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Is Time Travel possible? World’s First Time Machine is here!


Everyday, time keeps running. Sometimes we get bored, and we waste time. At other times, we say there is a lack of time.

There are a lot of verses on time. Its often said that most of the smart people in the world have used their time wisely while the people who fail in life are often those who do not utilize the time they get. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just pause time and do whatever we want ?

What is time ?

Let’s see what Wikipedia says about time:

Time is part of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify the motions of objects.

Time is one of the seven fundamental physical quantities in the International System of Units.

In terms of Physics, Time is a Dimension. It can be represented by a straight line.

Hope this is not confusing πŸ˜› Confused already ? Was it the meaning of Dimension ? To make things simpler let me tell you the dimensions you might know:

  1. Length
  2. Breadth
  3. Height

These dimensions make our world Three (3) Dimensional. This simply means since we have length and breadth we can move left and right and since we have height as the third dimension we can move up and down as well.

But Physics is never satisfied. Its a monster which wants more…

Because of this. We have extra dimensions in Physics.

The Fourth (4) Dimension in Physics is Time. It is represented as a straight line running through all the three dimensions i.e. length, breadth and height.

Hope this was clear. This is the basics you should be knowing as General Knowledge πŸ˜›

But later came the complication. One simple Question which no physicist was able to answer for a long time.

Q. If time is a straight line, why can’t we just bend it ?

This question was taken as a useless question by many physicists. Most of them considered Time as a value that can never be changed. It may be just a line, but it cannot be bent as that may mean changing time itself. And the problem was, WE NEED TIME TO CHANGE TIME ! While Changing time, we will need it. Else, we wont have any time to change it πŸ˜›

Einstein must try harder

Scientists never give up. This dates very far back in time. Even Einstein had to take more than a 1000 tries to get the Light Bulb glowing. If it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be able to see the screen you are looking at, because even a computer screen is lit from the inside and light was possible due to Einstein which later Thomas Edison was credited with making it a household item.

Many scientist researched on Time for a long time. Albert Einstein was one of the first Early Physicists whose research on Time was unbelievable. Einstein in his later days realized that his research on Light led to something remarkable. He had put forth his Relativity Theory where he related his studies on Light and Time.

In this theory, Einstein said that the fastest speed acquirable by anything in this universe is the speed of light which is equal to 299,792,458 metres(meters) per second.

Something else he had realized was the fact that light takes absolutely no time to reach a distance. When he did his calculations, he found that light from the Sun takes ZERO seconds to reach the Earth.

Einstein Time Joke

This was considered impossible, in fact, it is still considered impossible today. Light is calculated to take 500 seconds to reach the Earth from the Sun. This value can vary widely, but in calculations, it does take time.

At first Einstein thought that he went wrong with his calculations. But he kept on repeating his calculation and later found that they always gave the same result. Light was taking no time at all to reach the Earth.

With this discovery, Einstein proposed the Relativity Theory which was later called The General Theory of Relativity. The relativity theory was later expanded by modern scientists and called The Special Theory of Relativity.

Relativity Relative Joke

In his theory, Einstein said:

  1. Anything traveling with a speed less than the speed of Light will go forward in time.
  2. Anything traveling with a speed equal to the speed of Light will not travel in time.
  3. Anything traveling with a speed faster than the speed of light will go backward in time.

Quite a startling discovery. Einstein explains how we can go forward, backward, or not move at all in time. Which means we can go into the future, the past, or stay at the present by just moving at a certain speed. Imagine running so fast that you reach the past !!!

Einstein Speed Limit Joke

Einstein Speed Computer Joke

But all of us travel at a speed which is less than the speed of Light.

Later, with the proposal of this theory by Einstein, many scientists, mainly those who believed that no one except God can change time, concluded that Nothing can travel faster than the speed of Light.

Time might be different for matter. Light is not Matter.

Matter is anything which occupies space and has weight.

You yourself are made of Matter. If you had to travel at a speed equal to half the speed of Light, you would burn away due to friction πŸ˜›

Einstein's Theory of Negativity

There goes the possibility of going back in time by going faster than the speed of Light πŸ˜›

In fact, German Scientists claim that Einstein was wrong. Its written on sites like:


But as I said before. Scientists never give up. Not everyone was smart enough to continue Einstein’s theory. It just needed a person who can think like Einstein to work like Einstein in completing his equations.

Einstein Smart Joke

Ron Mallett

Here is Ronald Mallett. He is a professor of physics at the University of Connecticut. He is determined to build the World’s First Time Machine. He also wrote a book entitled, Time Traveler: A Scientist’s Personal Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality, co-written with New York Times best-selling author Bruce B. Henderson, that was first published in 2006. In June 2008, motion picture director Spike Lee’s production company announced it had acquired the film rights to Mallett’s book. Lee is co-writing the movie script and directing the picture.

Ron(Ronald) discovered a hidden formula in Einstein’s theory of Relativity. He discovered that there was no need to travel faster than the speed of Light to travel back in time. He decided to use Light (which was Einstein’s main study) to bend Time.

The question which aroused a long time back had now finally been answered.
Time is a straight line, which can be bent.

Einstein Space is bent Joke

Ron used Powerful Circular Light Beams to bend the dimension of time. This curvature (circle) of time can be traveled back in. How ? Too difficult to explain in words. Check out the video’s below to know more about how bending time into a circle can aid in time travel…..

If you are tired you may want to go and have some refreshments. Reading too much is not good for health πŸ˜›

Back already ? OK you can continue reading

Video Links for Einstein’s big idea on Time Travel and the First Time Machine

Time Travel: Einstein’s big idea (Theory of Relativity)

Discovery – First Time Machine – Ron Mallett’s explanation on his Time Machine

There !!!! We finally have found out how to make the Time Machine !!!!

But even though we have accomplished this far, there is one question which keeps blocking Physicists from the finishing point ahead.

The Time Paradox is something of which we cannot be sure.

What is the Time Paradox ?
Just see this example. I manage to build the Time Machine. Now, I go into the past and kill my grandparents in the past, before I was born. Then I return to the future. Is that possible ? I mean if my grandparents were killed before I was born, then how did I come to this world in the first place. If I wasn’t born, how did I go into the past and kill my grandparents ?

In simpler words, we cannot change the past. If that is the case, when we have never traveled into the past before, how can we travel into the past now ? The past is over. How can we go into the past when we were never there !!

Here are a few video’s where Ron along with several other Scientists explains about the Time Paradox…..

Video where Ron Explains about the Time Paradox he faces

World First Time Machine – Time Paradox 1/2

World First Time Machine – Time Paradox 2/2

Time Paradox Joke
So it turns out Time Travel is not possible as we may think. But Ron Mallett doesn’t seem to give up. He is determined on building the World’s first time machine. I find his reasons for trusting the Time Machine quite convincing. They do follow the laws of Physics.

For any super scientists who want to know about this in detail, see these references:
Wikipedia – Time
Wikipedia – Time Travel
Wikipedia – Ronald Mallett

For discussing about Time Travel and other great Physics stuff, see these places:
Facebook – Group – Physics and Cosmology
Orkut – Physics Community
Orkut – Physics and Cosmology Community

After all, the biggest room in the world is the room for knowledge πŸ˜€

But where does Divine Power fit in ? If we can travel in time, then where is God’s hand in this ? Or is God wanting us to Travel in time ? Will Time Travel ever be possible ? Give us your comments…………


Google Real-time, Voice, Social Networks…

Today at 3:30am (AEST) Google released a heck of a load of features. Of course in this post i am going through each one, one by one.

As I believe I am not the only when to say this. But I really get annoyed when I Google something thats happening right now, for example: Tiger Woods wife Elin walks out. I would really like to see the lastest update. Well Google is making this a lot more easier for everyone.

In their post they announced that they have released Real-Time searching. The way this feature works is, you search a topic or subject, select latest in the google sidebar, then everything pops up for you. Another thing with google is when you search something that isn’t really popular, it will even search that in real-time as well.

When you search in real-time google not only searches the millions of data on webpages. But even social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg ect…

Lets not just pay attention to Real-time Google search lets look at some others. Many of you may know ofΒ  Google Trends in the next week or so it will also be using the new real-time feature.
Starting today google will be, extending their voice search capabilities on Android devices to recognize Japanese. In addition, their using the location of your mobile phone to launch some helpful features, like showing you “what’s nearby.” Finally another new featureΒ  “Google Goggles”, a visual search application that lets you search for objects using images rather than words, using your camera phone.

During the last couple of months Google has released a hell of a lot of new applications, and services. And they are still bringing more out. Sometime next year Google will be releasing Google Chrome OS. Which personally i can’t for. Even though google was dorment for some time, it appears now the silence is paying off.


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