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FreeTwitterDesigner: Free Professional Backgrounds for Twitter Account


Ever wondered how to get twitter backgrounds like those of @mashable, @BenParr or @muru0410 – The author of this post? Head your browser to FreeTwitterDesigner sign in by authorizing it with Twitter oAuth for better previewing and designing of your twitter designer. Adding text and images are self-explanatory.

Free Twitter Designer
Free Twitter Designer: Your professional background client
  • Add images and text and arrange them according to your wish.
  • Then click  “Generate image”
  • You get two options: save to desktop and export to twitter
  • We suggest that you save it to your desktop and add it manually to your twitter account so that you can have a copy of your twitter background

How to change your twitter background:

  • Login to your twitter account
  • Click ‘Settings’
  • Go to the ‘design’ tab under Settings
  • Click ‘change background image’
  • Go to the directory of the background image and open it
  • Save changes

If you feel that your background is missing attraction, you can fix it by changing design colors.
Do let us know what kind of twitter background you like and what kind you use currently?