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Making Your New Business Run Smoothly

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Making Your New Business Run Smoothly

It’s so easy to get a business up and running these days. Of course, just because everybody can do something that doesn’t mean it’s easy to do, in a sense. You might be able to get your business started, but it’s another story altogether when you consider the requirements maintaining this company and keeping it running smoothly as you gradually increase your client-base, profits, resources, and capabilities. Here are some tips and tricks to help you on this journey so that your business achieves success without running into some bumpy patches along the way and derailing.

Sort out your business website.

If your new business comprises of a small team or is perhaps even a solo operation that you’ve started from your home office then your company’s website is the most important resource available to you right now. You need to build up your client-base in order to achieve a stable and continuous revenue flow, and that depends on a strong website. You need to optimize your site so that it ranks highly on search engine result pages. Think about things from the perspective of visitors to your site. They want responsive design so that the site looks clean, tidy, and legible whether they’re viewing it on a mobile or a laptop.

It’s about professionalism, on the one hand, but it’s also about impressing Google and Bing’s algorithms so that your website is more likely to show up first when people search for terms related to your industry or specific line of business. The point is that you need to constantly be working on reinventing your company’s website to keep in line with the newest trends in terms of SEO because this is the only way to keep a constant stream of potential customers flowing towards your landing page. If you want a smoothly-running business then you need to keep your business in the limelight. Don’t let it slip down the rankings on search engine result pages. You need to be reaching new people because, whilst you may achieve a loyal client-base, there will always be some customers who move onto your competitors after a while. We’ll discuss that later.

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Get the workforce in shape.

Even if you’re running a solo operation for the moment, you probably have dreams of expanding your company of one into a small team. Perhaps you’re already looking into the possibility of doing this, no matter how big or small your workforce may currently be. You might want to look into enlisting the help of employment law consultants if you feel a little overwhelmed by the recruiting process. The legal side of things can be a little bit stressful to understand, at first, but you’ll cope better if you get some professional help to ensure that you’ve not only put together sound advertisements for job vacancies but that you’ve also got some legal help with contracts, day-to-day grievances, and so on.

Of course, along with treating your staff members well and meeting legal requirements, part of getting the workforce in shape is that you also need to ensure you’re hiring the right people. This doesn’t mean they have to be experts in the industry from day one because you might hire some fresh-faced graduates on the basis of their intelligence and potential for success within your company. However, whilst experience is something that everyone has to build up gradually, adequate training is definitely something you shouldn’t skimp on within your business. If you want to avoid foolish mistakes within the business whilst it’s still new then you need to ensure that every single employee is fully trained and professional within their job role. One loose nail can make the whole shelf fall down. Invest in the people at your company to ensure that they’re as knowledgeable as possible. Your business only runs smoothly if the people run smoothly.

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Happy clients.

At the end of the day, the key to a smoothly-running company is a happy client-base. Your clients are your source of income, and you don’t want to rock the boat once you’ve spent time acquiring a loyal base of interested customers. Keep people or big clients interested in your company by rewarding them for their loyalty. Start schemes to offer benefits for those customers who stick around the longest; perhaps you could even start referral schemes to give clients an incentive to tell their friends about your business in exchange for discounts and other great deals from your business.

How Much Part of your Website is Visible to Users Without Scrolling?

There are thousands and thousands of website themes and templates available over the Internet. Website Developers, Bloggers know how important it is to present their Stuff online. Some make use of the available Softwares, Themes, Widgets to beautify their Web pages, while some create their own. No Matter it is a Small or Big Company, everyone cares for the better appearance of their websites…

We all Know the Famous Quote,

“First Impression is the Best Impression”

Though You have the Finest Looking User Interface with lots of Web 2.0 widgets, It is Necessary for you to have the knowledge on how much part of your website is visible to your Users under normal conditions. Normal Conditions? When I say that, I mean how exactly does your website look as soon as a User enters your site before performing any action on the web page (which includes scrolling)

Talking about Scrolling.
It is Obvious that Most of the times you cannot present every information/content of your Website in one shot, and that too in a Single Frame of the Browser Window! It is Necessary that one has to Scroll down and see as the content flows..

A Good Website Builder always takes care to place the Important Entities (like Widgets/Buttons/Navigation Links which he feels as important) as prominent as possible. To do that one has to try to bring the ‘Crucial Objects’ to the top of page which doesn’t involve Scrolling/Much of the Scrolling!!

Test Whether Your ‘Crucial Objects’ are Visible
I found an online Tool Called Browser Size which is in Google Labs that helps you to Identify what part of your Web page is Visible to your Users, and what part is not?

You Just have to enter your URL and you can Visually Witness the Result. Here is the Result for Chaaps.

Surprisingly, 30% of People Cannot View the Facebook and Twitter Follow Buttons in my web page!! (without Scrolling).

Why Don’t you Give This a Try and Test how much part of your webpage is Visible!!
Just Visit this link Google Browser Size and Hit your URL!

Do not forget to share your Results with Us!! Do one need to Consider the factor ‘Scrolling’ for better visibility of web page?

What is sitemap and how to create it?

You may have wondered many sites having this little word called sitemap in their website’s footer.
Site Map basically is the index of all the pages of your site and combines them in one location. It makes search engine’s crawlers detect the pages efficiently. It is better for SEO.

Anyways creating a sitemap manually is a difficult task. I created my sitemap using a software called Coffee Cup Sitemapper. I have the full version(Buyed) but not all can be able to buy.

So I researched the net and came across a great website which would allow you to do the same. XML-sitemaps.com allows you to create the site map online .


  1. Open www.xml-sitemaps.com using your browser.
  2. Use the free online site map generator.
  3. Enter your site info. on the page like the address, duration of change etc.
  4. Click next.
  5. It will take some time depending on the size of your site. Took 7 minutes for mine as my site is in initial stage.
  6. Now the site will display your links to download.
  7. Just download the XML and HTML files and upload it to your root directory of your website.

You are done. 🙂

Url shortening. The Complete Picture.

What is Url shortening?? U just give a BBBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG url as input and it’ll give you a short url with which you can access ur BIG url.

For example  http://www.chaaps.com/url-shortening…mplete-picture.html  becomes http://bit.ly/aIlWqJ .

So wat does that mean ? Both these urls are just alias !!.

Now a question . Why do this ? cos its easier to share smaller url. Now that you are clear with what it is.

Now i’ll share with you how you can build ur own url shortner site 🙂 oh yeah….All yours

Things you need



3:Googling skills

Steps to create the ultimate site :p

Step 1: Buy a domain name which is very short. Ex: www.ul.in

Step 2 : Get a hosting Service . now a days u get one for 500 bucks a year.

Step 3: create a database.( http://bit.ly/1roQbE )

Step 4: create a table ( http://bit.ly/13aXsN)

with two columns(distinct_guid,long_url)

Step 5: create a index for this table and apply other methods to make access to this table faster.(just google),

Step 6: Create two  php files

Step 7: First a Php to allow someone to shorten url

this php must be able to take in the long url as a parameter

on Taking in looong url

generate a random number  like distinct_guid =   uniqid(rand(99999999999999,99999999999999999));

make an entry in the table you created distinct_guid,long_url

finally the shortened  url will be www.ul.in/”distinct_guid”

Step 8: ok now we have shortened the url next create the real deal php

in the .htaccess file  edit make an entry for this

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule .* theRealDeal.php

in this theRealDeal.php read the distinct guid with help of this   $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’];

on getting the distinct guid you’ll need to forward to the long url. How do you do that ??

from the table we created get the long url for the associated Distinct guid

then use php header redirect to redirect to the long url

header( ‘Location: “{$long_url}”‘ );

There you go . The simplest way  to create your own url Shortener.

make sure you don have any html content in theRealDeal.php

Note:- it may not be as easy as it sounds.:p If you have any questions.Leave a comment and i’ll help you.

Spot Critical Issues in Your Website at One Click – WooRank

Not merely writing on your blog brings traffic, some little fine-tuning on SEO will add some more traffic to your domain. Fine-tuning on SEO is not an easy task, we have to consider alot of things for tweaking, say about 50 criteria. So, how to manage all these ? How to find out where the error has occured in your site ?

WooRank is a web analysis tool, which analyses your website and spots out the critical issues in your website at one click. This helps the webmaster easily to find out the problem and correct it. After rectifying the errors, it will ultimately reflect in traffic change.

What makes WooRank so special is, Search engines update their rules and algorithms very frequently, we may not know what all has changed. So using WooRank web tool will help us to take all the considerations into an account.

All you need to do is, Just type your website address on the textbox given there and click to generate report. It will generate a huge report based on the content, In-site SEO, Off-site SEO, Website compliance etc.

WooRank – Homepage

At last, with the help of WooRank website analysis tool, you can increase your site’s visibility.

How To Insert Your Avatar in a Video Clip ?

Have you ever tried jumping from a plane and flying in the sky like superhero ? or danced on stage at some concert ? Well, here with this small web app you can do this very easily.

Just insert your photo in the video clip and enjoy the interesting video where you’re featured inside.

Madeup Memories is a fun website where you can see yourself jumping from a plane in a video clip, or just flying like a superhero in the sky. It helps you to create a fun video of you without actually being in it. Just customizing a video with a personal photo in 4 easy steps.

1. Pick a Video (Jump out of plane or Dance with Matisyahu)

2. Chose a Photo of yours that has the face forward with eyes open. So that it can fit the video perfectly.

3. Personalize the photo

4. Preview it and you can even save it to your desktop to keep forever.

You can also share it with your friends via email, just give a try and hope you will like it 🙂

Madeup Memories – Homepage