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UniNor Advertisements on Television: Ab Mera Number Hai


Uninorn Ab Mera Number Hai Advertisement

What do
1) A serene, industrious book keeper,
2) A member of a women’s cricket team,
3) A young man on the threshold of entering his new workplace &
4) A new entrant into the Mumbai suburb, eyes brimming with anxiety

have in common among them????

Its UNINOR!! The latest player in the Indian telecommunication market!

UniNor has already raised eyebrows by opting to not approach famous personalities/celebrities for marketing.
They have made their presence felt in the print media by splashing colors of blue all over the front pages of leading newspapers & magazines. And now comes their TV campaign! The tagline of all UniNor ads is the same, ” Ab Mera Number Hai“.

With the ads lasting for not more than a few seconds, the essence is conveyed across very clearly. So, when a young man steps out of a taxi laden with his luggage, surveys the city of Mumbai and declares Ab Mera Number Hai, you definitely sit back and take a second look.

The pun in the tagline seems to be intended. Ab Mera Number Hai can be interpreted as “This is my number” in simple English which means that your number can be instantly identified as UniNor( probably because they must have a certain order of digits). And the same tagline interpreted in Hindi conveys the message, “Folks! Its my turn now!”. So in other words, UniNor wants to announce to its competitors that its their turn now, to grab the telecommunication market.

The 4 New Short Videos by UniNorn which are being aired on TV are here.

Watch the UniNor TV ad – Book Keeper

Watch the UniNor TV ad – Women Cricketer

Watch the UniNor TV ad- Office First Day

Watch the UniNor TV ad- Flyover Suburb into City

Father and Son


Hope UniNor Succeeds in Indian Market. All the Best UniNorn!


UniNor Mobile – The new kid on the block! :)

If you are a regular commuter in Bangalore city, then I am sure that you wouldn’t have missed the numerous hoardings that seem to have taken the city by storm! “Ab Mera Number Hai!” Does this ring a bell??

Yup, I’m talking about the latest competitor in the Indian telecommunication market – UNINOR

Uninor Mobile

Uninor is a joint venture between the real estate firm Unitech Ltd & a Norwegian Telecom company Telenor ASA.
Telenor group brings with them 150 years of experience in the telecommunication industry. They have a strong base in Central & Eastern Europe, Asia and Norway and boast of over 168 million subscribers all over the world. Now, they have arrived in India and are ready to compete with 11 existing service providers.
Interestingly, when all the other service providers are slashing call rates & adopting the per paise scheme, Uninor has launched a per minute billing tariff. Uninor’s operating areas, or circles, include Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh (east and west) and Bihar (including Jharkhand). The firm has spectrum in 21 of the 22 circles it is licensed to operate in and expects to launch services in all these by the end of this financial year.


Another interesting feature about Uninor is there advertising section. When most of the service providers scurry after filmstars & cricketers to endorse their products, Uninor is using the common man as their icon. That explains the numerous hoardings all around the city with virtually unknown models 🙂 Of course, it is definitely a reflection of the company’s value system.

Make it easy, Be inspiring, Keep promises, Be respectful.

This is Uninor’s value system. They claim that the value system is reflected in their products & services. They also have a fitting tag line “Ab Mera Number Hai” or “My Time is Now”!

Surely, Uninor is creating waves in the market already! Looks like “Ab yeh UniNor ka time hai!” 🙂