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Is Opening Links in New Tab, A Lazy way of Browsing?


We all Have a Dozen Lot of Web Browsers, Each Browser boasts of its own functionality…
Some of the Top Web Browsers being Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera , Safari etc…


Why Some One Would Still like a Traditional way of Browsing?
How Using The Old Web browsers could make your browsing life simpler?

Consider The browser Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), And here in IE6 you cannot open the links in New Tab (There is no Tabbed Browsing available)
So What would you do if you have to stay in the same page which you are in and still want to open a link present in the current page?

You will be in dilemma to prioritize the Pages.. Though the IE6 browser provides you the Back tab functionality (where you could go back to last action) you might not be comfortable doing it…


What Am I trying to say?
The Traditional Kind of Browsing allows you to make very quick decisions and everything under some base.

Consider the Google Search. You will be searching with some keyword and you got Top 10 Results in Google Home Page…

There are actually Two Types of Action:

The Person with Latest Tabbed Browser like Mozilla / Chrome would open all 10 Top Results in 10 separate Tabs of Same Browser.
Though he will be exposed to lot of Resources under the same browser very handily, this May not help him in taking quick decisions… There are 10 results for his query and he has to decide over the 10! More Overhead!

and Again it goes on! the 1 result out of 10 which he chooses is not final, he would again go on for Yet another Link(which he opens in New Tab Again) making his browsing life very interesting and exploring but don’t you think it delays his Job and Making very Complex?

tabbed browsing


The Person with Traditional Browser (Untabbed browser) Will be very Quicker in his decisions… (Very Less Exposed to Resources though)…

The Person when he sees Top 10 search results for his query, he would be choosing the best one within the 10 results and once he clicks on 1 of 10 results, There is high probability that he stays in the selected page and would stick to that…

Untabbed browsing is better in One way, it reduces the complexity and helps you to take instant decisions (unlike opening each and every link in new tab as in Modern Tabbed browser)


You might be wondering why i didn’t consider The Factor Opening Link in New Window. Though Opening link in New Window is nice option (even present in traditional browser), I just wanted to quote the user experience within a single Window… and of course opening links in New Window increases the Overhead on Task Bar!

I would be soon writing on Opening Links in New Window depending on your responses to this post!

Feel free to Agree or Criticize This Article! Don’t you think Tabbed Browsing is making you lazy/ Complex?