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We-pad ,making I-pad run for its money



Recently a german based company showcased a new tablet which not surprising runs android 🙂 The only difference between i-pad and we-pad may seem like “i” is replaced by “we”. Well its not.
It is a fairly robust machine with an 11.6″ display :), a rather quick 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 processor, a webcam , two USB sockets, a flash card reader, integrated WWAN modem, GMA3150 graphics and most of none of this are supported in i-pad.

Best of all we-pad is flash enabled . Yes folks it is. Isn’t that something amazing :). And the pricing of we-pad seems to be fairly less compared to i-pad and not only that the German based Neofonie creator of we-pad has plans to take it global which is amazing news.

We-pad sells on the quote “fast Internet connectivity” and promises complete world of ready-to-use applications and easy access to books and photos through WeMagazine ePublishing Eco System.Well i’m not sure if this we-store 😉 is available for all or specific for some geographic location.

we-pad 2

well WE-PAD definitely looks like its gonna make i-pad run for its money.The best thing i loved when i saw the specs was , its built on android . Android has over few months grown as a full fledged stable os capable of doing some neat stuff.Well les wait for official launch of the product i’m sure there will be some competition . But the question remains open how usefull do you think a tablet pc of 11″ size would help ease your daily routine ?