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Why Aakash and Why Not No Aakash

Speeaking about Aakash 2, aka Ubislate 7+, it’s the higher version of Aakash – the major difference between the upgraded and original versions being – Aakash 2 is not only meant for students but for other commercial purposes as well.

Aakash, aka Ubislate 7

Why? I mean, Why Aakash?

See, there’s a lotta reasons why you gotta go for this tablet.

One, it’s cheap. I mean… I’d anyday prefer the Aakash tablet over a pair of Jeans; both costing around 2.5 grands.

Two, Android. Enough said.

Three, 7 inches display, 2 USB ports and a too-good-for-two-thousand-five-hundred-rupees hardware overall.

Four, 180 minutes battery.

Five, By the time you convert 180 minutes into hours, more or less 100 Aakash 2’s will be booked. No kidding. Ubislate 7+ has been all booked for the months of January and February, yes.

Six, I’ve spent fifteen minutes writing this article. You better buy it. 😉

Link : Pre-book Aakash 2

What are your views about Aakash 2? Do let me know by leaving a comment.