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5 Social Media Optimization Tips for Newbies


The world “Social” means that people are involved, and whenever there is people intervention, there will be some rules, guidelines, ethics and must follow tips. Social Media has also some rules etc that should be followed in order to use it in effective way. Social Media plays very important role in our lifes.  From a doctor to accountant, students to teachers, businesses to companies it plays important role in every one’s life. However the real benefits from social media websites will only start if used in proper way.

The following tips will help you to get maximum benefits from social media websites.

1. About

    Who are you, why you are using Social Media websites, what you want to get etc… You must provide all these information in your profile, so that everyone can know that who you are. Make it clear for the readers that what is your goal.

    2. Information

      Are you providing information to the world, What people think about you, Are you beneficial to the world.  Such questions are also important and you should provide quality information to your network if you are using SM sites form your business promotion or for building network.

      3. Timing

        How often you use social media in your daily life. Are you daily user or just for the time being.  If you want to get maximum benefits from Social Media websites, then you will have to spend a regular time in order to build a strong network for your business promotion.

        4. Interaction

          Listen to your friends, learn and interact with your friends. It will enlarge your network and build strong relationship with your existing network. Relationship Marketing works great in these social media websites.

          5. Don’t Force

            If you are affiliate Marketer, then don’t force your friends for buying your products. Convince them and make them feel that the product you are selling is useful. Don’t spam your network, provide meaning full, legit, healthy and informative information to your network.

            This post is written by Mark, who manages the online marketing for Fortepromo Promotional products, a Minnesota-based promotional stress balls company, for over three years.


            How Much Part of your Website is Visible to Users Without Scrolling?


            There are thousands and thousands of website themes and templates available over the Internet. Website Developers, Bloggers know how important it is to present their Stuff online. Some make use of the available Softwares, Themes, Widgets to beautify their Web pages, while some create their own. No Matter it is a Small or Big Company, everyone cares for the better appearance of their websites…

            We all Know the Famous Quote,

            “First Impression is the Best Impression”

            Though You have the Finest Looking User Interface with lots of Web 2.0 widgets, It is Necessary for you to have the knowledge on how much part of your website is visible to your Users under normal conditions. Normal Conditions? When I say that, I mean how exactly does your website look as soon as a User enters your site before performing any action on the web page (which includes scrolling)

            Talking about Scrolling.
            It is Obvious that Most of the times you cannot present every information/content of your Website in one shot, and that too in a Single Frame of the Browser Window! It is Necessary that one has to Scroll down and see as the content flows..

            A Good Website Builder always takes care to place the Important Entities (like Widgets/Buttons/Navigation Links which he feels as important) as prominent as possible. To do that one has to try to bring the ‘Crucial Objects’ to the top of page which doesn’t involve Scrolling/Much of the Scrolling!!

            Test Whether Your ‘Crucial Objects’ are Visible
            I found an online Tool Called Browser Size which is in Google Labs that helps you to Identify what part of your Web page is Visible to your Users, and what part is not?

            You Just have to enter your URL and you can Visually Witness the Result. Here is the Result for Chaaps.

            Surprisingly, 30% of People Cannot View the Facebook and Twitter Follow Buttons in my web page!! (without Scrolling).

            Why Don’t you Give This a Try and Test how much part of your webpage is Visible!!
            Just Visit this link Google Browser Size and Hit your URL!

            Do not forget to share your Results with Us!! Do one need to Consider the factor ‘Scrolling’ for better visibility of web page?


            5 Ways to Prevent your PC parts from Frying!


            Before reading this post rewind back in time and check how many times your PC has been fried due to overheating! Yesterday after seeing my laptop’s processor getting destroyed because of the cooling fan not working gave me an Idea of making this post to make people aware how to protect your PC.

            1. Clean PC Regularly: Sorry if the image frightened you. But this may be your PC from inside asmost of the people don’t often open up there case. they are unaware of the dust particles which are gathering around in the PC and is making the inner temprature hot. Due to dust particles many of the core components of PC may fail like SMPS, Motherboard and CPU too.

            Open up the PC case and use a blower or a cotton cloth to wipe out the dust. You may also use Vaccume Cleaner.  This will help you to lower your PC’s temperature.

            2. Air Supply: Air supply is one of the most common thing which normal users forget. Airsupply will help to exaust hot air and will ultimately resul in less temprature. There must be atleast 2 fans in a PC for users who use their PC for multimedia purposes and 1 is enough for those who just browse the net or some like work. better airsupply means better performance of the PC as cooler parts give much better performance than the fried one.  You must use a proper case with proper air ventilation!

            3.  Overclocking: Overclocking means pushing your PC parts capacity beyond their default clocks. yeah it increases performance but it increases the heat level too. the default fans of the product like processor fan and GPU fan are not made for these changes. They are ment to cool in normal circumstances. And also overclocking must be carried out by the people who know what they are doing.  Falior may screw up the part 🙁

            Even if you tend to overclock consider buying a new cooler for parts like CPU, GPU and RAM.

            4. Long Running Hours: Long running hours of PC and using PC at its full performance may also result in winning you a trip to the repair shop. For example When i bought my new PC I played GTA IV continously for 15 Hrs (Believe it I Did) and the next day i was at the distributor (Coolermaster distributor in Delhi)  to replace my SMPS. May it never happen to you.

            5. Malfunctioning of Components: Regularly check that if your PC fans, Cooler are working properly or not. Also replace CPU’s thermal paste every year. It helps processor to remain cool. It will reduce the risk of PC parts dying in early stage.

            Hope the above tips were helpful. Also there is a free utility for checking your PC temprature called Speed Fan. Download it and check out the av. temp of your PC.