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RT Via Bing! Twitter Integration with Bing Makes Tweet life Exciting!


No News Can be Bigger Than This..
Bing and Twitter Ties up with a deal.

What is bing-twitter deal?
Now You can Browse your Favorite topics, RT Tweets, Check for the Trending topics, you Can Know What’s hot and What’s Not. Everything directly from Bing Search Engine. Yes. Yes. Yes. You are Not Dreaming! It’s True.

Yes, We Can Says Bing
Twitter on Bing!

Bing has said a big YES to Real time Search by Collaborating with twitter. Bing is Now Shining.This Innovative move by bing has created Breakthrough, Trust Me, The Topic “Bing’s Twitter” gonna Trend and Trend and stay on Top Trending Topics atleast for a week!


How was your Real Time Search Life before?
You are an Enthusiastic, And You want to keep in touch with what world is talking about, What is popular at this point of time?
You want to Know Honest Reviews for a Movie. The Lively News, Just as Raw and Very Raw.

The News with Freshness, will always makes you more Fresh!
And Soon you want something exciting and fresh, you would have definitely visited Twitter! especially The Twitter Search!

Twitter Trending Topics is Just a Reflection of People’s Mind across the world. Twitter says you all… Twitter makes you feel you are one among the all!

This Particular URL had Made your Life a Real Life.


search.twitter.com The Magical URL for everyone.

How is your Real-Time Search Life Now?

With The announcement of Bing’s Integration with Twitter, Rather Bing’s Twitter, The Web has done a Big Salute to Real-Time Searches knowing how important it is to feature a Real-time search within the Web Search.

Now Making your Name to appear in Popular Web Search engines Like Bing is as simple as you drink water!

You want to say to the World, Good Morning Bing! and U gonna Tweet the same. That’s it! Now You are exposed to the whole world just in a fraction of second. The person who is looking to know “What is Bing” will discover your Tweet as worth as any other Popular Seach Results for What is Bing. This is Nothing but Power of Real-Time Search!

Say bye bye to search.twitter.com and Start your Fresh Real enthusiastic life with http://bing.com/twitter. In Short You Must be Thankful to Search Giants like bing who catches your Tweet just in a point in time and Publishes it to the whole world.. Don’t you feel High?? Definitely are you not feeling That you are as Popular as a Celebrity [JOY]!

What is The First Impression you would get when I say Twitter Searches are integrated with Bing? Imagine.. picture youself how it would look! Okay Just as Below!
Big Big Trending Topics Tag Cloud Spreaded all Through The Home Page! and Each Topic showing you some popular Tweets from Popular People!

bing twitter

There is Still More Exciting Things to talk about Bing-Twitter!
Retweet or RT.
Haven’t Heard Before? You will be learning soon..
RT is nothing but Sharing a Favorite tweet of yours to your Friends and followers by giving credits to the owner of tweet(who shared it).

Why RT?
Now you can directly RT Via Bing. As Simple as That. You liked a Tweet for your queried keyword and you want to share it to your world..
RT option in bing’s Twitter’s Tweet could make your Sharing Life Still Easier! Look at The Screenshot below how you could share your Real-Time Search Result

RT via bing

You can Even Play and Pause the Tweets with trending topics which are just Popped on in a second.

All The Best Bing! You Have Done What Other’s Couldn’t do!

Leave your Real Comments about This Recent Mega Move by bing, Integrating Real Time Searches within!

Please Note: Since The Real-Time Twitter Search is enabled in US. you are required to change your Country preferences to US.
However, in Non-US countries you can see the Current Trending topics in twitter at bing.com/twitter and Results.


Re-Tweet to get yourself tweeted


Since the time, fashion of RT’s ( Retweets ) has started, you must have noticed one thing now and then. Whenever you retweet your followers tweets they revert back by retweeting your tweets. Fair enough, you tweet my thing and i will appreciate it by tweeting your’s. It’s just plain give and take.

Retweet 001

However, one thing that i dont like about it is that those who follow
this rule dont actually value the tweets. One thing that i want to ask all those reading this post is, ‘Do you retweet others tweet just
because of doing so or you do because they are of some value ? ‘What I personally think and do is only give value to others tweets by tweeting only those tweets which have some value and not just for the sake of doing it !
In my opinion tweeters who follow such a senseless practice are single minded and are only concerned about themselves. Also, such a mindset forces a person to be active on twitter and keep a watch on other tweets. And by ‘active’ i mean tweeting and retweeting.

Whats even more sadening is that more and more twitter users are following this trend. It is like a thumb rule for many of them.

Before concluding this post i would request all those twitter users
who are in the habit of following such a practice to please value the tweets of others and to retweet only those tweets that you think are of some value rather than retweeting blindly and for the sake of doing it or ‘impressing‘ your followers !

Hope you enjoyed reading the post, dont forget to leave a comment stating your view. I am keenly looking forward to your opinion.