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Vodafone TV Ads on Football World Cup 2010

by Chethan ThimmappaJune 18, 2010

Every brand tries to make use of Big Events like Football World Cup. Vodafone India is already in the Race. Vodafone knows how to Grab this opportunity! The Waka Waka Shakira Song which is Official Football World Cup anthem for the Year 2010 is now been aired as Vodafone TV ad in India! Here is […]

Zoozoo Jumping on Trampoline meets Tiger. sms GAME to 111[Vodafone ad]

by Chethan ThimmappaMarch 19, 2010

We have Already watched Hilarious videos of Zoozoos Made by Vodafone specially for this IPL 2010 Series. A New Zoozoo Commercial has been aired on TV to Promote Games Download on Vodafone Live. As Usual, Even here, Zoozoo succeeds to make us all Laugh like anything… Ad Title: Vodafone Zoozoo Jumping on Trampoline. Bouncing into […]

Vodafone Zoozoo Ads Aired during IPL Matches.Success or Fail? [REVIEW]

by nandiniMarch 15, 2010

Come Cricket time and the advertising industry goes crazy. Every brand wants to make its presence felt. And India’s most creative minds get together to effectively market their brand in a little under 30 secs. This year’s IPL is no different. People want to make use of the hype surrounding the IPL to sell everything […]

Find the One That Suits you the Best.Call 121 Vodafone TV ad Pet Shop

by Chethan ThimmappaJanuary 15, 2010

Vodafone, The Best Creative Ad Makers in Telecom has Released a New Ad on its New Service 121.Find the One That Suits you the Best.The Ad is featured by a Pet Shop Owner and a Girl who wants to buy a Dog. Drawing an End to the Zoozoo ads, Vodafone has released a service 121, where You will be assisted with best plan/ offers on vodafone.

Zoozoo as HangMan – Job Alerts on Vodafone [TV Ad]

by Chethan ThimmappaDecember 5, 2009
Zoozoo Hanging Suicide

The theme of Brand New Advertisement Released by Vodafone featuring Zoozoos in it! Zoozoo attempts for suicide by hanging itself for not getting a Job. Zoozoo Hangs around happily Once it receives Job alerts on Phone! The Job alert Acts as Saviour .

Zoozoo Magic Show in Vodafone Busy Message TV ad

by Chethan ThimmappaNovember 29, 2009

Out of the Many Recent Ad Videos of Zoozoos which is Newly Launched by Vodafone, here is an Impressive Television ad where The Zoozoo Turns into Magician giving a Stage Performance. Here is a Quick Review on the Video Vodafone Zoozoo as Magician. Promoting The Feature of Busy Message in Vodafone. Video of Magician Zoozoos.. TV Commercial Zoozoo

The Zoozoos are back!!!

by nandiniNovember 28, 2009
lady zoozoo

Zoozoos, We have loved them, adored them and their very presence on TV brought a smile on our faces. And before we could ask for more, Vodafone withdrew the zoozoo ads. But now they’re back! 🙂 This time Vodafone is using the immensely popular zoozoos to advertise for their latest Night Talk Bonus card.

Vodafone Per Paise Billing – Husband and Wife [TV AD]

by nandiniNovember 15, 2009
vodafone couples 1 paise per second

The essence of the ad ” Choti baaton se ban jaaye baat” aptly describes the 1paise billing plan introduced by Vodafone. Speak only for a sec and yet convey what you want to 🙂

Vodafone 1P per Second TV Advertisement [CAR] -Power to You

by Chethan ThimmappaNovember 14, 2009
vodafone  girl and old man car accident

With the Introduction of Per Paise Billing, Vodafone might have thought it is The Right time to Reach their Customers with new ads. Vodafone has delivered Excellent ads till date. Vodafone has been awarded as Most Creative Ad Makers for the year. One More in the crown, Here is the New Advertisement which is being Aired very recently…

Watch The Video Vodafone Per Paise Billing car TV Advertisement..

ZooZoo Diwali Ad. Vodafone Zoozoos Celebrates Diwali

by Chethan ThimmappaOctober 12, 2009
zoozoo diwali ad

Zoozoos are back again on occasion of Diwali. This Time Vodafone Offers FREE ringtone and Callertune on Diwali Occasion. The New TV Commercial on Zoozoos is one More Creativity display from Vodafone advertising team. Celebrate Diwali with free Ringtones and Callertunes.