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How The Right Tech Makes A Lean, Mean Fighting Machine Of A Business

by NehaAugust 26, 2016

How The Right Tech Makes A Lean, Mean Fighting Machine Of A Business Productivity and efficiency are two crucial metrics for a successful business. If time is getting wasted and work isn’t getting done right, then you have a serious problem on your hands. When you’re in the thick of it, it can be hard […]

[HOW TO] Setup BuddyPress on WordPress 3.0.1!

by Ankit PuriAugust 1, 2010
installing BuddyPress

It’s been a long time from I have been away from Internet, even didn’t do anything on my own blogs. I am kinda person who always likes to keep playing with something or the other. If you’re one of Extreme Trix reader, you would know my nature.. Every month I do some changes and every […]

5 Ways to Prevent your PC parts from Frying!

by Sukhjit SinghMay 7, 2010

Before reading this post rewind back in time and check how many times your PC has been fried due to overheating! Yesterday after seeing my laptop’s processor getting destroyed because of the cooling fan not working gave me an Idea of making this post to make people aware how to protect your PC. 1. Clean […]

5 Must Have Tools/Apps for Gamers

by Sukhjit SinghApril 27, 2010

Gaming is not what it used to in previous time. With the rise in the gaming market many tools and applications have also evolved. These tools are for helping gamers in task like chatting to other gamers, server info, buy games online and other tasks. I found some of the mot popular and most helpful […]

Screensaver with Defrag tool? WTF?

by Sukhjit SinghFebruary 14, 2010

Here is an awesome tool for those who are too lazy to manually defrag. The tool is a screensaver which not only looks good but works awesome too.  And moreover its free. 🙂 This is a great tool by Auslogics the same people who made hit products like Auslogics Boost Speed. STEPS: Download and Install […]

Online tool for Converting any Webpage to PDF Easily for free

by SrivathsanFebruary 7, 2010

Do you want to save a piece of content for later read ? or If your site is featured somewhere you might like to capture that moment for posterity. Then all you need is HTML to PDF converter. It will take care of your webpage convert easily to pdf file. Free HTML to PDF converter […]

Find out the Fonts used in the Image or Logo : MyFont

by SrivathsanDecember 17, 2009

Many a times we admire the beautiful fonts used in the images with nice design. The font used in those picture is really hard to find unless you have the source files. So, if you know the name of the font, it is easy to download and use it. Now how to find out […]

Set Default Console Foreground & Background colors for command prompt

by SiddarthaDecember 10, 2009

Let us make our work bit interesting while we are working on the command prompt for running out Java or Tasm/Masm programs by changing the foreground and background colors.

Facebook Privacy Settings Rolling Out

by Shaquille RayDecember 10, 2009

So a week ago Facebook announced that they are releasing privacy tools to its members. Today Facebook has started to roll out the new privacy tools to its members, and released a introduction and some faq to its blog.

List of 10 Websites For Resizing and Cropping Your Images Online

by SrivathsanDecember 3, 2009

There are many desktop tools like justresizeit for resizing your images, but incase if you need to resize or crop your images online, you can use these 10 websites for resizing and cropping images. Many situations you want to shrink a picture for an avatar? or Make any images smaller? Then get into the list […]