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Xbox 360 now absolutely free from Microsoft

Yes this is a genuine news. Its not a hoax or a rumor. Microsoft has already announced it on its official blog. Microsoft is giving college students free XBOX 360 console with no charge whatsoever.


Microsoft said that if a student buys any Windows 7 PC from well known retailers such as Dell, HP or the Microsoft Store, which is above the price tag of $699, he/she will get a free XBOX 360 4GB console, from the Microsoft Store itself. I think this is a great deal because at just 31,413 INR, Indian people can get a sweet slick-looking XBOX 360 console absolutely free. All you have to do is go to a DELL or a HP retailer, choose any PC above $699 price, and present your .edu email address, in case you dont have a .edu email id, just present them your student ID. Thats it, nice and simple!


The free XBOX 360 that you get from the MICROSOFT is a 4GB console and features a built-in WiFi and comes with a black XBOX 360 wireless controller as stated in an article at the CNET. This console is currently priced at $200.

This is a very good time to buy your kids a PC because already he/she will start going to college or school soon and has a chance to learn many things and get interactive. A PC will always help them in doing their homeworks and a XBOX will always keep them connected with their family and friends. Surfing the web, streaming videos and gaming just got a lot more easy and fun with the new XBOX.

Hurry now!!! This offer has just started today, the 22nd May. Offer valid till stocks last.

Its time now for your superb comment. Tell us, whether you like this giant frenzy offer or not? Isn’t it cool?

Download Leaked Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (beta) [Windows 7 SP1]

windows-7-service-pack-1I just got to know from a friend , that windows 7 SP1 leaked online and you can now download it from various web sites or torrents . Microsoft has already hipped us to what some of the changes will be:- dynamic memory support, upgrades to the Remote Desktop client, the usual bug fixes, etc. But now, if you’re willing to grab a leaked version and install it on your computer, let me remind u something,this is a beta version so u will face some in windows 7 service pack 1(beta)   problems like:-
you will get a water mark  7601.16562.100603-1800 , it might expire after the release of of the full version of windows 7 service pack 1(beta) , well after reading this u want to download it , go search for a torrent to download it

Download Link from Softpedia

Delete extra large folders within seconds!


Last night I was installing Windows 7on my desktop. Well, honestly speaking, I was installing Windows after a year and so was a bit careful so that I don’t do anything that might corrupt my hard disk. I already had bad experience with Windows Vista Home Basic, which I had tried to install on my Lappy (that was the first time that I had installed an OS) and unfortunately, my Windows files were overwritten and my hard disk, thus corrupted.

So this time I wanted to be extra careful and so preferred to take help from Chetan bro and Srikar bro (thank you brothers!). The installation seemed to have completed without any hitches but however, when I saw my C-Drive, I realized that a ‘Windows.old’ folder had been created. This contained all the old program files, which were of no use and amounted to 22 GB data (OH! :O) of my disk space.

Windows.old Folder
Windows.old Folder

That folder had to be deleted not only because of the huge disk space that it had consumed, but also because it was slowing down my computer, making me impossible to install any application.

After a long search on Internet, I found an application that could delete any folder within seconds. At first, I thought that this could be a potential malware as I felt that an application of 700KB could in no way delete a folder of 22GB. But I didn’t have any other option, so I just decided to go ahead and try it. Surprise! Surprise! I was amazed to see that my 22GB worth useless data was erased in just three minutes. Thats’ really really fast!

The name of the application is Fast Folder Eraser. It can delete any type of file and even a folder infected by virus. It is a mere 736KB and after installation would take up an overall disk space of just 1.4 MB Overall I felt that this was an application worth downloading 🙂

I was happy that this time I didn’t face any problem while installing Windows7 like problems I faced while installing Ubuntu and Windows Vista.

I would suggest you to try and use this application. You can download the app from here (safe and secure).