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Take screenshots of a Twitter status just by changing its URL


Images are the best way of impressing people. In many places we might have to give the URL address of a twitter status. For example, in a giveaway, a competition or other such things… For that, instead of giving the address of a twitter status you can give a screenshot so that it is permanent. Here’s a short tutorial of how to take screenshots of a twitter status right from your browser:

  • First let’s see how to get the address of any twitter status:
How to get URL of a twitter status
How to get URL of a twitter status
  • As soon as you get redirected to the status’s URL replace twitter.com with chen.vc
  • You can see an image, save the image. Though you can use the direct URL of the image, we suggest you to save the image
  • Now you can use the image elsewhere in the web

Do let us know any other twitter tricks you use to show the status in the web.