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Nokia’s “Go Hand in Hand” TV Ad Promoting Nokia E72, E71, E63 in India


Emotions and Promotions Don’t Come Hand in Hand

Soul mates and Growth Rates Don’t Come Hand in Hand

Passions and Presentations Don’t Come Hand in Hand

Presenting the New Nokia E72 with upto 10 Personal and Business Email Accounts- So you always stay Connected

Getting Everything and Not giving up a thing – Now Go Hand in Hand!

We already have learnt how easy it is to Use Nokia Messaging using Tips and Shortcuts for E72 and E52 to Check and Organize Emails

After a long Time, A wonderful Commercial has hit our Television Sets. Nokia has a Nice Track record in reaching People with its Inspiring Tag line “Connecting People” . This Time Nokia Messaging Team has Released a TV Commercial to promote their E-Series Nokia Phones E71, E72, E52 and E63. E Series Phones are targeted for Business People, who constantly wants to be in touch with Emails on the Go, where ever they Travel…

Hand in Hand Nokia Advertisement

The Ad Beautifully Describes How a successful business man misses Glorious moments of his Personal life. The Man drops his child for annual day function and he half heartedly leaves the place because of his business commitments.

“Emotions and Promotions” dont Come hand in hand

The Man Spending his Good times with his Soul mate, cannot be every time with her .. as the Business and Personal life are two different faces of same coin..he is forced to leave the place

“Soul mates and Growth Rates Don’t Come Hand in Hand”

He has to Sacrifice his Passions as well leaving his best of best friends…

“Passions and Presentations Don’t Come Hand in Hand”

The Ad Concludes with a Simple Solution, Having a Nokia Messaging Device where one could setup up to 10 Personal and Business Email Accounts like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoomail etc.. So he can be in touch with his loved one’s 24×7… The Man finally Meets his Child and his Soul mate ..and Goes Hand-in-Hand!

What do you think of this advertisement by Nokia?

Download/Watch New Nokia E72 hand in Hand TV ad here: Link


Remembering the First TV Commercial by Tata DICOR


This one has been my all time favorite. It simply captures the essence of TATA DICOR. It inspires you to stand out from the crowd and be the one who people would love to follow. It wants you to make a mark of your self on everyone.

The part -1 advertisement asks everyone to mention things which they would love to do if given a break from normal life. At first you would say they are crazy people and see that they are trying to make a statement in reality show when they are about to get kicked out. A decent married man (assumption) says he wants to quit Monday morning. If he quits who is going to take care of his dependents. The CEO/MD (assumption) wants to chase the rain and the lady wants to go around the world for a year. Finally, the best one comes; this guy does not even know what he wants (majority of people).

Let me dive into subtle details of the advertisement. The guy says he wants to quit Monday morning with so many people around and right after that a spider with a cob web is shown. There are so many typical strings attached to our lives. The successful businessman says he wants to chase the rain. Who would do that? A young man who has so much time to while away would do that with no care attitude towards life. However he cannot do that, because he is into a successful business man shoes and he does not have time to do such things.
Right after that you see a beautiful scene of a leaf in a rain. Do we have time to see such scenes anymore? The lady says she wants to go around world and then you see she is pregnant. What does this mean? Does she not want to become mother of a cute little baby? It actually goes on to make statement on how much mechanical and scheduled our lives are! Instead of carrying a baby she wants to go around the world for one whole year. Finally the favorite one is reserved for the last. Everyone says about their favorite things which they would make it as a past time. This guy simply does not know what he wants in his life give so much time to think about. That is when the car comes into picture with a boom and thud music in the background. This one truly creates a mark and asks you to ‘RECLAIM YOUR LIFE’


The Glamorous Mahindra Xylo “Happy Legs” TV Commercial is here


Car advertisers do not have much scope to market their products. If you carefully watch the advertisements, you will find that there always exists a predefined pattern that all advertisers follow. The quintessential car advertisement focuses on making your ride feel good. However there is much more that the viewer wishes to see. I feel that there exists a tremendous gap between what the average Indian viewer would like to see and what is presented to him by the ad-makers.

While viewing an ad, the first question that pops up in the mind of the viewer is why a particular model is launched? Probably because of its first-of-a-kind technical specifications. In fact a great deal of research takes place to understand what the user actually wants. However, this fact is sidelined by the makers of the ad, who feel that the presence of a celebrity endorsing the product would fetch higher returns. Finally, the ad turns out to be such a big disaster that the viewer would impulsively turn off the TV. SRK endorsing i10 is a classic example.NANO is another model that was meant to reach out to the average Indian middle class family but ended up portraying itself REVA’s competitor.

However, I came across one ad which is a welcome departure from all its predecessors. I’m taking about the latest Mahindra Xylo advertisement. I guess that the requirement was probably communicated well. The theme used here is ‘Happy Legs”. Using models in the ad is a nice move. It could have been sleazy but thankfully that doesn’t happen. The background song is good and enough to pass on the mood to viewers. To mention few good things about this advertisement from a guy’s perspective you get to see long legs and good looking gals who do not look dumb 😉

Now coming to the technical description of XYLO.

The features tab has been made to look good.
The official site for mahindra xylo is here.


Tanishq Wedding Jewelry Ad. Arundati Nag turns her Daughter into Bride


One day, while I was aimlessly switching channels, I came across Tanishq’s latest ad showcasing their wedding jewelry collection. Unlike other ads, this seemed to be a little different. And different it was!. Finally, I found an ad that made me smile!

The ad revolves around a father urging his daughter to tie the knot with an eligible NRI groom. However, the young girl bluntly refuses.Naturally, the father is visibly frustrated but the clever mom has found a cleverer solution. She asks them to accompany her to the nearest Tanishq showroom and has a look at all the beautiful pieces of jewellery that they have.

Tanishq’s Wedding Jewelery Collection

You cant keep women and jewelery away for too long! No women can resist this temptation. The girl then starts examining the jewelery and even tries them out. And within minutes, her Mom and the saleswoman help her with wedding jewellery. And finally the “ghunghat” is draped on her head to give her the typical bride look.
And just when her parents are admiring their lovely daughter, the saleswoman poses a question, ” So..when is the wedding”?

The astute mom cleverly replies, “Is this wedding jewelry? We are not interested” and asks her daughter to give back all the jewelery. The disappointment on the girl’s face is evident as she leaves the showroom without any gold. And now, while driving back home, she inquires about the groom that her father had mentioned a few hours ago, quietly disclosing the fact that she is finally ready for marriage.

And the best part of the ad is the sms that her mother then sends across to her father. She says that even after 25 yrs, he cannot understand a woman! So, true I must say!

I loved the ad for its simplistic and realistic portrayal. Arundhati Nag is perfect as the doting mother who wants her daughter to enter into wedlock. And instead of nagging her, she chose a very novel technique to convince her. It is really tough for a woman to say no to jewels! And the makers of this ad have used this idea to market their product effectively. Generally, all jewellery ads often consist of models clad in 10 oz gold bar from head to toe and dancing to a jingle. This ad is strikingly different from the run-of-the-mill ones. This is exactly why I love this ad. Hope to see more such ads in future. Way to go Tanishq


Couple Kissing with Help of Rose! New Paas Aao Na Close Up Ad.Download


Back to Television Advertisements! We in Chaaps, are always excited to write Reviews on TV Ads, especially which are made with special care. Some TV commercials does such an Impact on Consumers that they love the ads and appreciate it deep from their heart. Out of all TV Advertisements which we have reviewed The Biggest Response which we continuously get is on The New Close Up Ad. Paas Aao Na. The Revolving Door which has attracted over 167+ Comments! Most of the People demand for the Ring Tones and Song Downloads of their Favorite exciting New ad. Close Up has always done a brilliant Job especially with “Paas Aao Na” Series Ads… Good News for all You Close up Paas Aao Na Fans out there! The Third and latest version of Paas Aao na is released and here Goes the details!

Let me title this New Close up ad as “Paas aao na, Couple Kissing with the help of Rose” which has Used “Couple”, “Rose”, and “Kiss” as key factors. The All famous “Close up’s Fresh Breath” can tempt you to Kiss your Loved one’s is the theme behind this new version of Paas Aao Na Commercial. How Would You do That? The ad Teaches you the Secret… The Secret is here in this Video. Watch this Brand New TV ad

Wow! Stop Replaying the Video Now! All you learnt is You got to have a Red Rose to do that! Talking about the Video here, in the First Frame, at a Shooting Spot, Young Charming Girl and a Cute Handsome boy will be acting for a scene where they have to come closer and talk( don’t know whether the theme is Kissing) With the help of Close Up’s Fresh Air, they are almost ready to give a lovely kiss! Finally They manages to find a way, Excited actress picks up a Red rose and places in between them such that we cannot see their ALL IMPORTANT “Close up” kiss! Wooha! What a Trick!

On The Other Hand, in the Second Frame, One More Couple… Who enters the Elevator together… huhuhuhu… don’t think beyond that.. As Usual, even here the Close up Fresh Air drives them mad and both try to have a “Kiss”ing time! What stops them Now??? Yup! it is The “hidden Camera” aka “CCTV” which is installed inside the lift. The couple couldn’t resist and finds a way, The Hero Picks up the Rose from her and the heroine breathes a fresh air on it! Blossom Blossom! the Rose Expands Bigger and they successfully hide themselves from the eyes of Camera! What Next?? Do I need to Say?? 😛

Okay, Impressed by This Close Up ad ?? Now It is the Download Time!

Download New Version Close Up “Paas aao na” Couple kiss ad. Video Download MP4 format

Download the Song “Paas aao Na” Couple Kissing [New Close Up ad] with the Help of Rose as a RingTone (.MP3 Format)

Hope You Enjoyed Reading this Review. There is One More Video in this Series… Soon I will be Uploading and Reviewing!

Mean While You Guys Give Honest Comments on this TV Ad by Close up!

What is the name of the girl in new paas aao na close up ad?
What is the name of the boy in new paas aao na close up ad? if you have Questions like that, I need Sometime to answer! 😛


Oongli Cricket – An IDEA Saves Ekalavya’s Finger [TV Ad]


So, you’re a cricket buff eh? You know Tendulkar’s world records by the heart. You worship the Indian cricket team and pray for every match. You’re dream is to play cricket for India? IDEA actually gives you a way to partially fulfill your dream. Oongli Cricket is targeted at IDEA mobile users and allows viewers to participate in this unique game. All you need to do is to make optimum use of your fingers and send in the correct answers to the question. The questions of course will be based on the happenings of IPL-3.

IDEA’s unique marketing strategy seems to enormously help them in establishing the credibility of the brand. Be it the “Walk while you talk” campaign or the “Use Mobile – Save Paper” one, they have been successful in getting the point through to the user. I like IDEA ads for their sheer uniqueness of thought. Every ad of IDEA is unique and also drives in the fact that IDEA cellular service is also unique. As an ardent observer of various marketing techniques, I intently wait to see IDEA advertisements.

Recently, I watched a video which is a take on the story of “Drona-Ekalavya”. The ad is about the Kaurava & Pandava princes practicing archery at a gurukul when our hero,”Eklavya” arrives. He is challenged to a duel by Arjuna and we find that he outsmarts him in every way. And just as in the original story, Drona demands Ekalavya to cut off his right thumb and present it to him as Gurudakshina. Here comes the twist in the tale. Eklavya refuses to part his thumb. The reason ? He wants to play Oongli Cricket!! 😀 This ad left me in splits! I never expected this traditional Guru-Sishya story to end in Oongli Cricket! In case you haven’t watched it yet then you can watch it here.

Thats the best part of IDEA’s advertisements! The message pops up when you least expect it.
What an IDEA sirji? 🙂


Vodafone Zoozoo Ads Aired during IPL Matches.Success or Fail? [REVIEW]


Come Cricket time and the advertising industry goes crazy. Every brand wants to make its presence felt. And India’s most creative minds get together to effectively market their brand in a little under 30 secs. This year’s IPL is no different. People want to make use of the hype surrounding the IPL to sell everything under the sun.

I personally feel that Vodafone is one such brand that manages to drive in the nail in no time. The cute pug following the little girl & the catchy tune was an instant hit among all TV viewers. So, were the ZooZoos when they first hit the screen last IPL. Tell me if I am wrong in expecting Vodafone to come out with a new series of ads that are high on creativity?

It looks like Vodafone decided to play it safe this IPL by making use of their hugely successful ZooZoo ads. The latest series of the ZooZoo ads neither invoke interest nor laughter from the average Indian viewer. The ads falls below the high standards set by the same series last year.

For example, take the ad with the tagline “Save Trees ” by Zoozoos. The white alien is relaxing in a hammock, sipping some drink when one of the supporting trees is felled. The ZooZoo falls down. End of Ad. So…I got the point. Opt for e-bills and save paper. But this ad lacks the innocence & the instant humor of the previous ads. The ZooZoos don’t appeal anymore. In fact I was nursing a headache after watching the ad for a couple of times.

I was hoping that the sparks that were missing in the previous ad would be back in the other ads. But no, I was wrong! Another ad showing a ZooZoo reading a newspaper and discovering that the one seated beside him is a thief is equally disappointing.

The only saving grace in the recent series is the “Learn a new English Word” ad. This features an alien ZooZoo in the company of other ZooZoos, trying to learn the ZooZoo language.

I know that these are early days to come to a conclusion with a lot more ads in the pipeline. Yet, it has been a disappointing start for Vodafone. Hope that Vodafone brings back its best creative minds to create more innovative ads.


Feel the Magic at IPL 2010 | IPL Ads 2010 | Stadium


IPL season -3 is here in India!! And the organizers are leaving no stone unturned to promote it. And in case you thought that you can sit at home, chew on your popcorn, drink your cola & enjoy the game, you just missed out on some solid fun.

The latest in the series of IPL ads show two young men dressed up in dolphin costumes attending a cricket match. One of them is complaining to the other that his girlfriend ditched him when he gets a call from her. Sneha, his girlfriend is apparently happy and tells him that he looks adorable in his dolphin costume. And then he realizes that he is on the big screen in the stadium! 🙂 Thank God he decided to watch IPL in the stadium! He managed to patch up with his gf !! And he actually decides to come in a monkey costume the next day inf Sneha makes it too.

IPL promoters seem to have made their point. The best way to enjoy a cricket match is to watch it live, along with the crowd in the stadium. Even though you get a close up view of your fav stars and watch replays ‘n’ number of times on tv, its pure fun to mingle with the crowd, cheer, sway and dance in the stadium. So, if you want to enjoy the full game, rush to get your tickets! 🙂


Kiss Me.. Close Your Eyes.. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate Ad


Kiss Me…. Close Your Eyes
Miss Me….. Close Your Eyes
Kiss Me
I can wet your lips and your fingertips and Happiness in your Eyes

Kiss Me, Close Your Eyes
Miss Me, Close Your Eyes

Watch The New TV ad by Cadbury Dairy Milk campaigning Dairy Milk Silk..
Man Eating Delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate in Office conference Room. Youtube Link

Cadbury Dairy Milk has Launched its New Campaign to Promote its Outstanding Product Dairy Milk Silk

The Advertisement is Simple and Sweet and Nothing Much to write Here. The Way The Guy Eats the Chocolate is Great! The Way He Licks The Chocolate and The Way He Ignores his all Important Wifey’s Phone Call demonstrates the Magic of Dairy Milk Silk!

Download MP3 Music of Kiss Me Close Your Eyes Song in Dairy Milk Silk advertisement.

Download Full Video of Kiss Me Close Your Eyes Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Ad..

Lyrics of The Song in Dairy Milk Silk Ad
Kiss Me
Close Your Eyes
Miss Me
Close Your Eyes

Kiss Me

I can wet your lips
and your fingertips
and Happiness in your Eyes

Kiss Me
Close Your Eyes
Miss Me
Close Your Eyes

Did You Like Kiss Me Close your Eyes Lyrics?


Find the One That Suits you the Best.Call 121 Vodafone TV ad Pet Shop

Vodafone, The Best Creative Ad Makers in Telecom has Released a New Ad on its New Service 121 Find the One That Suits you the Best

From Past 3 Months, Vodafone is Busy Releasing The Zoozoo Television ads .. Zoozoos are the Brand Ambassadors for Vodafone.. Chaaps.com has reviewed Several Television Ads by vodafone featuring Zoozoos in it.Zoozoos this time didn’t make a true impact as before… Drawing an End to the Zoozoo ads, Vodafone has released a service 121, where You will be assisted with best plan/ offers on vodafone.

Have a Look at this Cool Video, which vodafone recently released in the campaign for its 121 service featuring a Pet Shop Owner and a Lady..

Ad Title: Vodafone’s 121 Service: Call 121 to Know the best offers by Vodafone.[ Vodafone Pet shop dog ad]

Ad Duration: 30 seconds

Ad Description:
A Young Girl goes to a Pet Shop to buy a Dog.. The Shopkeeper of the Pet shop shows the dogs available in his shop… Everytime the ShopKeeper shows a new dog, the girl refuses to buy… the Girl is not happy with dog shown by the Pet shop owner.. she will ask for a new dog to show….. No Dog suits her the best.. The Shopkeeper gets confused and tired showing different dogs to her..

Finally The Pet shop owner comes with an Idea, and tells the Girl there is one dog which must suit you the Best! and brings the dog to here! Oh! The Girl is Pleased to See this cute Dog shown by the shopkeeper .. The Dog is a white, cute long haired with big ears…. The Girl is so happy finally she could find a Dog of her choice….

The Funniest Part in the Ad is.. the Pet Shop owner at the end shows the Dog which looks very similar to her! Yeah! You will be surprised to see.. Even the Girl has long hairs and a big nose just like the dog with long ears, hairs and nose!.. Just See This Pic.. You gonna Laugh!

Aren’t they Similar??? 🙂

The Advertisement Ends and Pops a Red Message displaying Find the One Which suits you the best. Call 121(toll fee) for the best offers for you. Not to forget the Background Music Used in this Pet Shop ad is great to listen! Download the 121 Vodafone ad Here

Your Comments are appreciated!

Cola Wars : Akshay Kumar in the most expensive Cola ad ever

The Cola wars just got bigger! The Coca Cola company has just shot its latest commercial with Akshay Kumar. This is touted to be its most expensive ad made at a whopping 4.5 crores!! Akshay will be endorsing Thums Up, the largest cool drink in India.

Thums Up has always been promoting itself as the drink of the macho man. These advertisements are known for the dare devil acts performed by its brand ambassadors. Be it jumping from a multi storey building or jumping down from a moving helicopter, I think Akshay has done it all. And since this is to be the most expensive ad, it will be interesting to see what daredevil acts Akshay will be performing this time.

Of course, when Thums Up is busy shooting its new ad with AK, its rivals are not far behind. Coca cola has signed Imran Khan as the brand ambassador of coke replacing Hrithik Roshan.This may come as a surprise for Hrithik’s fans but I guess the makers of Coke want to focus on the youth now. So, very soon, we will have current heartthrob Imran selling Coke. And who knows, uncle Aamir Khan may be helping him too.

so…folks! Stay tuned to your tv sets! Lets wait and watch for these ads to come 🙂


Vodafone Zoozoos Wishes You Merry Christmas. Spread The Cheer [TV ad]


How Would it Sound if Zoozoo wishes You a Very Happy Christmas.. That’s what the Vodafone Zoozoo Team had to Try… A New Video featuring Zoozoo has been released Recently. Chaaps.com is Tracking all New Zoozoo Videos released by Vodafone.. One More in the Creative Ads List – Zoozoo Celebrating Christmas- Spread The Cheer

Advertisement Title: Zoozoos Wishing Merry Christmas

Advertisement Duration: 30 Seconds

Caption at End: Spread The Cheer with XMas CallerTune.

Here is The video: Zoozoo Christmas Ad

Advertisement Description:
It’s a Chilling Winter. The Girl Zoozoo with a Red Ribbon sitting on the chair, It’s Too Cold and the Boy Zoozoo Sitting Next to Her… They witness amazing Snow Fall .. Yup, The Zoozoos are Surprised! It’s The Christmas Eve! Look at Their Joy.. Both Cute Zoozoos start enjoying this moment by clapping!!
They Look Lovely….Both of Them Gonna Cheer This Snow Fall… Now a Red Gift Box falls from The Sky along with the Snow! The Box Hits on Male Zoozoos Head… Yipeee, Surprise Surprise, He Collects the Gift very anxiously… While The Female Zoozoo will be quite.. The Boy is so Happy, Things going so well, with the Snowfall , with The Gift Box and a Girl Zoozoo Next to Her…. The Boy Zoozoo Just Hearty Presents This Box to Girl Zoozoo. Now, a Big Smiley on Girl Zoozoo’s face getting the Gift! wow, wow, They Start Dancing especially the Boy Zoozoo want the Girl Zoozoo to Open up The Gift Box… She Opens Up the Box to Hear Lovely Christmas Tunes… Happy Happy Ending with a GiftBox which has Lovely Xmas Callertunes in it…

Vodafone Now Pops Up in Red Box Spread The Cheer with X-Mas CallerTune.

Did You Like this TV Commercial ? Let Me Know