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How to Install New Cursor Themes in Ubuntu


I meddled with computer for 2 hours and came up with a sure SOLUTION for Installing New Cursor Themes on my Ubuntu.

Non-Compiz Users:
For non-compiz users its easy as downloading a new cursor theme and dragging and dropping it in >System>Preferences>Appearance.

Compiz Users:
I am a Compiz user and it was a great headache for me to find new ways to install a cursor theme in Ubuntu. So here are the fully simplified steps:

1. Download a nice looking cursor theme from gnomelooks.org or any other preferred website.

2. Extract the tar.gz file in the same folder.

3. Open terminal and become root by executing sudo su. Sudo is because you need root privileges to write something outside your home directory.

4. Now execute this command:
sudo cp -R ~/Desktop/Aqua /usr/share/icons/

~ Stands to be a shortcut to your home direcory. You can use it as it is.

cp is the “Copy” command

-R is the “recursive” option which means “copy the folder and it’s content”.

/Desktop/Aqua being your extracted folder path

/usr/share/icons/ is your destination folder path*DO NOT MODIFY THIS*

5. After copying check in the directory /usr/share/icons if your folder has been successfully copied. After that proceed to Step 6. If not, check to see if you have made any mistake in Step 4.

6. Now you need to edit the /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme file. Press ALT + F2 and enter:

gksu gedit /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme

Here, I suggest you don’t delete the “Inherits=DMZ-White” line, but comment it (add a “#” in front of this line) so you can easily revert the changes later on if you want.

7. And under this line, add an identical line given below (but without commenting it) with the exact name of the mouse cursor theme you got in Step 2.


So basically after editing, your /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme file should look like this (but obviously, replace “Aqua” with the mouse theme folder name you want to use from Step 2.

[Icon Theme]

8. Now either log out and log back in or restart Compiz by pressing Alt + F2 and entering:

compiz –replace

9. Thats it. Now enjoy your new cursor theme. If there was some problem encountered please feel free to comment on the BLOG.
Have fun! 🙂