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How to make an .EXE app?


An EXE is the file extension in Windows operating systems, which donates that that file is executable and can be installed. For a programmer creating an executable file is not a big thing, but forΒ  non- techies it is a great thing. Today here in this post at Chaaps I am going to show you a tutorial how can you create a simple executable file without any programming knowledge.


  • Download a small application of 422Kb called Bat to EXE converter from here. Using this app you can easily convert any batch coded file to EXE.
  • Second step is to create a batch application. Those who don’t how what is a batch application? Let me explain you first. It is a notepad file coded with CMD command and saved with .BAT extension, here in this tutorial I am going to show an example with a simple batch code to cancel any printing job.
  • Copy paste this code in a notepad file with . bat extention.

@echo off
echo Stopping print spooler.
net stop spooler
echo deleting stuff... where? I'm not sure. Just deleting stuff.
FOR %%A IN (%systemroot%system32spoolprinters*.*) DO DEL %%A
echo Starting print spooler.
net start spooler

  • After copying the code start the Bat to EXE converter application.
  • Browse the batch app and set the directory where you want it to be converted and get saved.
  • You can easily encrypt, password protect it or add Windows Vista admin manifest.
  • To add encryption click on the “Encrypt” and enter the password.
  • To add Windows Vista admin manifest click on the “Add Vista Adminstrator mainfest” below the Misc section.

Make it Pro!

Version Info
Version Info

You can easily make it look like a professional looking application by adding an icon, version info and etc etc by clicking on the version information tab. Yo! your professional looking EXE application is ready without doing any programming. You can download it from here.


5 More Notepad Tricks


Notepad Tricks

I had written an article on Notepad Tricks and many people requested me to write more of these tricks. So here are 5 more tricks for Notepad, and this time its only .bat files which means all tricks are done using command prompt.

I’ll start the numbering from 11 so that you may know exactly how many tricks I’ve put up on the overall…

11. Make Colorful Command Prompt

Type the following in notepad:

@ echo off
echo ……………………………
echo Press 1 for green, 2 for red or 3 for blue, or 4 for exit
echo ……………………………
set /p m=Type 1, 2, or 3, or 4, and press enter:
if %m%==1 goto 1
if %m%==2 goto 2
if %m%==3 goto 3
if %m%==4 goto 4
color 0a
echo This is the green
goto 4
color 04
echo This is the red
goto 4
color 06
echo This is the blue
goto 4
goto end

Save it as color.bat
Open the .bat file and select your number 1,2 or 3 for the colors.. or 4 for exit.. It will print a specific text in a desired color…

You can change the bold text to your choice.

Here are the color combination’s in Command Prompt:
0 = Black
1 = Blue
2 = Green
3 = Aqua
4 = Red
5 = Purple
6 = Yellow
7 = White
8 = Gray
9 = Light Blue
A = Light Green
B = Light Aqua
C = Light Red
D = Light Purple
E = Light Yellow
F = Bright White

Type the background color followed by the text color. For example, if you want a black background and green text then type the color as 02 …..

12. Notepad Diagrams

Lets see this example:

@ echo off
echo ……………………………
echo Press 1 for windows, 2 for apple or 3 for exit
echo ……………………………
set /p m=Type 1, 2, or 3, and press enter:
if %m%==1 goto 1
if %m%==2 goto 2
if %m%==3 goto 3
echo _______________*******________________________
echo _____________***********______________________
echo ___________**************_____________________
echo __________****************____________________
echo __________****************___**__________**___
echo _________****************___****************__
echo ________*****************___***************___
echo _______*****************___****************___
echo _______***___________**___****************____
echo __________________________***************_____
echo ________***********________*************______
echo _____****************_______**********________
echo _____****************___**_____________*______
echo ____****************___****************_______
echo ____****************___***************________
echo ___*****************__****************________
echo ___**___________**___****************_________
echo _____________________****************_________
echo ______________________**************__________
echo ________________________*********_____________
echo _________________________*******______________
goto 3
echo ______________________________________________
echo ______________________________________________
echo _____________________________**_______________
echo ___________________________***________________
echo _________________________****_________________
echo _________________________***__________________
echo ______________________________________________
echo ________________****________*****_____________
echo ____________************************__________
echo __________*************************___________
echo _________*************************____________
echo _________*************************____________
echo _________************************_____________
echo _________*************************____________
echo __________************************____________
echo ___________************************___________
echo ___________***************************________
echo ____________*************************_________
echo _____________***********************__________
echo _______________*******************____________
echo _________________***_________****_____________
echo ______________________________________________
goto 3
goto end

This will print Windows logo if chosen as 1, Apple logo if chosen as 2, and exit if chosen as 3.

In this manner you can make any Diagram you want with notepad. If you want a transparent notepad to outline a picture then you may try Glass Notepad. I used this to quickly sketch on the logos and make this.

13. Start your programs faster

Normally when you try to start a program such as firefox, then it goes through some levels.. But you may be wanting to start some programs such as, check windows firewall or registry editor.. These files are located in System32 folder and opening them manually is a headache.

Here is a simple way to make your own portable program starter:

@ echo off
echo Use this to open your programs faster
echo Select 1 for notepad, 2 for firewall options, 3 for registry editor… Select 4 to exit…
set /p m=Type 1, 2, or 3, and press enter:
if %m%==1 goto 1
if %m%==2 goto 2
if %m%==3 goto 3
if %m%==4 goto exit
start %windir%\System32\Notepad
goto exit
start %windir%\System32\WF.msc
goto exit
start %windir%\System32\regedt32.exe
goto exit

Try it and replace the values in bold to your choice…

14. Check your internet Details

Advanced users can check their ip configuration whenever they want. This is really helpful for people who try to mask their IP many times or people who have a dynamic IP.

Open notepad and type the following:

@echo off

Save this file as IPconfig.bat and run the file whenever you want to test your internet configuration…

15. Clear your DNS cache

Lets say that you have visited a web site and you don’t want anyone else to know what site you’ve visited. A few things are, clearing all your web browser temporary files, clearing thumbnails, etc. But did you know that this data is stored on your Internet Server as well ? This means if you’re using Airtel Broadband, then they’ll keep track of what you’ve seen and save it for future use.

Clean up all history

To check what files are stored, just check your dns using the following code in notepad:
@echo off

Save the file in notepad as CheckDNS.bat and run the file.

You will get a very very huge list.

To clear this, just clear your dns using this simple code in notepad:
@echo off

Save the file as clearDNS.bat and run the file.

This will clear your DNS cache completely.

Try them out and tell us how you liked it……


10 Awesome Notepad Tricks



Notepad is the default text editor in the Microsoft Windows OS. Many people prefer alternatives to notepad such as Notepad++, but did you know that notepad can do much more than just view and edit text ? In fact, I’ll tech you how to make a fake virus using notepad so that you can fool your friends πŸ˜›

Here are some awesome trick you can do with notepad…..

1. Log Diary Trick
Have you ever wanted to make your own diary on your computer ? Why not try notepad..

LOG Notepad Trick

  • Open notepad
  • Type .LOG
  • Save the file as LOG.txt

Now when you open notepad, the date and time will automatically be inserted. Write anything you want and the date and time is auto inserted. Your own notepad Diary πŸ™‚

Bush Hid The Facts 4335 Rule

2. The 4335 Rule
This trick may not work on all computers
This has been surprising users for quite some time. When you enter a few secret codes, notepad hides them.

  • Open notepad and type in BUSH HID THE FACTS
  • Close notepad and open it again to see the magic

Can you read it again ? This is called the 4335 Rule. This means, if the first word is four words, the second and third as three words, and the fourth as five words, then you follow the 4335 rule and the text is hidden.

The same happens with this app can break.

3. Open a file using notepad
Here is a simple trick to open any file or program with notepad.

Open notepad and type the following:

Start path of file

Then save the file as Shortcut.bat
Please note that the file type should be kept as ALL FILES while saving it as a .bat file.

Change path of file with your actual file path. For example if you have a file called run with an extension .exe in the folder TEST in C:\ drive, then your path should be something like this: C:\TEST\run.exe

If you want to open some complicated programs such as Firefox, then use this code:

START /d “path of folderprogram.extension

Change path of folder with the actual path of the folder, and put the name of the program with its extension. For example if you have a file called run with an extension of .exe in the folder TEST in C:\ drive, then your code should be something like this: START /d “C:\TEST” run.exe

4. Make Questions
Want to make something interactive ? Need to make questions ? Here is an example of a question made with notepad where the user got the answer correct.

Question Fun PC Life Notepad Trick

To do this, just type the following code in notepad.

ECHO ………………………………………..
ECHO PRESS 1 or 2 to select your task, or 3 to EXIT.
ECHO ………………………………………..
ECHO 1 – This info was given by Fun PC Life
ECHO 2 – This info was not given by Fun PC Life
SET /P M=Type 1, 2, or 3, then press ENTER:
IF %M%==1 GOTO Correct
IF %M%==2 GOTO Wrong
echo You are right !!
echo You are wrong. This info was really given by Fun PC Life
goto EXIT

Now save the file as Question.bat and run the file.
Please note that the file type should be kept as ALL Files while saving it as a .bat file.

You can modify the code for your convenience. Change the bold text and try it out.

5. Make the Matrix
Matrix Bat

To make this, open notepad and type the following:
@echo off
color 2
echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
goto start

Save this file as Matrix.bat
Make sure the file type is kept as ALL FILES while saving it as a .bat file.

Open the saved file and see the magic.

6. Alternative Single Character Matrix
Single Character Matrix

Type in the following in notepad:

@echo off
color 0a
echo 7 y x 3 W 8 G M P q 1 F 0 U v c i j O D s a E I j H 9 t 6 7 z C B 4 g 8 3 W 8 G
ping localhost -n 1 > nul
goto A

Save the file as Matrix2.bat and run the file.
The file type should be kept as ALL FILES while saving a .bat file.

7. Lock Folders using Notepad
This trick may not work on all computers

Lets say you want to lock a folder named PICS in your D:\ drive , whose path is D:\PICS

Then the code should be something like this:
ren pics pics.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}

Pics is your folder name. Use the name of the folder in place for pics. Save the text file as lock.bat in the same drive.

To unlock this locked folder:

Open another new notepad text file and type the following:
ren pics.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} pics

Save the text file as key.bat in the same drive. Here again, pics is the name of the folder. Change it to the folder you want to lock.

8. Make a fake Virus POP UP
Type the following code in notepad:

@echo off

Save the file as pop.bat and run it. You should get two pop up messages. There has been an issue on some computers, but it should work on most computers.

9. Create a command prompt Virus message
Fake Command Prompt Virus Message

Type the following in notepad:

@ echo off
title Virus
echo Your system is affected by virus
echo Windows will now try to undo changes
echo FAILED !
echo Your system is corrupt

Save the file as virus.bat and run the file.

10. Test your antivirus by EICAR STANDARD ANTIVIRUS TEST
Now, you can check if your antivirus really works. Type the following in notepad:


Save the file as virus-test.txt
Scan the file. If your antivirus detects this file as a virus and tries to remove it, then you can be sure your antivirus is a good one. This is a much easier way, than actually downloading a virus to test it. This sample virus code is perfectly harmless and allows you to test your antivirus. A good antivirus like MS Security Essentials will detect this test virus even before you scan it.

That’s all the tricks I’m sharing, at least for now. All the tricks above are perfectly safe and will not harm your computer in any way. There are many destructive notepad tricks as well, like making a real virus which kills the Operating System, but personally, I believe that is only meant for developers who want to make their OS security better. Use these tricks in your best behavior πŸ™‚

Try these out and give us your comments……


Upload on different file hosting at once

This post may be useful to those who are uploading a lots of stuff but their users prefer different hosting providers like Rapidshare, zShare and others.

I found out these 2 sites which do the job easily without you to bother again and again to upload on different sites.

QOOY – Homepage

Load2All – HomepageQOOY – Features:

  • Upload to a maximum of 6 Mirrors.
  • Can upload on almost all leading hosters.
  • Remote URL Upload upto 200MB.
  • Broken Link Checking.
  • Shows Number of hits.

Screen shots:

Load2all – Features:

  • Upload on Maximum 4 Mirrors.
  • All Major Hosting Providers.
  • File splitting facility which splits bigger files.
  • Remote upload
  • Hits Counter

Screen shots:

Tell us which one you like more and why.