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Tata Docomo Train Ad. Friendship Express. Why Walk Alone?


Tata Docomo is emerging as a one more stable Cellular network in India. Tata Docomo ads have been Extensively put up in between Recent ODI series of India-Australia.
friendship express

Tata Docomo has Released a brand New advertisement with The Title Tata docomo Friendship Express where a group of people from different customs, different place, different ages will be travelling together and it’s all about how the tune Do Dooo Do which makes a magic over there!
The Caption at the end of Advertisement Why Walk Alone When you can dance together has made me to write the post!
Yes, Unity Rocks!


Advertisement Title: Tata Docomo Friendship Express
Advertisement Theme: People Travelling in Train called Friendship Express who never looked friendly eachother and how they start a conversation with the help of docomo’s motto and tune
Advertisement Length: 60 seconds
Caption: Why Walk alone when we can dance together?

Watch Tata Docomo Train ad. Friendship Express Ad Here.

Advertisement Description:


kids playing
It’s a hilly Region, with a cool green grass everywhere, Kids Playing along with the grazing sheeps.. The Train Friendship Express which passes on the way, The kids running towards the train inviting the train and expressing joy for it.

Scene 2:
A young Boy who observers the kids who are playing outside from Train Friendship Express, waves towards the kids and shows happiness for them with a Sweet Laugh…

Scene 3:
A Man Reading a book stares at the young man as he was noisy with his laugh, and few gonna look at him very differently including a young lady with Newspaper..

Scene 4:


And a few more responses for this act…And finally the young man disappointingly mentions the name of Train Friendship Express and thinks how suitable the name fits for the train.

Scene 5:

The Train Passes Through The Tunnel

tunnel train

Scene 6:

Another boy who is Sitting at the back whispers quite a loudly, Do Doo Do …. standing up alone! definitely, hats off to this man who initialized the tune..Do Doo Do.. which sounds similar to Trains Typical Sound (Chuku Buku)….

Here we Go! Gradually People Joins Do Doo Do Tune adding their own words and giving a Different twist while pronouncing Do Doo Do.
One after the After, It Looks as if something is going to happen in a few minutes…. here is how the Tune Proceeds
Do Doo Do

Do Doo Do

Do Doo Do

Do Doo Do Dooo Do

Scene 7:

Everything needs a Change! The Tune Do Doo Do Takes a new dimension with the addition of some more words!
Da Da Ma Ma
Ka Ka Da Da
Ma Ma Ma
Ma Ca Da
Do Ma Ca Do
Attracting More and More Listeners

While The Humming Sound Do Doo Do Do Doo Do goes in Cores!
And They Keep it Repeating for 2 Times..

And the tune will be heard through out the train!

Scene 8:

Finally, The Young Boy Instructs Everyone to Mute Their New Found Tune for a while, Just To Know how people would react to sudden silence! Nice Test, Isn’t it??
Well, The People in Train, Seemed like they missed something but they couldn’t come out of their egos to express that…

Scene 9:
A Cute Girl, Who genuinely missed this sweet do doo do tune, opens her mouth and starts humming Do Doo Do
docomo child

Wow! That’s it! The Founder Team of this Tune, Feels happy that the tune reached into girl’s heart! Yes, Why Not they starts singing the song once again!

Scene 10:
The Tune now turns into a New Shape, People starts adding their own words and Starts Singing it with their own passion!
Really, The word DOCOMO suits a lot!
With a Naughty Sleepy Voice DO CO MOOOO O

With Extra Classical Musical Touch
Oye Aa aaO O O O O O
Oye Aa aaO O O O OOOOO
a Group of people gonna say Oye aa O…. The other group O O O O O O
a group of people gonna say Oye aa O… The other group O O O O OOO


Scene 11:
Now Everthing is Perfect for Friendship Express Train, People Happily Starts Singing their favorite docomo tune(a teamwork tune) and they dance together! the caption is well suited to the ad
Why Walk Alone when we can dance together pops out out from your Screen with DOCOMO Logo!

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Lyrics of Tata Docomo Train Friendship Express Ad:

Do Doo Do
Do Doo Do
Do Doo Do
Do Doo Do Dooo Do
Da Da Ma Ma
Ka Ka Da Da
Ma Ma Ma
Ma Ca Da
Do Ma Ca Do

Oye Aa aaO O O O O O
Oye Aa aaO O O O OOOOO

Did You Enjoy Watching This Advertisement? Do You believe in the word Unity is Strength? Share Your Experiences!
Lets Dance Together!