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Avast! Antivirus 5.1 – Features and Review

Well I guess you read the title, now lets get down to the point!
First of all, I am not gonna bullshit you about which is the best antivirus in the world, you all have tried out your share of trial and error with antiviruses. So have i, but when i say you will be more than happy with this product after you install it, then you have my word for it!

So lets bring up the feature list, so that you will have a proper idea of how this product actually works for you.

1. Memory Consumption

First of all let me say, the product is very light on your resources. I have personally tested and found out that avast Firewall uses 1,000K of your memory and avast Service uses less than 3000K and avast user interface also uses less than 3000K. Total that up and you get 7,000K memory usage. Even if you take the well known KASPERSKY, the avp process alone takes about 30,000K of memory. You dont even want me to talk about NORTON and BITDEFENDER because their memory usage is off the charts. You want to know how to check your memory usage then press Ctrl+Shift+Esc, that will bring you to the Windows Task Manager, from there select the processes tab and you will learn how much memory each application is currently consuming on your system.

2. Real Time Protection

To talk about real time protection, well no need to worry about that because there will be a lot of Shields running to protect your system from any kind of malware attack. Just to name a few there’s the File, Mail, Web, P2P, IM, Network, Script and Behaviour Shields. Antispam and Site Blocking is also included. In addition you also get the Process Virtualization where you get to run any type of application that you suspect will harm your system to run it a safe environment isolated from your system.

3. Firewall

The avast FIREWALL is one of the top class firewalls you rarely get to see in any antivirus. This firewall’s most prominent feature is that it can graphically track the geographic region of the IP address connecting to your system. You can actually see from which Country or State the connection is coming from. Cool, isnt it!! It also resolves the names of the IP addresses for you at the press of a button for the ease of recognizing its identity. Application rules and basic firewall settings are automatically configured.

4. Scanning

Scanning is quick and easy too. No need to be a rocket scientist to learn it. Standard scanning methods include: Quick, Full, Removable Media Scan and Custom Scan. For more stubborn viruses and rootkits avast becomes a hardass too and gives you the legendary Boot time scan which runs before even the OS is loaded so that there’s no time to escape for viruses.

5. Updates

The maintenance of the antivirus is pretty hassle free. Virus definitions and Program updates are automatically perfomed. License is automatically inserted at the time of installation.

6. User Interface

The Interface of avast is pretty slick and sexy. People who are looking for any cool features in avast…uh-huh…wot..come on, its avast we are talking about. Yes there’s this new feature which i kept from all of you to talk about it in the last. Its the avast Sounds system. You ever wondered which antiviruses are those promoted in the movies which have a female voice telling you that the scan has finished, updates have been performed. Yes that feature has been recently integrated in avast and it is just fascinating to hear that voice.

So what are you waiting for, try out the new Avast 5.1 and experience Computer Protection at its best! 🙂


Perfect Reasons to Stop using Windows

Are you using Microsoft Windows ? Which version is it ? 2000, XP, Vista or 7 ? Or is it some server edition ? Are you still proud that you’re using the latest version of Windows ? There’s not much reason to be happy about it….

A background on Windows

Windows was a revolutionary. It all started after Bill Gates dropped out of school. He had to get some money. He asked Microsoft to buy his software which he made. Microsoft told him to wait for 2 months. This was good news for Bill Gates as he had not started work on the software yet. He managed to make this software in 2 months and he sold it to Microsoft. This software was called ‘DOS’ (Disk Operating System). Microsoft with the help of Bill Gates had managed to build a GUI(Graphical User Interface) on top of DOS and combined these packages together calling it Windows.

Windows was a revolutionary. There was none at that time that actually could compete with Windows. Because of the easy-to-use interface and the professional support given by Microsoft, every business and every individual started using Windows. But this history need not apply to present day context…

That is really not what should concern you. What should concern you is this – Who owns your computer ?

What happens when you use windows ?

  1. Windows becomes omnipotent
  2. Lets take it in this way, now Windows 7 Ultimate costs $319.99 . Lets say that the next version of Windows will cost 10 times the original ($3190.99). New software that will be created will be only for the latest version of Windows. Don’t believe me ? How many software actually work on Windows 2000 today ? You’ll be soon forced to spend thousands of dollars on getting a windows license.

  3. More software developers will make applications for only Windows
  4. It should be quite clear that if more people use windows, software developers will likely make software for windows. Then there would be no software for other operating systems. At that time, even if for some reason you don’t want windows, there’ll be no other alternative.

  5. Microsoft does not want development, it wants dominance
  6. Critics often say this, and it is a very true fact. There are many open standards that are free, stable and robust. Yet for some reason Microsoft prefers its own applications. Take for example the C and C++ languages. These were good. But Microsoft preferred making C# instead. Also, most of the parts of Internet Explorer do not follow the open web standards. Applications like silverlight just make things worse. Why make these ? The answer is simple. To prove that Microsoft is omnipotent.

  7. Windows is too bloated
  8. Software bloat is a term used to define a software that has many unnecessary features usually not used by the user. Windows comes with many things like the Registry, Graphics, etc. which are not really that important. Surely a good operating systems needs them but there are just too many features in windows.

  9. Not ready to use
  10. Have you ever tried installing Windows yourself ? What did you notice on installing it ? I always notice that there is actually no software at all. After buying an expensive Windows license I’ve to waste time buying software like MS Office. Windows surely cannot be a business solution as it takes too much of time and resources to set up.

  11. Security concerns
  12. How secure is your windows operating system ? No matter whichever firewall or antivirus be installed, Windows will always be insecure. The OS is internally weak. Furthermore, with years of experience by Windows hackers, its now really easy to hack a windows pc. Don’t believe me ? See this then. Google officially dumped Windows due to security concerns. Then why shouldn’t you ?

  13. Viruses
  14. Ever thought of a world without viruses ? Seems like Utopia right ? The truth is that everyone is so deceived with Windows, that they fail to realize that viruses affect only windows and not any other operating system.

  15. Tweaking not allowed
  16. The saddest part of all is that you’re not allowed to modify the windows set up such that it loads all your programs in the setup itself. You can neither modify nor share your Windows CD or license with anyone.

  17. Windows slows down over time
  18. Ever realized this ? Most Windows users do. When you buy Windows then it seems to run really fast, but after some months or years it slows down. To avoid this, Windows users have to spend hours to clean up the Registry, defragment their disks, etc.

  19. Built for profit, not harmony – Copyright, Patents, Royalties, and what not
  20. Windows keeps getting better. It helps make your life easier. But was it really designed to do so ? Think again, Windows was just built for profit to microsoft.

With all these issues, windows merely prevents you from making the full use of your computer. What if you find out that modifying windows slightly will help improve its speed.. What will happen if you give your results to microsoft ? The answer is just this, you’ll be fined because you hacked windows without permission.

With Windows installed on your PC, one thing is for sure. You don’t own your computer anymore, Microsoft does.

Alternatives ?

I would personally suggest Ubuntu:
“Super-fast and great-looking, Ubuntu is a secure, intuitive operating system that powers desktops, servers, netbooks and laptops. Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free.” says the Ubuntu Foundation.

Ubuntu is a virus free, sleek, easy to use operating system that is completely free. It releases a new version every 6 months. Most well known non-profit organizations such as Wikimedia(Wikipedia) have all their computers and servers running ubuntu. No wonder it was awarded the title “Linux for human beings”.

The best part about Ubuntu is that you can try the operating system without installing it. This way you can explore all the features ubuntu has to offer and then decide the switch. To know more Check out the official Ubuntu site


LINUX Lover? openSUSE 11.3 is here.

Guess what’s the good news? Yep, you guessed it right! openSUSE 11.3 is here.
For all the Beginners here is a gist of what openSUSE is all about:

openSUSE is an Operating System built on the LINUX kernel. It is driven by openSUSE Project community and is sponsored by Novell. The latest version 11.3 was released in July, 2010. The new features of openSUSE is that it has an improved netbook support, a newly added desktop environment and loads of other new features which we are going to discuss.

Why try openSUSE 11.3?

1. First of all, openSUSE is one of those LINUX distributions which gives a choice when installing a desktop environment. It doesn’t treat GNOME or KDE as its primary option.

2. It has a new Base Distribution Upgrade feature, which can easily rebase your appliances on top of a newer distribution version. Upgrading is quick and error-free. Just hit the Upgrade button and openSUSE will all do it for you. Thanks to openSUSE build service there is a large amount of software available for openSUSE than there is for any other distros.

3. In addition to the classical GNOME, KDE and Xfce the developers have integrated a new lean LXDE desktop. All desktop settings can be managed from the LXDE control center.

4. Since openSUSE is a fully open source distro, it does not contain any non-open source applications or libraries in the repository but a completely new feature in this version is that it has an on-demand package installation for adding missing multimedia codecs. For example, if you click on a Flash video or MP3 audio file, an application Kaffeine starts automatically and offers you to download the required codecs.

5. And yet there is our old YaST (Yet Another Setup Tool) system and administration program. This version has a new integrated interface and a new version of YaST, YaST2. However AutoYaST which is also a part of YaST performs automatic installation without user interaction for Beginners. Many new features in YaST have been integrated such as Bluetooth support and SaX2 which helps users graphics cards, Monitors and Touch Displays.

6. As for you all who didn’t know openSUSE is one of the biggest contributors to KDE. SUSE developers work directly within KDE than any other distribution. For all of you who want a definitive KDE experience, openSUSE is your OS. KDE is smooth and stable and Gtk applications no longer look like foreign objects, thanks to new Oxygen-molecule Gtk theme.

7. openSUSE now includes a new SpiderOak service for backing up your data online. The application has a user-friendly interface and is free for storage upto 2 GB. Although SpiderOak is not open source and hence is only available through the repository.

8. An additional advantage to openSUSE users is that Compiz, one of the compositing window managers for the X Window system comes installed by default with the distro. It comes with Simple CCSM for Beginners too. It takes full advantage of OpenGL acceleration of your Graphics Cards.

9. A special advantage to VirtualBox users is that openSUSE comes with the Guest Additions configured. So now no need of going through the painful process upgrading your LINUX kernel and installing Guest Additions from your VirtualBox GA ISO image.

Summing things up, openSUSE is a good distribution for users who are adept at Windows and want to make a jump to Linux. Newbies might find openSUSE a little daunting but configuring and ease of use might make it a good choice even for them. Overall, it is a good distro to delve into LINUX.

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[How-to] assign a shortcut key to any program in Windows Vista

My system crashed just the day before yesterday, and I was all busy setting up programs and applications. After recovery, I installed VLC media player  and then I was exploring the properties, just for fun. There, accidentally, I found how to assign a shortcut key to any program or application. Here’s the clear tutorial of what should be done in order to assign a shortcut key to an application:

Assigning a shortcut key to any Application in Windows Vista

  • Select the application  for which you want to assign a shortcut for.
  • Right-Click > Properties
VLC Media player - Properties
VLC Media player - Properties
  • In properties, under Shortcuts, you have an option called Shortcut key
  • Under that, type the key you want to be set as the shortcut key
Assigning a shortcut
Assigning a shortcut key
  • If you choose a key from the Num-pad, when you hit that key automatically the required Application (here VLC media player) will start running. OR if you choose a key which is not in the num-pad, you must hit Ctrl + Alt + [The key assigned].
  • Now you are done with assigning a shortcut key to the required application.

Note: In order to use this feature you must be a System administrator; I was an administrator, Lucky me!

I’m using Windows vista from past two years, but still I came to the limelight just today. Do let me know if you were aware of this trick. Also let me know whether this feature is present in Windows XP/Win7 [Don’t mind, Eh! :P]

Download Leaked Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (beta) [Windows 7 SP1]

windows-7-service-pack-1I just got to know from a friend , that windows 7 SP1 leaked online and you can now download it from various web sites or torrents . Microsoft has already hipped us to what some of the changes will be:- dynamic memory support, upgrades to the Remote Desktop client, the usual bug fixes, etc. But now, if you’re willing to grab a leaked version and install it on your computer, let me remind u something,this is a beta version so u will face some in windows 7 service pack 1(beta)   problems like:-
you will get a water mark  7601.16562.100603-1800 , it might expire after the release of of the full version of windows 7 service pack 1(beta) , well after reading this u want to download it , go search for a torrent to download it

Download Link from Softpedia

How to make an .EXE app?


An EXE is the file extension in Windows operating systems, which donates that that file is executable and can be installed. For a programmer creating an executable file is not a big thing, but for  non- techies it is a great thing. Today here in this post at Chaaps I am going to show you a tutorial how can you create a simple executable file without any programming knowledge.


  • Download a small application of 422Kb called Bat to EXE converter from here. Using this app you can easily convert any batch coded file to EXE.
  • Second step is to create a batch application. Those who don’t how what is a batch application? Let me explain you first. It is a notepad file coded with CMD command and saved with .BAT extension, here in this tutorial I am going to show an example with a simple batch code to cancel any printing job.
  • Copy paste this code in a notepad file with . bat extention.

@echo off
echo Stopping print spooler.
net stop spooler
echo deleting stuff... where? I'm not sure. Just deleting stuff.
FOR %%A IN (%systemroot%system32spoolprinters*.*) DO DEL %%A
echo Starting print spooler.
net start spooler

  • After copying the code start the Bat to EXE converter application.
  • Browse the batch app and set the directory where you want it to be converted and get saved.
  • You can easily encrypt, password protect it or add Windows Vista admin manifest.
  • To add encryption click on the “Encrypt” and enter the password.
  • To add Windows Vista admin manifest click on the “Add Vista Adminstrator mainfest” below the Misc section.

Make it Pro!

Version Info
Version Info

You can easily make it look like a professional looking application by adding an icon, version info and etc etc by clicking on the version information tab. Yo! your professional looking EXE application is ready without doing any programming. You can download it from here.


5 More Notepad Tricks


Notepad Tricks

I had written an article on Notepad Tricks and many people requested me to write more of these tricks. So here are 5 more tricks for Notepad, and this time its only .bat files which means all tricks are done using command prompt.

I’ll start the numbering from 11 so that you may know exactly how many tricks I’ve put up on the overall…

11. Make Colorful Command Prompt

Type the following in notepad:

@ echo off
echo ……………………………
echo Press 1 for green, 2 for red or 3 for blue, or 4 for exit
echo ……………………………
set /p m=Type 1, 2, or 3, or 4, and press enter:
if %m%==1 goto 1
if %m%==2 goto 2
if %m%==3 goto 3
if %m%==4 goto 4
color 0a
echo This is the green
goto 4
color 04
echo This is the red
goto 4
color 06
echo This is the blue
goto 4
goto end

Save it as color.bat
Open the .bat file and select your number 1,2 or 3 for the colors.. or 4 for exit.. It will print a specific text in a desired color…

You can change the bold text to your choice.

Here are the color combination’s in Command Prompt:
0 = Black
1 = Blue
2 = Green
3 = Aqua
4 = Red
5 = Purple
6 = Yellow
7 = White
8 = Gray
9 = Light Blue
A = Light Green
B = Light Aqua
C = Light Red
D = Light Purple
E = Light Yellow
F = Bright White

Type the background color followed by the text color. For example, if you want a black background and green text then type the color as 02 …..

12. Notepad Diagrams

Lets see this example:

@ echo off
echo ……………………………
echo Press 1 for windows, 2 for apple or 3 for exit
echo ……………………………
set /p m=Type 1, 2, or 3, and press enter:
if %m%==1 goto 1
if %m%==2 goto 2
if %m%==3 goto 3
echo _______________*******________________________
echo _____________***********______________________
echo ___________**************_____________________
echo __________****************____________________
echo __________****************___**__________**___
echo _________****************___****************__
echo ________*****************___***************___
echo _______*****************___****************___
echo _______***___________**___****************____
echo __________________________***************_____
echo ________***********________*************______
echo _____****************_______**********________
echo _____****************___**_____________*______
echo ____****************___****************_______
echo ____****************___***************________
echo ___*****************__****************________
echo ___**___________**___****************_________
echo _____________________****************_________
echo ______________________**************__________
echo ________________________*********_____________
echo _________________________*******______________
goto 3
echo ______________________________________________
echo ______________________________________________
echo _____________________________**_______________
echo ___________________________***________________
echo _________________________****_________________
echo _________________________***__________________
echo ______________________________________________
echo ________________****________*****_____________
echo ____________************************__________
echo __________*************************___________
echo _________*************************____________
echo _________*************************____________
echo _________************************_____________
echo _________*************************____________
echo __________************************____________
echo ___________************************___________
echo ___________***************************________
echo ____________*************************_________
echo _____________***********************__________
echo _______________*******************____________
echo _________________***_________****_____________
echo ______________________________________________
goto 3
goto end

This will print Windows logo if chosen as 1, Apple logo if chosen as 2, and exit if chosen as 3.

In this manner you can make any Diagram you want with notepad. If you want a transparent notepad to outline a picture then you may try Glass Notepad. I used this to quickly sketch on the logos and make this.

13. Start your programs faster

Normally when you try to start a program such as firefox, then it goes through some levels.. But you may be wanting to start some programs such as, check windows firewall or registry editor.. These files are located in System32 folder and opening them manually is a headache.

Here is a simple way to make your own portable program starter:

@ echo off
echo Use this to open your programs faster
echo Select 1 for notepad, 2 for firewall options, 3 for registry editor… Select 4 to exit…
set /p m=Type 1, 2, or 3, and press enter:
if %m%==1 goto 1
if %m%==2 goto 2
if %m%==3 goto 3
if %m%==4 goto exit
start %windir%\System32\Notepad
goto exit
start %windir%\System32\WF.msc
goto exit
start %windir%\System32\regedt32.exe
goto exit

Try it and replace the values in bold to your choice…

14. Check your internet Details

Advanced users can check their ip configuration whenever they want. This is really helpful for people who try to mask their IP many times or people who have a dynamic IP.

Open notepad and type the following:

@echo off

Save this file as IPconfig.bat and run the file whenever you want to test your internet configuration…

15. Clear your DNS cache

Lets say that you have visited a web site and you don’t want anyone else to know what site you’ve visited. A few things are, clearing all your web browser temporary files, clearing thumbnails, etc. But did you know that this data is stored on your Internet Server as well ? This means if you’re using Airtel Broadband, then they’ll keep track of what you’ve seen and save it for future use.

Clean up all history

To check what files are stored, just check your dns using the following code in notepad:
@echo off

Save the file in notepad as CheckDNS.bat and run the file.

You will get a very very huge list.

To clear this, just clear your dns using this simple code in notepad:
@echo off

Save the file as clearDNS.bat and run the file.

This will clear your DNS cache completely.

Try them out and tell us how you liked it……


How to create a theme in Windows 7


Do you know that you can create awesome themes in Windows 7 which can be shared between PCs running on Windows 7, I don’t know if it works on Vista but I guess it won’t…

You can add Wallpapers, Windows Color, Sounds & Screen savers too.


  1. Make a new folder anywhere and copy all the wallpapers you want in your theme. Also add the screen saver file in that too.
  2. Switch to Windows 7 theme as selecting other will add the wallpapers to the existing theme.
  3. Right click all the wallpapers and click set as Desktop Background.
  4. Now go to desktop and then personalise.
  5. Click on Unsaved theme.
  6. Change the options below in the footer as your wish.
  7. Also click on screen saver and select the screen saver you want to add to them. NOTE: You need to have that screen saver installed on the PC.
  8. Now when all done and you are satisfied with the theme.
  9. Now right click that theme and save it with a nice title.
  10. Then Click Save theme for sharing.
  11. And you are done. Send that theme to your friends or use for backup. 🙂

Please post in comments if any error is there. Remember I am a Human.


Microsoft Set to release update for WAT


Well before starting this post let me tell something.

“The Following Article Is Not For People Suffering With Heart Problems as Reading Below May result in Heart Attack”

Now Lets Begin…

A microsoft official Jow Williams blogged about the yet to come update which would improve Windows Activation Technology in Windows 7 which has been cracked by hackers and already a millions of pirated copies have been pirated.

Well Microsoft must be facing huge losses from it so it decided to update this technology.

Now the bad news begins. Microsoft is planning to release the update soon and those already running the pirated copies may face its attack. The update will be for all versions of Windows 7 but Ultimate, Home Premium, Business versions will be given more importance first as they are the ones which are mostly cracked.

It will be available online at www.microsoft.com/genuine beginning February 16 and on the Microsoft Download Center beginning February 17. Later this month, the update will also be offered through Windows Update as an ‘Important’ update.

But you can avoid it as it is not important means you can choose if you want to install or not.

Also the guy mentioned that the update will not disclose any of your personal information.

Lets see till how much can Microsoft rely on that. Ultimately someone or the other will find a way to crack it. 🙂


Stardock released WindowBlinds 7 with lot new features


Stardock has released the latest version of WindowBlinds 7 with whole lot new features. WindowBilinds is a utility application that makes the windows users to completely change every aspect of the Windows interface’s look by applying the new skins. WindowBlinds provides thousands of new looks for your desktop.  This works by applying the new skins to the entire user interface of the Windows operating system. WindowBlinds 6 was certified by Microsoft and WindowBlinds 7 was even better when compared to the previous versions.

WindowBlinds has steadily improved their popularity, compatibility, performance with over 12 million downloads, which is one of the most popular desktop enhancement utility of all the time. WindowBlinds 7 will support Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 by providing native skinning to the GUI.

What’s new with WindowBlinds 7:

WindowBlinds 7 is available in 3 versions. Download the free trail version here.

  1. Free version
  2. Enhanced version – 19.95$
  3. Object Desktop – 49.95$


Set Default Console Foreground & Background colors for command prompt


command-promptThis is a simple technique to change the foreground as well as background colors of your command prompt.

Syntax: color [attrib]

here attrib specifies the color attributes of console output.

The color attrib is specified by a 2 hex-digit code which first digit represents the background and second digit represents the  foreground color.

It will be bit boring if you have continued your work on the same platform. So let us make our work bit interesting while we are working on the command prompt for running out Java or Tasm/Masm programs by changing the foreground and background colors.

This is a simple technique. Lets us finally navigate to our process.

  1. Open your command prompt.
  2. Then type “color fc
  3. This will display the “text in red” with “bright white background.
  4. You can make use of lots of other combinations. Just type “help color“.
  5. You can select around 16 different attributes to set your color for the command prompt.
  6. Then arises a million dollar question, how to set it to default screen after doing this. Just type “color” and press “enter” it will restores the color to what it was when the “cmd.exe” was started or else it will appears same a before after closing and restarting the command prompt.


Windows Phones – Microsoft partners with T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone.


Microsoft Joins Hands with Popular Network Giants like T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone and Orange of UK to Promote its Product Windows Phones.

windows phone

Along with This, Microsoft is officially launching its application store, called as Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

This new operating system & the application store were announced in the month of February. Beta testing version of the My Phone service was also launched.

Features Available in Windows Phones:

  • Flash Lite for videos & animations.
  • Bundled with Internet Explorer Mobile 6.
  • Updated My Phone service.
  • 200MB of free storage to maintain applications and other Contents.
  • Photo Publishing in Facebook and Flickr.
  • Enhanced Security.
  • The Windows Marketplace.

More Information on Windows Phones is Here.

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