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‘Internal Server Error’ Twitter Bug Echoes Your Tweets Multiple Times


‘Internal Server Error’ Twitter Bug Echoes Your Tweets Multiple Times

The Fail Whale…
Wrong Tweet Count…
And a New Bug is Discovered “Internal Server Error” which echoes your tweets several times!!
Twitter has to Seriously look into this matter… Here are the Captured Screen shots of “Multiple Tweets” as a result of “Internal server error”!…

Internal Server Error Twitter Bug

These are the Response from Twitter Users at this Point of Time…

jacktaggart‎: @twitter when you tweet “Internal server error” appears but the message is well sended

Twitter keeps giving us the “Internal Server Error” message, which is causing duplicates and triplicates of the same tweet.

FredChukkawakka‎: Why is twitter posting tweets after pressing “Tweet” an Internal Server Error message appears and message is still in ‘What’s happening”

kimsch‎: so many duplicate tweets! Twitter says there’s an internal server error but prints anyhoos.

JeromeCheng‎: @twitter I’m getting a message “internal server error” when I tweet. When I refresh the page, my tweet has been tweeted out… o_O… and…

Are you experiencing the same problem??? Report it Here! by commenting! lets enjoy the twitter fail whale moment