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12 Great Map sites Besides Google Maps


Online mapping is a burgeoning area of information, and with great mapping sites vying for attention, users have the options of using interactive interfaces to study, index or get directions to millions of locations around the world.

Google Maps are awesome, but so are some of its substitutes. Let’s review some:-


Online, free, easily editable and integrating a greatly interactive yet simple online interface, the Wikimapia is brought to you by the same people who run the encyclopedic Wikipedia. With geographical detailed sections, great magnification ratios and easy map layout (stressing landmarks and important locations), the Wikimapia is the potential Google Maps-killing interface.

2. Mapquest

Detailed, accurate and offering a fully rotational 360 degrees view, Mapquest maps are just what the user needs to intensively study a given region. Any region in the world could be accessed through Mapquest, utilizing the best of online mapping resources to present aerial maps, street maps and traffic maps (of roads). Mapquest also integrates an extremely helpful toolbar interface for easy search.

3. National Geographic Maps

Any maps coming from the National Geographic establishment are bound to be regarded for accuracy, ease of reference and utmost reliability. The National Geography Map Machine does not disappoint, showing extensive mapping options, accurate scaling and a well-illuminated, labeled interface that is useful for road maps, region maps as well as for topography maps.

4. Atlapedia

Substituting Google maps is not easy, but Altapedia does that job with a decent amount of control and ease. Mapping a range of countries and features including geographical, topographical, climatic and demography-based, Altapedia online is a really informative interface for cartographers and general users alike.

5. Sites Atlas

Detailed, precise and hassle-free, SitesAtlas makes map browsing fun as well as informational. Incorporating useful data and location markers, this map site gives a comprehensive representation of any area based on its state boundaries, region features and intensive urban location tagging (for hotels, motels, landmarks, etc).

6. Maptech

Using the very latest in navigational technology and exploration, Maptech gives the best mapping resources to present interactive map layouts, charts and GPS – screens. Including a host of advanced features, Maptech gives accurate and analytical data that combines geographical and topographical features to minute details.

7. Yahoo Maps

Yahoo! Maps brings you accurate and updated mapping information that is easy to use and catalogue. These maps and graphs include accurate satellite mapping technology to provide geographical features, locations, distance measurements, driving/sailing directions- all in a single, easy interface.

8. Multimap

Multimap is an extremely efficient mapping service that is available online, supported by the fast Internet Explorer 8. Offering free customizable tools, map legends and landmark navigators, Multimap optimizes the map browsing experience with its built-in map accelerator.

9. World Time Interactive services

Worldtime interactive services show you the geographical maps, as well as street mapping and tagging services. However, it does so much more, showing time zone divides, local time ranges, and sunset and sunrise times in hundreds of urban zones across the world.

10. Maps .com

Street maps, local maps, area maps, waterways and roadways charts, political maps, this site’s got it all. Maps.com is an interactive archive of thousands of mapping utilities, including viewer applications like map quizzes and map games. Reliable, fast and secure, with a great and updated selection of maps, this site is definitely worth a look for map users.

11. Mission Atlas Project

A massive repository of global maps as well as area-intensive maps, this project site is greatly useful to users who want a detailed, larger view of geographical sections. With helpful indices and options for exploring each map by region, country and geographical parameters, the Mission Atlas Project is a dependable Map site.

12. World Mapper

This innovative mapping program makes mapping entirely viewer-oriented, with multiple map interfaces and formats like PDFs, image files and downloadable posters. This mapping site uses extensive area labeling, area grids and location counters to tag particular geographical regions.

This is a Guest Post by Melissa Tamura. Melissa Tamura writes about online schools for Zen College Life.