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The Four R’s of Twitter that Can Make you A Superstar!

Twitter’s emerging and so is the confusion among the beginners. People in twitter often end up trying ultra-complicated methods to get twitter success – replies, retweets and followers, to be precise. How do we get all the success in super-simple methods?

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You might already be knowing that what you yield is what you sow – so, is the case wit the twitter crop. Do the good, expect the better.

The four R’s of twitter

  • Read: Read the tweets in your timeline, at least for a while in a day. Then react. Then the result, will come.
  • React:
    • Reply: Make an acquaintance, catch a friend, accompany them in their tough times – in twitter as well. Make them smile, they’ll make you smile too. Make sure you don’t reply with a link to an acquaintance so that they might suspect a spam bot in you.
    • Retweet: Holy tweet, this is divine! Retweeting is a great way to turn the tweeter’s eyes towards you. But make sure that you retweet only what your followers also like. Say for example someone tweets about cricket, I shouldn’t retweet it for most of my followers hate the game of cricket.
  • Result: Guess what!? If you have did all the above steps perfect, you’ll get back the same – exactly the same.

Let me know your views and do let me know what strategies you use to be a twitter superstar : Leave a comment.