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[HOW TO] Setup BuddyPress on WordPress 3.0.1!

It’s been a long time from I have been away from Internet, even didn’t do anything on my own blogs. I am kinda person who always likes to keep playing with something or the other. If you’re one of Extreme Trix reader, you would know my nature.. Every month I do some changes and every third-fourth month I release a new version. But these days I even didn’t get time to write any article playing with them was a far away thing.  As my 1st unit go over this Saturday I was kinda free so thought why don’t I do something?

From a quite time I was planning to give a try to BuddyPress on my blogs as it is the only open source application I am good with after WordPress. I have been testing BuddyPress on local server from a year and last day finally it was time to make it live. Here’s a tutorial for others who would like to try it on their blog or blogs too.


  • Make sure your WordPress blog is upgraded properly (doesn’t matter on which version you are).
  • You have a complete back up of your blog (if anything goes wrong, you can revert back).
  • Your Permalink structure is not too complex.

Getting Started

  • Head over to ‘plugin’ page from your WordPress Dashboard, click on ‘Add new’ and search for “BuddyPress” without quotes and like you install other plug-ins, similarly click on the install button and BuddyPress would be installed in seconds.

    installing BuddyPress
    installing BuddyPress
  • Once installed activate the plugin by clicking on ‘Activate’ button. You would see a black colored admin bar at the top of your Dashboard once installed successfully, though the bar may show up in your blog’s theme as your theme may not compatible with it.
  • If your blog’s theme is fully compatible, then it’s good enough or else you would be left with two options  either to install a BuddyPress compatible theme or make your theme compatible with it (don’t worry making a theme compatible is easy).

  • As I said in above lines either install a BuddyPress compatible theme or make your own theme compatible with it. I am sure most of you wouldn’t like to change your theme as it would require a lot of time to change a BuddyPress to look like required to your needs. Don’t worry making a theme compatible is even simpler than installing a plugin.
  • To make your current theme BuddyPress compatible, you would require a plugin – BuddyPress Template Pack. Install and activate it. After activating, head over to BP Compatibility page under the Appearance section.

    BP Compability
    BP Compability
  • Your first step would be to move two theme files, do it! And continue following other 4 steps until you feel that your theme is working all fine. It won’t matter much if you do or don’t the last 3 steps as they are common tips to fix alignment and move some more pages to better flexibility.
  • Congrats! You now have a social network cum blog now! 😀

If you want to experience BuddyPress’s features without trying on your blog, head over this page and if you want to try it on your local host read the tutorial here.


5 Ways to Prevent your PC parts from Frying!


Before reading this post rewind back in time and check how many times your PC has been fried due to overheating! Yesterday after seeing my laptop’s processor getting destroyed because of the cooling fan not working gave me an Idea of making this post to make people aware how to protect your PC.

1. Clean PC Regularly: Sorry if the image frightened you. But this may be your PC from inside asmost of the people don’t often open up there case. they are unaware of the dust particles which are gathering around in the PC and is making the inner temprature hot. Due to dust particles many of the core components of PC may fail like SMPS, Motherboard and CPU too.

Open up the PC case and use a blower or a cotton cloth to wipe out the dust. You may also use Vaccume Cleaner.  This will help you to lower your PC’s temperature.

2. Air Supply: Air supply is one of the most common thing which normal users forget. Airsupply will help to exaust hot air and will ultimately resul in less temprature. There must be atleast 2 fans in a PC for users who use their PC for multimedia purposes and 1 is enough for those who just browse the net or some like work. better airsupply means better performance of the PC as cooler parts give much better performance than the fried one.  You must use a proper case with proper air ventilation!

3.  Overclocking: Overclocking means pushing your PC parts capacity beyond their default clocks. yeah it increases performance but it increases the heat level too. the default fans of the product like processor fan and GPU fan are not made for these changes. They are ment to cool in normal circumstances. And also overclocking must be carried out by the people who know what they are doing.  Falior may screw up the part 🙁

Even if you tend to overclock consider buying a new cooler for parts like CPU, GPU and RAM.

4. Long Running Hours: Long running hours of PC and using PC at its full performance may also result in winning you a trip to the repair shop. For example When i bought my new PC I played GTA IV continously for 15 Hrs (Believe it I Did) and the next day i was at the distributor (Coolermaster distributor in Delhi)  to replace my SMPS. May it never happen to you.

5. Malfunctioning of Components: Regularly check that if your PC fans, Cooler are working properly or not. Also replace CPU’s thermal paste every year. It helps processor to remain cool. It will reduce the risk of PC parts dying in early stage.

Hope the above tips were helpful. Also there is a free utility for checking your PC temprature called Speed Fan. Download it and check out the av. temp of your PC.


5 Must Have Tools/Apps for Gamers


Gaming is not what it used to in previous time. With the rise in the gaming market many tools and applications have also evolved.

These tools are for helping gamers in task like chatting to other gamers, server info, buy games online and other tasks.

I found some of the mot popular and most helpful applications for Gamers.

1. X-fire: This is one of my favorite applications for PC. A beautifully made software for gamers. Has functions like tracking game played hours, Automatic patch downloads, Info about servers, Ingame chat, Screenshot, video, live broadcasting and other. I could have made a separate topic about it. This one is the most recommended program for gamers. And best of all its free! 😉

    2. FRAPS: Fraps is the ultimate tool found on everygamers desktop. It specialises in HQ video recording ingame and can also be used for taking screenshots. It is also used for benchmarking and checking FPS (frames per Second).Though the size of the videos is huge, so they need to be rendered in an approprite form before uploading or just saving. Although it is not free but still this program has seen a huge success in the gaming world.

    3.  Steam: Steam is an ultimate online gaming platform. Supports Instant access to your games, Chat with friends,but games online, automatic game uploades and more. millions of people around the globe are using steam. And moreover its free too. 🙂

    4.  Gamebooster: Gamebooster is a free utility by iObit, a software developing  company. It aims at improving PC performance for game by closing all unwanted processes and priograms and defragging memory. It also has an inbuilt game defragger. It can not only be used by gamers, but for everyone who wants to do some multitasking work and wants more resources.

    5. Games For Windows Live: Games For Windows Live is an online marketplace for buying Games For Windows Live Supported games. It is released by microsoft and is slowly gaining popularity. It enables you to buy games online, track the gamescore and achievements, and enables multiplayer in some selected games too. I absolutely love this app because of the ingame features. And its free too 🙂 .

    These were some helpful apps for PC gamers. I will continue the rest in the next part.


    Screensaver with Defrag tool? WTF?


    Here is an awesome tool for those who are too lazy to manually defrag. The tool is a screensaver which not only looks good but works awesome too.  And moreover its free. 🙂

    This is a great tool by Auslogics the same people who made hit products like Auslogics Boost Speed.


    1. Download and Install Auslogics Disk Defrag Screen Saver.
    2. Right Click on the desktop and go to personalize (Windows 7). Other users need to find screen saver option.
    3. Click Screen saver and browse for Auslogics Disck Defrag.
    4. Set The time and enable the screen saver.
    5. You are done. Now when your PC is idle it will be automatically defragmating.

    Subscribe to our RSS for more awesome tricks. 🙂


    Online tool for Converting any Webpage to PDF Easily for free

    Do you want to save a piece of content for later read ? or If your site is featured somewhere you might like to capture that moment for posterity. Then all you need is HTML to PDF converter. It will take care of your webpage convert easily to pdf file.

    Free HTML to PDF converter or Web to PDF Converter is an online tool which helps you to convert the webpages to PDF files for later use. You might have used many tools like this, but I loved this one because of it’s interface. No annoying ads and stuff.

    Just enter the url of the page and hit Make PDF, it takes some 10 to 15 seconds and then automatically downloads to your folder. You can use adobe reader or any pdf reader to read the page.

    HTML PDF Convert – Homepage

    The best method to share content you find online in the exact shape that you found it.

    Find out the Fonts used in the Image or Logo : MyFont

    Many a times we admire the beautiful fonts used in the images with nice design.

    The font used in those picture is really hard to find unless you have the source files. So, if you know the name of the font, it is easy to download and use it. Now how to find out the fonts used in the picture ? This online tool helps us to find out the fonts just by uploading the corresponding image.


    MyFont is a simple online tool which helps you to know the fonts used in the image just by uploading the picture. Once you upload the image, it searches a large font database and then gives you the font name as a result.


    Even if you searched your font and couldn’t find the font, then you can post the image in WhatTheFont forums to ask help from the community. To get the optimal results ensure these three points –


    – Try to get the text as horizontal as possible.
    – Letters should be around 100 pixels tall in your image
    – Make sure letters aren’t touching each other.


    Image formats like GIF, JPG,BMP, TIFF are supported.

    What The Font – Homepage

    Just try out yourself and leave your comments =)

    Set Default Console Foreground & Background colors for command prompt


    command-promptThis is a simple technique to change the foreground as well as background colors of your command prompt.

    Syntax: color [attrib]

    here attrib specifies the color attributes of console output.

    The color attrib is specified by a 2 hex-digit code which first digit represents the background and second digit represents the  foreground color.

    It will be bit boring if you have continued your work on the same platform. So let us make our work bit interesting while we are working on the command prompt for running out Java or Tasm/Masm programs by changing the foreground and background colors.

    This is a simple technique. Lets us finally navigate to our process.

    1. Open your command prompt.
    2. Then type “color fc
    3. This will display the “text in red” with “bright white background.
    4. You can make use of lots of other combinations. Just type “help color“.
    5. You can select around 16 different attributes to set your color for the command prompt.
    6. Then arises a million dollar question, how to set it to default screen after doing this. Just type “color” and press “enter” it will restores the color to what it was when the “cmd.exe” was started or else it will appears same a before after closing and restarting the command prompt.


    Facebook Privacy Settings Rolling Out


    So a week ago Facebook announced that they are releasing privacy tools to its members. Today Facebook has started to roll out the new privacy tools to its members, and released a introduction and some faq to its blog.

    In the blog release it outlines some of the features, and how they work. One of the main features that stick out, that has been asked by a majority of Facebook members. Limiting access to people on your friends list.

    Here is a list of new features being rolled out

    1. The ability to limit change the visibility of your friends list to other people.
    2. Prevent applications from posting on your wall, and certain people.
    3. Changing the visible of your profile
    4. New privacy options for applications

    There are more settings also being released as well. These settings are being released in a roll out update. This means that only a certain percent of members will get these settings one by one. So your friends could have these new settings, and other people won’t. “This is to ensure a smooth release” to their users

    Facebook is also still to make a FAQ and information on all of their new settings, in there help centre.

    The most amazing part of these new settings is that Facebook has made the new privacy tools based on user feedback, and what has been recommended by third parties. Hopefully these new settings among with previous updates will be able to help the mass majority of its users.

    The new question is how many people will take the time out to match the settings to each persons personal privacy requirements. And will their be some type of conflict between its users? And how will these settings help us? Will we be able to hide certain bits of information to certain users? And how successful will this release be?


    List of 10 Websites For Resizing and Cropping Your Images Online

    There are many desktop tools like justresizeit for resizing your images, but incase if you need to resize or crop your images online, you can use these 10 websites for resizing and cropping images. Many situations you want to shrink a picture for an avatar? or Make any images smaller? Then get into the list below and anyone can resize images and digital pictures online.


    List of 10 websites for resizing images online

    1. Shrink Pictures


    Shrink Pictures tools that are no more difficult than posting in a Forum and now anyone can Resize Images and Digital Pictures. Another common use is to resize photos before sending in an email or posting it to your Blog. To resize your images it is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

    2. Pic Resize


    The Internet’s best picture resizing tool. Easily crop and resize your images online for free at picresize. Start Now !

    3. ReShade


    On Reshade you can resize images maintaining quality, edges and texture. This means Reshade reduces or eliminates most of the usual side-effects of photo enlargement.

    4. Resizr


    Resizr is a free online image resize and crop tool with lots of extras! Some Features are Resize Pictures with High quality, Crop to get just what you want, Rotate 90, 180, 270 degrees, Specify the exact size you want, Resize unlimited pictures.

    5. Fotosizer


    Fotosizer is a freeware batch image resizer tool. It resizes your photos in just 3 easy steps – 1. Photo selection, 2. select resize settings, then 3. Start the resize!


    6. Resize Your Image


    Resize your image is a magnificent tool to help you maintain your website, to send images via email or to resize large images to print it. Not only does it let you determine its size (in pixels), it also brings down the size of your file.

    7. Resize 2 Mail


    Resize 2 mail is an online resize website utility developed for digital camera owners, webmasters, people travelling or anybody who quickly wants to resize a digital image for email or publishing on a web site.

    8. Rsizr


    One of my fav cropping tool. The interface is so cool and easy to use. just try out !

    9. Resize pic


    Sometimes you want an image to be a certain size, for example forum avatars often have size limits. This site lets you resize images (pictures).

    10. Online Image Resizer


    OIR (online image resizer) is the most comprehensive free image resizer tool online. Not only you can resize images and resize photos, crop images, crop photos but also make a basic image processing such as converting your image to “gray scale” (making it black and white), rotating or mirroring image, controlling image quality and finally paste a text over image (creating a copyright watermarks or simply pasting a date or any other text).

    On making the list, I might have missed some online cropping tools, so please feel free to add on the comments section -;)

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