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Watch The Social Network Movie Trailer- A Story on Facebook Founders


The Evolution of Facebook is now made a Movie and is hitting the Big Screens with the Name “The Social Network”.

People didn’t Believe Initially that The Story of Facebook is being made as a Real Movie… The Film “The Social Network” will be released on October 1st in US and afterwards in other countries.. The Movie plays around the True story of Facebook Founders….

Here is The First Movie Trailer Released for the Movie – The Social Network

The Social Network movie is Directed by David Fincher.. The Tag line of this Movie Pretty Impressive:

You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies

Andrew Garfield is playing the role of Eduardo Saverin and Jesse Eisenberg is playing the Role of Mark Zuckerberg.. -Who are the Facebook Founders..

The Trailer ends with this Note in a Board of Directors Meet. “As for the Charges, I believe I need some recognition from this Board”
The Lady Head says “I’m Sorry”.. Mark – “Yes”.. Lady ” I don’t understand”.. Mark-“Which Part? ”

Download The First Movie Trailer of The Social Network.. The Complete Star Cast in the Movie will updated soon.. Check Back…
For More Information on the Movie Check 500millionfriends.com (from Sony Pictures)