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Quote the Tweet? Screenshot the Tweet? Embed the Tweet?


Well, Twitter is not More than a Social Networking Site it is rather a news Center! Updates, News, Stories everything in Real Time is the key reason why Twitter has become such a big hit across the globe…

Publishers often love to Publish the Tweets of a personality or some events as it is… You may be owning a small blog or it may be a big publishing center, the general thing which comes up in mind is to propagate the News and Conversations in an effective way… Effective when i say, publishing the real time tweets…

Quote the tweet
Sha rukh khan has just tweeted a message to Mr Vijay Mallya and you got to tell this to whole world.. So you could easily Quote whatever he has said using quotation marks or using the < quote> tag before and after the tweet…

@TheVijayMallya thanx king of kings for your kindness. love to u and happiness.

Though this quotation tweet makes sense, it often loses its glory as the profile pic, avatar and the timestamp of that tweet everything cannot be quoted as in the actual tweet!

Screenshot the Tweet
This is Very Intelligent way of spreading the tweet glory, just by taking the screenshot of the particular tweet which is making news(you could view a single tweet enlarged clicking on timestamp)
This Image Tweet involves all essence like pic, avatar, posted on web or app, and more importantly gives the feel of “tweet” cos of its twitter formatting and colors… here is how it looks…

But putting up the image is not always the solution, as the Search Engine bots cannot read content inside the Image and only looks for the raw text… search engines cannot consider or index the tweet inside the picture… so you lose lot of people who are most interested with tweet content rather than tweet image!

Embedding the tweet!
Oyla! , this is the much expected feature.. It will be Great if you could directly embed the tweets into you article with simpler steps rather than “copy-paste” quotes or “Tweet Screenshot”.. Twitter has officially announced that it is rolling out a new feature where you could embed the tweets inside your posts without much pain!

This is how the tweet embedded inside the post looks like…

Soon we could see an option “Embed this Tweet”! Lots happening Twitter!


Your Tweets Not Appearing in Twitter Search? How to Lift Twitter Ban?


Twitter is a Micro Blogging Service and I need Not Explain “What is Twitter” to you .. Rather I will Tell How you would Feel when Twitter Suddenly Stops Your Tweets from Indexing in Twitter Search.

3 Things Which You Lose when Your Tweets Suddenly Stops Appearing in Twitter Search

You Lose New Followers
Obviously, There are Thousands and Thousands of People who Search for some Topics Through Twitter. If Everything was Okay, Your Tweet would have helped them and You would Have Got a Good Fan Follower.
And as Things are Not Okay, Tweets your tweets doesn’t appear in Search Results there By You Lose almost everyone! Bad Luck!

There is No Value for Your Hash Tags
Hash Tags are Great! You used to Tag Your Tweets with some Popular HashTags like #followfriday #nowplaying and Many More……I normally append #bangalore while talking about Bangalore and People will discover My Tweets on Bangalore by Clicking on #bangalore.

And Now, As My Tweets are banned from Twitter Search There is No question of People Discovering my Tweets on #bangalore ! and My HashTag #bangalore is literally Dead!

Your Contents are Stolen!
This is the Biggest Problem which Hurts! You have Tweeted some Popular Quote( which You Created) and You have Tweeted it.. Huh! and People start Retweeting Your Quote… Since all their Tweets are indexed properly by Twitter, They Gonna get All Credits rather Than You, The Creator !

So, What is Solution for This?

The Best Soultion is Not to Get Banned by Twitter! “Banned” when I say, It means Your Tweets are Banned from Appearing in Twitter Search. That is your Name is “Filtered Out” from Public Timeline.

What if You are Already Banned?

How do I recover from Twitter Ban? How Do I make My Tweets Reappear on Twitter Search?

After a Good Research I have Found a Way for This…

Many Twitter users get “filtered out” ( they prefer that term, to “banned” ) from Twitter’s search index as they unknowingly might have violated one ore more of Twitter’s odd Rules that discourage spamming.

Twitter does a less than stellar job of making users aware of these Rules, and an even worse job of clarifying exactly what the rules really mean. It’s all very vague. What being “filtered out” means is that your updates will not show up in any searches, hash tag streams, etc. Tweets that mention your name will show up in a search, but not those actually posted from you.

To test whether Your Tweets are banned or not , do a “FROM:your_twittername” search, like this. Click this llink, and in the twitter search input box, replace the name “che2on” with your Twitter name (no spaces).

If you see “No results found,” then congratulations, you too have been banned by Twitter!


Twitter has made no easy remedy. You have to first know you have a problem, and then find your way through a dense thicket of mostly unrelated help pages. Fortunately you are here!

  • Get a Twitter trouble ticket number by “Submitting a Help Request here.” Say that your reason is: “Can’t find myself in search.”
  • Send a polite tweet to @twitter by tweeting this text (with YOUR ticket number where indicated): @twitter I’m being filtered out of search. @che2on says you can help? My ticket number is #____. Thanks! Info @http://chaaps.com

To Avoid The Problem in Future Check out These Rules by Twitter

Have You Ever Faced Twitter Search Ban? Share with Us!