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3 Ways to find What’s trending in the Internet

Internet trendsThe Internet is a viral media and is highly inconsistent – Once, the talk of the town may be about Google and the next moment it may turn out to be Justin Bieber. Bloggers usually read other blogs to get post ideas but it is best to write what is most discussed and talked about.
Alright, But where to find what’s trending in the Internet?
Well.. I have tried to compile the top three resources to keep track with current trends in the Internet:

1. Google trends

Google trendsIn India, wherever you go you are caught by a Malayali. In Internet, wherever you go you are caught the glimpse of Google. Google trends involves much ‘instant’ updates which depends on the number of searches of the given keyword in a given time. Writing articles about trends in Google might give you a million times the organic traffic that you normally get.

If you have most of your traffic from India check out: Google Trends India
If you have more global traffic check out: Google Trends [Global]

2. Alexa hot urls

Alexa hot urls is powered by Amazon.com. This depends on the number of hits in a particular page from a browser with the Alexa toolbar. The requirement of toolbar ensures that the predictions aren’t 100% correct. Though Alexa hot urls must be considered before writing a post, we must not depend much on it because it neither gives SEO benefit as Google nor does it give 100% correct predictions.

Alexa hot URLs

3. Tweetmeme

Tweetmeme is usually present in almost all blogs nowadays. Instead of heading to your feed reader and hunting for the trending post or checking each and every blog you know, you can just head over to http://tweetmeme.com and find out what’s most trending in Twitter.


If you want to see the trending keywords in Twitter, do visit What The Trend.

Whenever you go blank and wonder what to write about, I am sure these resources will help you out. Do share how you gather ideas for your posts and how you catch up with the trends of the Internet?

Twitter Changes Trending Topics


Since the release of Justin Bieber’s single “Baby” we has on the top 10 trending topics on twitter for several weeks. Blogs and newspapers were reporting it was becoming a permanent thing.

Today Channel 9 Australia reports that Twitter changed the Trending Topics because of the teen sensation. Twitter has changed the system by making the popular Justin Bieber keywords. The changes where made on the 15th of may.

Justin Bieber tweeted to Twitter “@twitter i heard you changed your system to stop my fans from making trending topics?? Really?? Where is the love??”. Twitter replied “@justinbieber the TT tweak is nothing personal. It was long planned & better shows what is emerging right now. See http://bit.ly/byhJ7M. Thx”.

The reason Twitter had made changes was because Twitter’s intentions of the trending topics was created for the sole purpose of trending events, and whats trending in the news…

Tho the teen sensation and his fans are shocked at Twitter’s actions. Was Twitter’s actions the right thing to do? Or do you think Twitter could of made some type of compromise?