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Trojans Torrent Locker strikes in Europe



Trojans Torrent Locker strikes in Europe:

Experts warn there is a Trojan Torrent Locker: It forces data on infected PCs hostage and demands over a thousand euro ransom in the online currency Bitcoin.

Since this spring drive first versions of this Trojan encryption world mischief. A new variant of ransomware “Torrent Locker” has now apart according to the manufacturer’s protection programs ESET virus researchers to users in Europe.In the past few months have been infected by the malware over 40000 systems.In Italy, the experts discovered 4500 cases with 53,761,689 encrypted by the Trojan files.In Austria Torrent Locker suggested already in 1504 to time, Germany is ranked 240 incidents still in the lower middle.However, the researchers warn: The Trojan is in Europe on the rise!


Torrent Locker travels by email

The distribution of the pest is via spam e-mail, which appends a file that is disguised as payment requests, transport persecutions packages or unpaid parking tickets and users should thus encourage them to click. On infected PCs Trojan encrypts documents, pictures and other files, and demands a ransom for their decryption. The ransom demand the blackmailer in the online currency Bitcoin. And their demand is quite steep: While other Trojans settle for this type of payments between 100 and 300 Euro, require the criminals behind Torrent Locker, a whopping 4,081 Bitcoins! This roughly corresponds to a sum of 1,100 euros. According to the ESET experts already have 570 victims paid the ransom and the racketeers Played over 467,000 euros in the hands. The code analysis of the pest also led researchers but on a hot track: “We expect that the actors behind Torrent Lockers are the same as those behind the banking Trojan” Hesperbot “stuck,” said Marc-Etienne M. Léveillé ESET researchers from Canada. The Trojan will constantly adjusted by the criminals. So they had responded to the previous reporting and adjusts the encryption method used for seizure of files, so Léveillé. Was because until recently victims taken hostage data could free himself nor as a method for extracting the key stream, which is part of the Trojan code, was released. Which is now no longer possible. The best protection against such digital extortion are regular backups of important files and a constantly updated held anti-virus program. Should pay to the demanded ransom certainly did not. Because even then it is not certain that you then again gains access to encrypted files. The money is irretrievably but flutes with certainty.


We are expecting to get more news connected with it in the coming days,so keep track of the site to get updated.Good day…!! 🙂


Advanced System Care: The tool that every Windows user MUST have

Today I left my computer along to come back to see half my quota was used. After doing some diagnoses to find out why an unknown binary file was running. After overcoming this I thought it was time to install some type of software that can help me avoid this from happening again.

After asking people on various forums what tool is the best to remove even the littlest to biggest security threats the most reccomended tool was Advanced System Care.

Advanced system care has 3 useful options for you to run on your computer. The three options of the course are to:

Advanced SystemCare
Advanced SystemCare

1. Maintain Windows

This runs (if all options selected) a spyware Removal Tool, Registry Fix, Privacy Sweep and Junk Files Clean. These tools help maintain windows to the best ability possible. It helps remove files that aren’t needed and remove files that are a risk to your system.

2. Diagnose System

This runs (if all options selected) System Optimization, Security Defense, Disk Fragment, and Security Analyzer. This is the best tool out of the three. It help me find over ten thousands virus’s and threats that my normal internet security agent hasn’t.

3. Manage Utilities

This contains various tools to help optimize and find viruses, malwares and Trojan horses on your computer.

This tool is light-weighted and now my computer is running faster than ever. This wonderful tool has been downloaded over 45 million times by different people over the world [via CNET].

Link: Download Advanced System Care

What’s your take on Advanced System care? Do let me know what’s the tool that you use to take care of your PC.