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Gmail Gadgets For Social Networks


Millions of people around the world access the internet daily. Most people use the internet for Email, Instant Messenging, and playing games. Out of the millions of us out there we all seem to choose to use Social Networking sites like; Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, Twitter, ect…

But at least every user on the internet use’s an email account. On April 1, 2004 Google released Gmail. But at the time it was by invertation only. Over the past 5 years Google’s Gmail has has provided millions of users a email address.

Back in 2009 Google added “Add a gadget by its URL”.This gadget is used by a large majority of Gmails users. The application allows users to added a Gadget to the Gmail user interface.

I don’t know about you but sometimes i dislike having Mulitple tabs in a browser open all at one time. Well the Add By URL gadget has helped me reduce the need of  Tabs.

Today i will be showing you how to Add  a couple of  Social Networking gadgets to your Gmail Account, but you will need Gmail Standard. To change to Google Standard, login to Gmail, scroll to the buttom of the page, and click on “Google Standard”. This may take some time to load for slow internet users

1. Simply login to your Google Account and click  on “Settings” which is located in the upper right of the Gmail interface.
2. Now click on “Labs“, which is the third options from the right.
3. Scroll to the very buttom of the page
4. locate “Add any gadget by URL” and than hit the “Enable” button on the right.
5. Click “Save Changes”

Gmail should than reload and return to Settings if not click settings again. and this time go to “Gadgets

Now depending if your already using Gadgets you may have to find the Add By URL gadget. Once found simply copy and paste any on of the URLs below to added various social network tabs to Gmail.

By adding the Social Networking tabs you just have to click the sites name in Gmail and than click on the sites gadgets which is located in “Gmail” on the left hand side once the url has been inputted.

To add and of the social networks below simply Copy and paste the URL’s into the Gmail “Add By URL” gadget.

Orkut Scrapbook

Now if for some reason after using the gadgets Gmail will not work click on the URL below to remove all Gadgets. This will remove all from your Google Labs Gadgets.