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Confidential, Dogfood use only Please Give Feedback- Orkut Bug

What is Your Response, when You See something very irrelevant on a social networking site? It happened today.. when i visited The Popular Orkut Homepage …

It popped me a Text Box [Alert Box] which is Yellow in color..
Confidential, Dogfood use only Please Give Feedback

The Link Please Give Feedback was Hyperlinked.. Upon Clicking that link, it gets redirected to the Link http://go/orkutdogfoodfeedback ! Funny! is it not??

Have a Look at The Screenshot of This Confidential Bug!

Hope Orkut Corrects This Bug Soon… May be The Orkut Team is trying to Implement something new or may be someone is intruding Orkut!

The Orkut Team has to wake Up Now and work on it… How much safe is Orkut to its Users? What does orkut dog food feedback mean? Is This a Virus? Alert Box drives You Crazy to Click!

Are You Facing The similar Issue?? Let us Know!