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Twitter tips to increase your tweet CTR

Learn How to Drive more impressions on your Tweets (infographic)

Here is a short and sweet infographic which tells you how to drive more impressions on your tweets. In short, maximize your Click Through Rate by following these simple suggestions.

Twitter is the most integral part of our life. We use it to share our blog posts, and this is the most effective platform wherein your articles gets noticed among the big crowd. One of the advantages of Twitter is that your posts have a higher audience reach.I guess its obvious, the more number of followers you have, the better your tweets will do, but that’s not all!

Driving visitors is an art, and there are certain tips to be followed by which your friends will be enticed to click on your tweets. Some of them are discussed below.

Include personal references in your links. Try to put ‘via’, ‘@’, ‘RT’ symbols in your tweets. These objects will add a personal touch to your tweets. Visitors will always get a feeling that it is a genuine tweet.

Don’t try to advertise while tweeting. Keep it simple and to the point.

There is also the perfect timing element. Try to share your articles in the afternoon hours. Also tweeting on weekends acheived higher CTR’s than the weekdays.

paper.li is the best way to brand your tweets. Try to use paper.li’s newspaper service to improve your CTR levels. Once setup, the newspaper gets published automatically everyday. A constant source of information keeps your readers glued to your tweets.

Here is an infographic which will give you the big picture of what i am talking about:

drive more clicks on your tweets

Did you enjoy this article? Let us know if your tweets are doing well after following these suggestions.

Source: ZDNet

The Four R’s of Twitter that Can Make you A Superstar!

Twitter’s emerging and so is the confusion among the beginners. People in twitter often end up trying ultra-complicated methods to get twitter success – replies, retweets and followers, to be precise. How do we get all the success in super-simple methods?

Twitter superstar<image credit>

You might already be knowing that what you yield is what you sow – so, is the case wit the twitter crop. Do the good, expect the better.

The four R’s of twitter

  • Read: Read the tweets in your timeline, at least for a while in a day. Then react. Then the result, will come.
  • React:
    • Reply: Make an acquaintance, catch a friend, accompany them in their tough times – in twitter as well. Make them smile, they’ll make you smile too. Make sure you don’t reply with a link to an acquaintance so that they might suspect a spam bot in you.
    • Retweet: Holy tweet, this is divine! Retweeting is a great way to turn the tweeter’s eyes towards you. But make sure that you retweet only what your followers also like. Say for example someone tweets about cricket, I shouldn’t retweet it for most of my followers hate the game of cricket.
  • Result: Guess what!? If you have did all the above steps perfect, you’ll get back the same – exactly the same.

Let me know your views and do let me know what strategies you use to be a twitter superstar : Leave a comment.