getting banned. I made another, it got banned too.  So what was the problem….

  1. Users can report any answer they want. The answerer gets banned straight forward. I encountered this problem too. A guy named Vampire(His username on it) reported every answer I gave.  What happened? I got a suspension email. WTF
  2. No reply from costumer support. Let’s think you are suffering the pain which I had recently. You desperately email yahoo customer support. After one week you get an automated reply that your account has been suspended and cannot be recovered. WTF again
  3. Yahoo sucks at spam detection. Try adding words like torrent, anti-virus, Google, hack, warez and there are hundreds of word which yahoo uses in their spam dictionary. You place any of the word and once again. YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED BULLSHIT. On googling out I found that I was not alone in this Emotional Atyachaar.

Suggestion to yahoo : Guys burn your server with your stupid spam detection bots. That’s the reason people prefer googling over yahooing!

Yahoo! Mail:

Yeah the one and only yahoo mail. I recently set up a new account on MSN to which all my email accounts would forward incoming mails too(I have 15 email accounts L). It gets annoying to open all the emails. So the thing was I wanted all my mails at one account. All the email accounts set up correctly using POP3 but yahoo refused as it showed me the only way to do that was Yahoo! Premium Services.

Does this premium service bother less to the consumer?

Yahoo! Search:

Try searching yahoo for anything. I guess the noobish results will let you to open just the only site called Google.com. Despite of Google providing many services it never let them distract from their original motive which is providing a better search engine.

That’s why Google has a whopping share of 85.34% while Yahoo! just has 6.29%. I agree that Yahoo image search looks nicer than Google but it always finds the opposite of what you are looking.

These were three and the only services which more than 90% Yahoo users use….  The annoyance of these services made me to make a website: www.yahoosucks.tk ( Don’t waste your time clicking it, I got a notice from yahoo! And I had to close it) Now the site redirects you to my current blog. And you will be astonished to know that in the week of completing the site I got about 300 hits.

Have a Look at What Google wants to say about Yahoo!

Let’s give yahoo a chance to improve these points in this New Year.

Have a Look at Yahoo’s New Advertisement Campaign which pop now and then on your TV sets!! Yahoo! It’s You!