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The All New Twitter

Twitter Revamps everything: The All new Twitter Desktop!

Twitter: the most popular micro-blogging platform has done a total redesign of all its apps. Some of the major changes you will catch a glimpse of are The new Twitter desktop look, new Twitter for Android and iOS apps, introduction of Twitter Brand pages and embeddable tweets, revealing of the new Twitter Buttons, …you will find yourself immersed in a whole new color of blue.

Today we will discuss the changes made in the Twitter Desktop and give you a complete walk-through over what’s where and where’s what!

Twitter new login page

The Twitter bar

Twitter for Desktop has also undergone some big changes, the interface has been systematically rearranged. First thing you will notice is the top bar. The Twitter logo is now been placed at the center, nice little tweety bird. You can now navigate to your Home tab, Connect tab and Discover tab from the big dedicated links placed at theleft hand side of the top bar.

The Search box is visible on the right and all your profile page shortcuts can be accessed by clicking the man icon. Compose tweet button has a new flair now, the blue feather icon looks just so attractive.

The Homepage

The new Home is arranged into two columns, the left sidebar and the main Tweets column. The sidebar displays your twitter stats at the top consisting of your Followers and Following number. You can also compose a tweet right away without clicking any buttons by typing in the box below. Just below the stats box you can see your Who to Follow suggestions, and after that a Trends box which alerts you of new trending topics based on your country.

Twitter new home page

The Tweets column is nicely arranged showing you the latest tweets of the people you are following. Only when you hover over a tweet , the tweet functions are shown such as Reply, Retweet and Favorite, otherwise they are hidden to avoid unnecessary clutter.

You can also Open a Tweet to see when the status update was made by clicking Open when you hover over a tweet. By further clicking the Details link you will get the permalink of that specific tweet.

Another ease-of-use feature you will find in the new twitter interface is when you click on any person’s name, instead of opening you the profile page of that person, the new twitter shows you a quick lookup box consisting of his latest tweets and his twitter stats. This is really a time-saver for me!

The Connect tab

The Connect page shows your followers latest Interactions with you as well as Mentions. Switch to and from Interactions and Mentions from the sidebar on the left.

Twitter new connect page

The Discover tab

Moving on to the discover tab, this page shows you the latest stories in and around your country. The Stories section lists out the trending topics in your country. The Activity section shows what your friends have done recently, which people they have followed, which people they have added to a list.

Twitter new discover page

By clicking on Browse categories you can also follow popular tweeps based on your interests.

Your Profile Page

When you land on to your profile page, you will see some major changes. Your profile photo along with your bio and twitter stats is placed in a big box right on top to be the highlight of the page. In the left sidebar people can access your various sections from Tweets, Followers-Following to your personal Favorites and Lists. There’s yet another suggestions box about whom to follow known as Similar to you.

Twitter new profile page

That’s all there is to the Twitter Desktop. Hope you are enjoying Twitter’s new interface.Sit tight, we will bring new articles and tutorials about the new Twitter as a follow-up of Twitter Revamps everything. For the latest news subscribe to our feed now!

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Take screenshots of a Twitter status just by changing its URL


Images are the best way of impressing people. In many places we might have to give the URL address of a twitter status. For example, in a giveaway, a competition or other such things… For that, instead of giving the address of a twitter status you can give a screenshot so that it is permanent. Here’s a short tutorial of how to take screenshots of a twitter status right from your browser:

  • First let’s see how to get the address of any twitter status:
How to get URL of a twitter status
How to get URL of a twitter status
  • As soon as you get redirected to the status’s URL replace twitter.com with chen.vc
  • You can see an image, save the image. Though you can use the direct URL of the image, we suggest you to save the image
  • Now you can use the image elsewhere in the web

Do let us know any other twitter tricks you use to show the status in the web.