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Twitter bug: No(0) followers No(0) following Still you are listed!


Time 11:20 IST. Time when twitter goes bizarre. I had logged into the web version of twitter, which i almost never do . . few seconds after i logged in Everything seemed fine . All read tweets appearing in my timeline and then i see 0 followers 0 following 4 listed . I was like wat ??? really ??

An official bug entry was made #49964. Amazon service was working fine. What went wrong . First i thought the problem may be only in the web version but apparently not . The problem were reported even my app developers across.

What really happend ? Twitter hasn come up with an explanation . Is twitter releasing a new build ? Was twitter hacked ? have Api become corrupt ? .Is this problem only in india ?

Try refreshing fast and you’ll get an error message “Whoa !! something went wrong”. Its definitely not a whale time but looks more like a design failure . Well only twitter and time will answer all our question