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Kiss Me.. Close Your Eyes.. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate Ad


Kiss Me…. Close Your Eyes
Miss Me….. Close Your Eyes
Kiss Me
I can wet your lips and your fingertips and Happiness in your Eyes

Kiss Me, Close Your Eyes
Miss Me, Close Your Eyes

Watch The New TV ad by Cadbury Dairy Milk campaigning Dairy Milk Silk..
Man Eating Delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate in Office conference Room. Youtube Link

Cadbury Dairy Milk has Launched its New Campaign to Promote its Outstanding Product Dairy Milk Silk

The Advertisement is Simple and Sweet and Nothing Much to write Here. The Way The Guy Eats the Chocolate is Great! The Way He Licks The Chocolate and The Way He Ignores his all Important Wifey’s Phone Call demonstrates the Magic of Dairy Milk Silk!

Download MP3 Music of Kiss Me Close Your Eyes Song in Dairy Milk Silk advertisement.

Download Full Video of Kiss Me Close Your Eyes Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Ad..

Lyrics of The Song in Dairy Milk Silk Ad
Kiss Me
Close Your Eyes
Miss Me
Close Your Eyes

Kiss Me

I can wet your lips
and your fingertips
and Happiness in your Eyes

Kiss Me
Close Your Eyes
Miss Me
Close Your Eyes

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Chevrolet Beat TV Ad. Beat in India, The Car of Year 2010


Beat. Tough. Sexy. Smart.

Beat, The Car of The Year 2010. Chevrolet Launches its New Beat car in India. This Excellent TV commercial Says it all.

Advertisement Duration: 60 Seconds

This One Minute Ad by Chevrolet Beat is making news everywhere. The Ad is featured with a Green Cocktail colored Beat LT. The background Music sounds great with heart beats.. Dub Dub…. A Sky Diver, The Dance, The unveiling Track, The Race, The Speedometer, The Tunnel, The Target, The Car Driver, Ultimate Car Sound, The Hot Orange Volcanic Eruption Lava, The Basket Ball, An Woman, The Heart, The warrior, The Tiger, Gets your heart racing, Chevrolet.

What’s More! An Ultimate Ad which you can witness Ever. Great Camera Work and Awesome Creativity.

Some Awesome Moments in This Beat Video Captured as Screenshots

Download The Wallpapers of Chevrolet Beat Car.

Download the Video of Chevrolet Beat Advertisement.

Videos of Beat Commercial India.

Download the Screensaver of Chevrolet Beat Car

Complete List of Key Features of New Chevrolet Beat

Available Colors for Chevrolet Beat Car
Linen Beige
Green Cocktail
Super Red
Caviar Black
Misty Lake
Moroccan Blue
Olympic White

Download the E-Brochure of Beat

Chevrolet Beat available in 3 Variants 1.2 PS, 1.2 LS, 1.2 LT

Compare Chevrolet Beat Car with Hyundai i10 1.1 iRDe
Compare Chevrolet Beat Car with Hyundai i10 1.2 Kappa
Compare Chevrolet Beat Car with Maruti Suzuki A-Star
Compare Chevrolet Beat Car with Maruti Suzuki Ritz
Compare Chevrolet Beat Car with Maruti Suzuki Zen Estilo
Compare Chevrolet Beat Car with Maruti Suzuki WagonR


Compare Here

Reviews on Chevrolet Beat Car – Reviews

Price of Beat car Chevrolet in India

Check Prices Location Wise

Locate Nearest Dealer to Buy New Chevrolet Beat


Drive Your Beat


Airtel Boy Happy Holidays / Roaming @ 60p TV advertisement


Airtel has Slashed its Roaming Charges to 60 Paise Per Minute.. Now All Your Incoming and Outgoing Calls during Roaming (outside the Home Network) would Just Charge You 60 Paise per Minute… Now you have the freedom to roam where ever You want in India!!

Airtel Has Released an Advertisement to campaign this New Tariff on Roaming…

airtel school boy tv ad roaming at 60 paise


Title: Airtel Boy Wishing Happy Holidays. Roaming @ 60 Paise for both Incoming and Outgoing. TV commercial
Here is The Video

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Airtel TV ad November 20.. Roaming at 60 paise 60p
Download Video Airtel Roaming @ 60 paise Boy Advertisement.

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Vodafone Per Paise Billing – Husband and Wife [TV AD]


Vodafone does it again!! The lovable hutch dog, the cuddly zoozoos and now a cute, heart warming one for advertising the 1p billing concept.

vodafone couples 1 paise per second

The ad depicts a husband and wife at the breakfast table. The husband switches between reading the newspaper & eating his breakfast. His wife is waiting anxiously hoping that she gets a word of appreciation from him for her effort. But no, our hero munches down without even looking up from the paper. A bit disappointed, she once again looks keenly at his face, just hoping that he says the magic word. No luck again! Finally giving up hope, she stirs her mug of coffee and is ready to take a sip, when suddenly her husband declares “MAZA AAYA!” . And then she smiles apparently very pleased.

Here is The Video For Vodafone Couple ad Promoting New Vodafone Call Tariff 1 Paise Per Second.

The essence of the ad ” Choti baaton se ban jaaye baat” aptly describes the 1paise billing plan introduced by Vodafone. Speak only for a sec and yet convey what you want to 🙂


One must mention the lead actors in the advertisement, specially the lady who plays the role of the wife. One can see the anxiousness in her eyes when she expects her husband to appreciate her, the disappointment in her face when he refuses to do so and finally the pride & happiness when he says that he liked it. The ad is also well complemented by the background score consisting of drum beats that attracts the attention of the viewer.

Conclusion: I’m sure that this ad is soon going to be a hot favorite among viewers 🙂 Power to You


American Tourister TV Ad. Survive Mumbai, Survive the World


Hi, I’m Nandini RajaGopalan, The New Author in Chaaps.com. Today, I’ll be writing on yet another Fantastic Indian TV Advertisement American Tourister. The Advertisement American Tourister  has Chosen the Mumbai’s Busy Train Life as  Theme. Mumbai being the Commercial City of India is not less than a world! The Caption of The Advertisement says it all… Survive Mumbai, Survive the world

American Tourister, Survive Mumbai, Survive the World

american tourister

Advertisement Title:  American Tourister, Survive Mumbai, Survive the World

Advertisement Length: 54 Seconds

Advertisement Theme: American Visitor who stucks with Mumbai’s Busy Train Life

Advertisement Caption:  Survive Mumbai, Survive the World

Here is the Video American Tourister TV advertisement. I’ve embedded the youtube Video of American Tourister ad. Make Sure You Have an Updated Flash Player

Advertisement Description:

A foreign tourist takes on a crowded Mumbai local train with his shining new American Tourister luggage in one hand, a train guide in another and apprehension written large on his face. He boards the local train only to be pushed from one corner to another by the other passengers. And whats worse? His suitcase gets far worse treatment from our countrymen ;-)Passengers drag it, stamp on it & subject it to third degree treatment. But thanks to the guys at American Tourister, the suitcase survives. And when he finally gets off from the train, gasping for breath, he is relieved to see his bright red suitcase, sturdy as ever :).


This is a perfect example of what I call “Driving-the-nail-in-no-time-advertisements” 🙂 The makers of the ad have under a minute to sell their product. And I must say that they have accomplished the task in just 54 seconds and that too in a convincing way and have also earned accolades from TV viewers for their unique concept.

This advertisement also brings into focus, the experiences of a tourist in Mumbai. Our protagonist meets a variety of people in his short train journey. He steps into train only to fall directly onto a foul smelling, well built man. He is then tossed over to another corner interrupting a gang of commuters who are busy playing cards. As he gets off the train, he meets a small girl singing to earn a few coins & then is confronted by some hijras. Practically speaking, these are the kinds of people that one generally encounters in local trains. The well dressed office go-er, the well built unruly commuter with paan stains in his teeth and an “I-Don’t-Care” attitude, the youthful college go-er with a backpack of books and a T-Scale in one hand and the safety chain of the train in another and whole lot of commuters who would prefer standing at the door of the compartment even when plenty of seats are available. One cannot help but smile at the realistic and striking picturisation of the the local train crowd by the director. At the same time, great care has been taken to ensure that the real essence of the advertisement is still retained.

Of course, like everything else this ad is not without flaws.A natural question that comes to our mind is “Why should a foreigner travel by a crowded local train??.” How many foreigners do we see traveling by a local train? And our dear protagonist clearly belongs to the kind who would stay in the Taj Hotel without thinking twice 🙂 I’m sure he wouldn’t mind spending the extra buck on a taxi.

But all flaws withstanding,the advertisement has succeeded in getting the point through to its viewers.

If your American Tourister luggage can survive Mumbai’s local train, it can survive anything else!!!

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Tata Docomo Train Ad. Friendship Express. Why Walk Alone?


Tata Docomo is emerging as a one more stable Cellular network in India. Tata Docomo ads have been Extensively put up in between Recent ODI series of India-Australia.
friendship express

Tata Docomo has Released a brand New advertisement with The Title Tata docomo Friendship Express where a group of people from different customs, different place, different ages will be travelling together and it’s all about how the tune Do Dooo Do which makes a magic over there!
The Caption at the end of Advertisement Why Walk Alone When you can dance together has made me to write the post!
Yes, Unity Rocks!


Advertisement Title: Tata Docomo Friendship Express
Advertisement Theme: People Travelling in Train called Friendship Express who never looked friendly eachother and how they start a conversation with the help of docomo’s motto and tune
Advertisement Length: 60 seconds
Caption: Why Walk alone when we can dance together?

Watch Tata Docomo Train ad. Friendship Express Ad Here.

Advertisement Description:


kids playing
It’s a hilly Region, with a cool green grass everywhere, Kids Playing along with the grazing sheeps.. The Train Friendship Express which passes on the way, The kids running towards the train inviting the train and expressing joy for it.

Scene 2:
A young Boy who observers the kids who are playing outside from Train Friendship Express, waves towards the kids and shows happiness for them with a Sweet Laugh…

Scene 3:
A Man Reading a book stares at the young man as he was noisy with his laugh, and few gonna look at him very differently including a young lady with Newspaper..

Scene 4:


And a few more responses for this act…And finally the young man disappointingly mentions the name of Train Friendship Express and thinks how suitable the name fits for the train.

Scene 5:

The Train Passes Through The Tunnel

tunnel train

Scene 6:

Another boy who is Sitting at the back whispers quite a loudly, Do Doo Do …. standing up alone! definitely, hats off to this man who initialized the tune..Do Doo Do.. which sounds similar to Trains Typical Sound (Chuku Buku)….

Here we Go! Gradually People Joins Do Doo Do Tune adding their own words and giving a Different twist while pronouncing Do Doo Do.
One after the After, It Looks as if something is going to happen in a few minutes…. here is how the Tune Proceeds
Do Doo Do

Do Doo Do

Do Doo Do

Do Doo Do Dooo Do

Scene 7:

Everything needs a Change! The Tune Do Doo Do Takes a new dimension with the addition of some more words!
Da Da Ma Ma
Ka Ka Da Da
Ma Ma Ma
Ma Ca Da
Do Ma Ca Do
Attracting More and More Listeners

While The Humming Sound Do Doo Do Do Doo Do goes in Cores!
And They Keep it Repeating for 2 Times..

And the tune will be heard through out the train!

Scene 8:

Finally, The Young Boy Instructs Everyone to Mute Their New Found Tune for a while, Just To Know how people would react to sudden silence! Nice Test, Isn’t it??
Well, The People in Train, Seemed like they missed something but they couldn’t come out of their egos to express that…

Scene 9:
A Cute Girl, Who genuinely missed this sweet do doo do tune, opens her mouth and starts humming Do Doo Do
docomo child

Wow! That’s it! The Founder Team of this Tune, Feels happy that the tune reached into girl’s heart! Yes, Why Not they starts singing the song once again!

Scene 10:
The Tune now turns into a New Shape, People starts adding their own words and Starts Singing it with their own passion!
Really, The word DOCOMO suits a lot!
With a Naughty Sleepy Voice DO CO MOOOO O

With Extra Classical Musical Touch
Oye Aa aaO O O O O O
Oye Aa aaO O O O OOOOO
a Group of people gonna say Oye aa O…. The other group O O O O O O
a group of people gonna say Oye aa O… The other group O O O O OOO


Scene 11:
Now Everthing is Perfect for Friendship Express Train, People Happily Starts Singing their favorite docomo tune(a teamwork tune) and they dance together! the caption is well suited to the ad
Why Walk Alone when we can dance together pops out out from your Screen with DOCOMO Logo!

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Lyrics of Tata Docomo Train Friendship Express Ad:

Do Doo Do
Do Doo Do
Do Doo Do
Do Doo Do Dooo Do
Da Da Ma Ma
Ka Ka Da Da
Ma Ma Ma
Ma Ca Da
Do Ma Ca Do

Oye Aa aaO O O O O O
Oye Aa aaO O O O OOOOO

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Lets Dance Together!


Twitter on Airtel TV Advertisement. First Ever Twitter Airtel TV Commercial Video


Twitter is Now on Airtel…. Chaaps had Already Published Bharti Airtel Welcomes Twitter! Now Indians Gonna Tweet n Tweet n Tweet! few days Back.
Airtel-Twitter deal had Exclusivity for 4 weeks.. (Where No Other Others Operators could Make A Similar Deal with twitter).

So in order to make the most out of 4 week exclusivity period, Airtel has Released a Stunning, Vibrant TV commercial propagating That Twitter is Now available on Airtel as an SMS service..


Currently Airtel has Released 3 Videos promoting Twitter as a product. Using The Twitter’s 140 Character Status Message as the core Concept and mixing it with Airtel’s EVERYWHERE Network Compatibility, it has resulted in Perfectly Blended Cool Silent Television Advertisement first time in India. This is The First Time that Twitter is being promoted across the Indian Television. Partnering with Airtel, Twitter could Now attract even Much More and Many More Twitterers, as The Airtel Television Ad on Twitter will reach every Nuke and Corner of India through this Brand New Television Ad.

Length of The Twitter on Airtel TV ad is 30 Seconds. The Video Never Talks anything, and No Actor in The Ad Speaks Aloud. It’s all about GUITAR which makes Sweet Noise there. The Background Music of Guitar has enriched this Airtel Twitter VIDEO. Every Ad is ends with a Cool Status Message along with The Twitter logo.

I will be Embedding all The 3 Twitter on Airtel TV videos here under Separate headings with a short description. Watch The New Airtel ads under the Promotion of Twitter. infact I will be Calling this as Twitairtel Ads!


A Girl Playing A Guitar Video- Twitter on Airtel Television Advertisement

guitar girl video twitter on airtel

Advertisement Title: Girl with A Guitar Video- Twitter on Airtel
Actors: An Young girl with a Guitar.
Music: Yet To be Updated
Ad Made for: Promoting Twitter Service on Airtel. Send SIGNUP to 53000 to Use Twitter on Airtel Mobile. Re1 per SMS.
Theme: Silent, Romantic, Melodious, Natural
Caption at End: Share from Anywhere, twitter on sms, Only from Airtel

Advertisement Description for TV ad Girl with a Guitar on Twitter:

A Girl All Alone sitting in a lonely Place on The Bushy Grasses All Around.. A Guitar on her Hands.. Playing it smoothly as if it is the only sound to be heard… The Breeze which hits towards her, disturbing her brown dyed hair in a wavy style.. The Wind doesn’t stop anymore. The long Grasses which looks as if it is listening to Girl’s Guitar Music. And a Vehicle which stares her from the back, The Blue colored Bangles which she has wore which was gifted by her boyfriend..
She remembers her boyfriend with this Romantic Music flowing from her E Minor Note in Guitar(what is E Minor?) which is played by her right hand fingers.. A Small Relaxing Pleasure inside her, trying to forget her boyfriend and She has to share the whole world what she has felt.. Just Like That.. Just Like That…She has to Share… She Tweets The Message, Blending All These Moments with the love for Music, with the love of her lost Boyfriend… Finally She Tweets

E minor is Helping me get over my boyfriend

Hitch Hiker Video – Twitter on Airtel

a boy asking lift vehicle thumb - twitter on airtel

Advertisement Title: Hitch Hiker Video – Twitter on Airtel (My Thumb – Twitter on Airtel Ad)
Actors: A Boy Travelling in a Vehicle..
Music: Yet To be Updated
Ad Made for: Promoting The Twitter Service on Airtel. Send SIGNUP to 53000 to Use Twitter on Airtel Mobile. Charges: Rupee 1 per SMS.
Theme: Silent, Romantic, Melodious, Natural, Experience
Caption: Share from Anywhere, twitter on sms, Only from Airtel

Advertisement Description for TV ad A boy travelling in a Vehicle [GUITAR MUSIC] Airtel on Twitter:

A Man Enjoying the cool breeze around him. With The Valleys and Mountains surrounding Him, The Electric High Tension Wires which is running backwards in a Very dramatic way, due to the speedy moving vehicle…. And He Now Just feels That he is on the Vehicle…and in The Open Space, he feels like he is floating somewhere with the beauty of nature all through the street.He Travel and Travels and Travels…. Finally gets off The Vehicle after a long drive.. The Drive ends, He thanks the person who gave him the lift in the vehicle named MHM6571.. With a Red Bag on his back walks through the way, looks here and there the trees and sky, decides to sit at a place beside the road… Puts off his bag and Just a while thinks how was the Tour, and sees his Thumb which helped him in getting a lift.. Thanks his Thumb how it helped him.. He Just Tweets

My thumb just gave me 15 Kms

Sky Diver Video – Twitter on Airtel

Sky diver from plane Twitter on Airtel
Advertisement Title: Sky Diver Video – Twitter on Airtel (How High am I? Twitter on Airtel TV Ad)
Actors: A Sky Diver diving from a height..
Music: Yet To be Updated
Ad Made for: Promoting The Twitter Service on Airtel. Send SIGNUP to 53000 and get connected to Twitter on Airtel Mobile. Charges 1 re per SMS.
Theme: Adventurous, Silent, Natural, Sharing, Confidence
Caption: Share from Anywhere, twitter on sms, Only from Airtel

Advertisement Description for TV ad Sky Diver Diving Twitter on Airtel TV Commercial.

A Man Peeps out of The Window, Its Just Not an Ordinary Window, It’s The Window of an Airplane. The high breeze over there. Amazes The height which he is in.. and Just looks for a while and Dives from there, as if it is like a Swimming Pool, from the Airplane Number ZPOI …
looks like a Fish when he Takes his position for the Journey in The Nothing But Void Space….He Floats everywhere, all through the Sky, And he experiences What is freedom over there, The Sunshine which hits him, and he eyes the beautiful waves, its looking like a water foam , but it’s not.. it is The Cloud which was forming there..and he is all between the beautiful milky clouds crawling there… and feels like sharing this to everyone Just in a Tweet….

Getting a facelift at 11300 feet

Download The Guitar Music of Airtel

Download The Airtel Guitar MP3 Music Twitter on Airtel

Download the Video Twitter on Airtel TV Commercial
Watch The Video Twitter on Airtel – A Girl with a Guitar, Boy Travelling in vehicle, Sky Diver…

Get The Twitter on Airtel Music Airtel Tune Guitar as a Ringtone. Download Ringtone.

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Hrithik Roshan with Flute in Simply Reliance TV Advertisement


Finally The Change which I was Expecting in The Television Advertisements has Just Arrived. The New Reliance ad with The Caption Simply Reliance is Featured by Hrithik Roshan, The Most Popular Bollywood Actor in India is one of The Best Advertisements in Recent Times. Not only The Fact That Popular Celebrity Like Hrithik Roshan has Featured in This Ad, But Also the wonderful Theme which they have chosen for This Advertisement has made this Ad to be totally unique from The Other Hundred TV ads across the TV world.

hrithik roshan with flute pied paper

You Can Watch The Hrithik’s New Flute Ad for Reliance Mobile Here.
The Video Features Hrithik Roshan with his Flute and a wonderful Dance. I have embedded the Youtube Video Here.


Make Sure You Have The Adobe Flash Player to View This Video Here.
Else watch This Simply Reliance advertisement directly on youtube

The Advertisement Description:

Advertisement Title: Simply Reliance
Star Cast: Hrithik Roshan
Theme: Hrithik Roshan as a Pied Piper who attracts the costliest tariffs and charges(wrt Mobile Call Charges) with his Mind Blowing Music Playing Flute and with a Mind blowing Dance. The advertisement Ends with All The Costliest Entities Getting Converted into Rats(Mouse) finally Hrithik succeeds in Sending out all the Rats into a Big Ocean!
Advertisement Length: 60 Seconds.
Tariff Details for Simply Reliance:
Call any Mobile across India at 50 paise, STD at 50 paise, National SMS at 50 paise for LifeTime.

Detailed Description of The Advertisement Simply Reliance Featured by Hrithik Roshan Playing Flute as Pied Piper.

The Ad Starts with 3 Frustrating Looking People who are worried on Extra Charges and Limitations which are on Hoardings like Members Only In The Restaurant with The Board Extras Charged and in The Shopping Mall Conditions Apply

Hrithik Roshan Now Makes an Entry, The Camera Zooms out from his Face. Hrithik with his Calm Composed Smart Look Starts Whistling with his own Tune, The Whishtling will be Very Pleasing to Listen and Melodious in its way.. (In The Background, He observes the Restriction boards like No Smoking, No Roaming, and with Plenty of Traffic Sign Boards No way, No Right Turn etc) With his Magical Power, He Postions his hands to grab a Very Big Silver Flute. Holding The Flute in a Very Stylish Way, Starts Playing the Flute, This Just Remembers me the Lord Krishna(Hindu Myth) Hrithik Very Much Suits to this Character as a whole. Not Only Playing The Music, Hrithik Steps His Legs in such a wonderful way its just a Festival to Eyes the random Movements which he does Makes him Look like a Divine and Peak Thing!!

bowing to The Hrithik’s Flute Music, The board on STD cabin STD turns into a Rat… Just Deforms its shape so beautifully, looks as if the ice is getting dissolved to water… Even The Members Only Plate Turns into a Rat(my god, the mouse’s tail is pretty awesome) full marks to the animator who did this!

rat and hrithik

The Rats Now Starts Walking Everywhere in The Street, on the window panes, roofs, walls and all through the street stepping to OUR Pied Piper’s Awesome Flute Music.. The Tempo Change in Flute, The High Pitch when it sounds from the Flute would make this so called converted-rats to Jump accordingly, Truly The Rat Enjoys this for sure!
on the other Hand, Hrithik’s dance with the Music steals the People’s Heart there! Everyone look astonished seeing this magical man! A Small Girl Gonna Join Her Hands, Saying Hats off to the Pied Piper and everyone there starts running towards him!

People Gonna be Very Happy, They Dance and Dance and Dance with all the Joy… Hrithik, The Pied Piper made it Possible to Grab all The evil rats..Hritik now moves away till the end of The Mountain, And Every Rats will be following Him without any knowledge what they are doing, all rats gonna follow him, saying lalalala to the Awesome Flute Music…
And In no time, All Rats gonna Jump into a Big Ocean Just Below The Mountain There! Finally Hritik, The Pied Piper Suceeds in Vanishing all The evil “Hiked Charges” “Limitations” by converting it into Rats and Then finding them a way with the beautiful Flute’s Tone…..

Finally The Advertisement Ends, Narrator Saying Now Call, Local, STD, SMS, Roaming at 50 paise for LifeTime with a Big Reliance Mobile Logo!!

Hrithik Making Way for the final Rat, Says Simple, Isn’t it? with his highered eyebrows!

The Advertisement Description Now Ends! Come Back to The Real Rat World Now!

You Might be having Several Questions like

Who is the composer of Hrithik’s Flute Simply Reliance ad?
I’ll be updating it here shortly..

Download The Hrithik Roshan’s Flute Music in Simply Reliance as an Mp3
You Can Download Hrithik’s Flute TV ad Music Mp3 here…

Download the Video TV commercial for Reliance Mobile featuring Hrithik Roshan and His Flute | Simply Reliance

Download The Video Here.

Who is The coreographer of Simply Reliance Advertisement?
Dance Steps by Hrithik in Simply Reliance Advertisement…

Who is The Ad Agency for Simply Reliance New Ad?

How Get The MP3 music of Hrithik TV ad Flute | Simply Reliance as a Ringtone?

How to Set The Simply Reliance Flute Song as Callertune…

These questions will be answered shortly in the comment section… Feel Free to Share Answers and your valuable feedbacks for this ad by Commenting Here..

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ZooZoo Diwali Ad. Vodafone Zoozoos Celebrates Diwali


Celebrate Diwali with free Ringtones and Callertunes.

Vodafone Has Released a New Video Featured by Zoozoos on account of Diwali Festival. Vodafone is always known for its creative advertisements.

This New Television Advertisement of Zoozoos is now aired across the country. The Theme of The Ad is similar to that of Previous Zoozoo Celebrating Independence Day Ad having 3 cute Zoozoos.
zoozoo diwali ad

Vodafone is Known for Offering free Gifts or Surprises on Special Occasions. We all Know That on Independence day, Vodafone had offered Patriotic Callertunes for free just by forwarding The Message FREE to 55655. Even this Time, Vodafone Wants its Customers to Enjoy Diwali with Full Zest. Along with free Callertune, it is offering free Ringtones! To Say This Diwali Offer, Vodafone has Hired These Cute Zoozoos.


Here is The Vodafone Zoozoo Ad for Diwali

A Small Description on Vodafone Zoozoo Diwali Advertisement:

The Three Zoozoos will be Sitting on a Chair Taking Rest. 2 of The Zoozoos will fall asleep (The Zoozoos with ribbon head) The Another Zoozoo will be quietly sitting.. All of a Sudden, The Two Zoozoos which had fell asleep gets up and gets frightened.. Reason? They hear the Crackers Sound Serially… The Two Zoozoos Just Gets up from sleep, starts shouting continuously with a great Panic…. These Zoozoo Then Realizes That The Crackers Sound is a Fake One.. It is actually Phone Ringtone which was played when the 3rd Zoozoo is about to receive a call. The Ad Ends with Fun, Foolish and Innocent Cute Zoozoos..

At The End of Ad, Vodafone Displays in Orange Color saying, Get Free Callertunes and Ringtones by sending FREE as an SMS to 55655 from your Vodafone mobile. This FREE Ringtone/Callertune is limited to few days of Diwali.

Download Vodafone Zoozoo Diwali Ad Here

Once again, A wonderful work by Vodafone Team…
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Yahoo! It’s You! Television Advertisement – New Yahoo Anthem


After Seeing The Full Length Yahoo ad in the front page of Times of India, I was just Stunned with Yahoo’s Move. I found Everything Fresh in Yahoo!

Now, The Time has come to View yahoo advertisement The New Yahoo Anthem on your Television screens. And You Know What?, This Yahoo TV ad is exceptional!

Here is The Yahoo New Anthem Video – It’s You! Yahoo’s New Caption! The Video is followed by A full Length Ad Description with download links for this Yahoo Video.

[I have embedded Yahoo Ad Video here, if you are unable to see, watch directly on youtube ]

The Advertisement Description:

The Advertisement Starts with a Pretty woman Dancing with Many others, She Invites us all to watch this video, she greets you saying, Today You are about to Enter a Place…

Yahoo You are Entering a Place!

[Yes, Sure! She Really Mean That.. She Takes you to the New world]

Now, a Lady with a Gun in Her hand inaugurates, She Shoots towards the Sky in a Great Manner.. The Flowers Gonna Fall all around her.. It just Looks like a flower rain! The Red Rose Rain! Colorful!

Where Space and Time collide - Yahoo New Anthem

The Narrator Says, You have Entered a Place Where Space and Time Collide..

Space and Time Collides to Breed Wonder! Yeah, The New Breed of Dog , The White dog with black patches around, looks as cute as the boy in front of it, who is wearing a white Tshirt with Color Patches! Both, The boy and sweet doggy stares each other with lots of love 🙂 Breeding Wonders!

Space and Time  breed Wonder - Yahoo New Anthem

Narrator Says: And Joy!! Wow!
and in Video, lots of fun happens! dance and dance and dance! People dancing with fully filled heart, Enjoying the steps which they never wanted to step! That’s Joy [:)]

And joy, Wow!


Narrator Says: Wow! Where News Travel Faster…

A Hi tech City with Lights reflecting on The towers, and very high speed traffic flooded all around the city [of course, they have fast forwarded the video].. Yes, Yahoo! is very confident that it is as bright as city with news running as fast as city traffic.. [Lets See :)]

Where news travel faster- Yahoo New Anthem

Narrator Says: Friends Come Closer..
Friends Come Closer, I mean Too Closer, You could hear a Sweet Kiss Sound, and in The Video, two lips are kissing eachother.. ooooo… very nice to watch.. but it disappears in seconds.. And a Flying Kiss Too 🙂

friends come closer Yahoo New Anthem

Narrator Says: And You Go Farther!

The Boy Jumps Very High, and he jumps so farther and very farther, looks as if he wants to spend all his time in air. He is as free as air, the boy flies across the flower frame! This Shot is stunning.. the Camera goes in Ultra Motion…

and you can run farther

Narrator: And Consume!

Consume? Consume What? A little Boy with a Very Big Cone Ice Cream, Licking it in his own passion… and the red cherry on IceCream matches the Background wall.. It is Super Cool Red! The Boy is Sweet Too!

and consume

Narrator Says: Share!
Share! Our Young Boys Playing Football, Some Use their leg to Kick the Ball, and some use their Head, Whatever, They all Share The Ball…
Yeah I know, Yahoo Just Wanted to Tell us All, Yahoo is the best service to share across the world, Isn’t it? [That’s why the ad meant for lol :)]


Narrator : Buzz!
Buzz! The Celebrity Couples, Just Buzzing a News and lots of media people around who clicks their cam to capture the Buzz created by them! Crazy.. That’s it..


Narrator: Destroy!

Destroy! Destroy What? Now it’s the Game Time, and a video game clip which swallows all objects around it opening its mouth just like in the game PACMAN…

Yes, This Game Video Clip was Put in the video , Just to say as all, They have Yahoo Games!


Narrator: Earn!
Earning Through Yahoo?, I dont know How! but this guy in video clip will be carrying a bag full of dollars $$$ and running and running and running! Why Run? Cos The Police is behind Him!

hey Yahoo, isn’t that a Legal Money??


Narrator Says: Flirt!
Flirting in Yahoo! But How? I know, And You Know as well, Flirting in Yahoo.. Use Yahoo Messenger’s Chat 🙂 ASL PLS 🙂
Well These 2 Kids are so Pretty.. I just Like the way they stand and how stealthily they see each other… The Narrators Voice Sounds Great, which still beautifies the Term Flirting 🙂


Narrator: Watch and Wonder!

Watch This, How beautifully and gently the girl blows the air, just to generate those air bubbles… air bubble has VOID in it, and She Wonders How beautifully the Bubble is Floating all through the wind…

Watch and Wonder… Good!

watch and wonder

Narrator: Watch and Wonder in New ways! You Makes a place That will launch you billion more words….

The Power of YOU! this Formation by the crowd is Good!

you makes a place to launch a billion more words

Narrator: A place Shaped Like You!

A Young woman fitting inside the advertisement hording! She Takes The Place which is shaped like her!

shaped like you

Narrator: Brought to you and Made by you

brought to you made by you

Narrator: It Starts with You!

A sweet Smile on His Face…


Narrator: Starting Today!

The Lady who Promised you to take to a new place earlier is back again Thanking You..

Starting Today

Narrator: Yahoo!

The Animated Running Yahoo! logo Runs on your Screen indicating The End of The Advertisement…


Wait Here, It’s Not Over Yet!
Two More Words to Say…

It’s You
its you!

and Now The Ad Ends…

Just Comeback to Real World! And I finished my Job describing This Beautiful yahoo tv ad.. How was it people?

Do You want To Watch The Video again? Here it is..

Do You want to Download This Yahoo New Anthem Video?
Download Yahoo New TV ad which is in MP4 format here..

Here is the Lyrics of Yahoo New Anthem Video:

You are about to enter a place!
A place where time and space collide and breed wonder!
and Joy wow!
where news travel faster!
Friends come closer!
and you go farther!
Where you can
Watch and Wonder in new ways!
YOU Makes a place That will launch you billion more words
A place Shaped Like You!
Brought to you!
Made By You!
It Starts with You!
Starting Today!
It’s YOU!

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