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Will Smart Phones replace Desktops??


“In three years time, desktops will be irrelevant. In Japan, most research is done today on smart phones, not PCs”.

This statement by John Herilhy, Google’s European Director inspired my Fe2O3 coated brain(that’s rust for u non-geeks 😛 ) to do some serious thinking. So, today I managed to sneak away from my hectic work schedule & prepare my own list of why Desktops are here to stay!!( I Hope my TL is not reading this!! 😛 )

  1. All said and done, desktops are comfortable from the ergonomic point of view. Laptops can be often be strenuous and I shudder to think of a tomorrow where I may have to depend on my smartphone for creating reports or perform any time & resource consuming activities.
  2. Battery life : A lot of people prefer desktops to laptops & netbooks mainly because they don’t have to worry about the battery life. Even the best of laptop batteries cannot survive for more than a few hours. Can you imagine a smart phone battery powering resource intensive operations??
  3. One of the best things about a desktop system is its extensibility. I can upgrade by system to include a 1 TB HDD, 3.6Ghz processor( or an even more intensive one in future), 4GB RAM etc etc and this will definitely be a smooth transition. But Mr. Herihly, can I do this to your smart phone??
  4. Almost all companies prefer desktops as they are considered theft-safe. I cant think of any CEO who would switch all desktops to smart phones just because they are much smaller in size & easier to handle. Seriously, why would anyone spend millions of bucks in replacing existing systems when they can upgrade the system specs in half the amount?
  5. Desktop machines are ideal servers. Can smart phones ever replace them? I’m still wondering how….
  6. Agreed. Phones allow you to instantly send updates on facebook and twitter. But what about 3-D gaming? What about running a massive word processing application? Folks, we DO need desktops for all of these!

So, my dear Google, we all love you and we know that you are invaluable. But we love our good old desktops as well! We will not let the new age smart phone clinch away our beloved PC’s 🙂